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Dang. Well, the good thing with HD files is that you can't cram too many of them in a card, even in a 32GB card. I bet that thing sounds amazing with really high res. I can hardly wait.
Maybe it's that thing about having no OS to get in the way of the music. What do you think?
That is why it rhymes with vampirism.
 That's gonna be interesting. I checked the review you mentioning comparing it to the Astell and Kern and it seems nice. Have you compared the Alien to some of your higher end sources?
Or even more.
Looks to me like he is going to jump on that train eventually ;).
This place is like crack for drugaddicts. You know you can't make yur own (at least some of us can't) and you try to score something cheaper and maybe stay with it. But then someone shows you a different flavor, unatainable anywhere else and, no matter if you have money or not, you try to score some of that. And then you realize you are hooked. You can try and be clean for a while, but eventually it will get you.
H20, do you have any idea how much do you complicate things for me?First the C3, then the Kogan and now this. I sure hope this player is still available when I finally start to earn real money again. We are here for the sound anyway, right?
Going from a small screen to no screen. Or Batman versus old Star Trek.
Okay, get one of each. Maybe one has great bass, who knows. Sorry to jump into conclussions.
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