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I guess the problem will be more noticeable with certain cans and music styles. The C4 I heard was loaded with things like Armin Van Beuren and the like, and I played it with my Momentums. I had no chance to try it with other styles. But I loved the way it looks.
That too. At least the volume buttons.
 As long as they make one with an usable equalizer. Some people would ask for a better UI also.
Meanwhile in Mexico. The prices of cans and DAPs are sometimes more than three times than in the rest of the world, there are like five audiophiles in the whole country and we never have money to buy stuff, much less have meetings.   How I envy you all (but in a good way)
Yeah. They go as far as Italy, but no Irish people. I guess they can be astral twins or something like that then.
You guys should really try the Oriver O8. I loved my C3, but the Oriver is more detailed and has better bass, detailed and hard hitting. And for half the price. And, yes, the UI sucks a bit less.
Not unless you are in Mexico. She has cousins all over the world anyway. Maybe you ended hooked up with one.
 That's what I was telling Levanter in the other thread. Women have different priorities regarding money than we do.
I liked the C4 when I had the chance to try it. Very much. And this thing looks gorgeous.
That's how it happens most of the time. The problem is that women want men to be providers and not embark into frivolous pursuits ... so they can do it themselves. That could be the reason why there are just a few audiophile women compared to men. It's not that they don't like the music or stuff, it's just that's how it happens. I guess if you plan to get married and keep on doing this, you have to either inform your wife about your expenses and then try your best to...
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