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Good luck and thanks.
Yep. Just think about it. MP3 players, cellphones, dvd and blue ray players. All of them pretty capable computers with capacities sometimes supassing those of a desktop computer from 10 years ago. And at a fraction of the cost. It's just amazing.
Okay, I forgive the minor transgretion due to the above referenced information. Now all I have to do is to get a 128GB. Thank you.
Mmmh. Just 16GB?
Oooh, yeah!
They don't want to loose control.
Ouch! I am so happy I am divorced now. Poor, but divorced.
I hate you guys who have money to buy all this great stuff . Just kidding, I love to see people using their hard earned money in something nice for a change. That's why I love this hobbie. And I love the amazing pictures. Thank you all.
That should work. I think H20 mentioned that he was using a 64GB formatted in FAT32. Most entry level players will not read exFAT formatted cards. And not many of the expensive ones do.
That sounds weird but its not so bad. Maybe you can spend the 200 on a 128 card just to see if the Kogan can handle it? ;)
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