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 Thanks ozkan.
 Okay Wokei. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
 How do you open it Wokei? Did you need special tools or just something like small screwdrivers?
Okay. The player is acting weird again. I have to open it in order to spray it with WD40, right?
 Thanks Moose. I did it a couple of times and the small dude seems fine again. Maybe I'll get a can of WD40 just in case. I am so happy I did not have to wait for 90 days
My player just started to turn on and off really fast. What was the recipe to solve this? Turn the main swith on and off like a 100 times?
Thaks Moose. I guess I'll better start to save some money for Xmas.
 More life for the tiny dude. Good.
That's more into context for me. A player this good is hard to find here for less than $150 dollars. That would be the price considering shipping and handling. Mmmmmmmh.
 I really enjoy it with the Pistons and the MDR-EX 15. They are also neat with my Auvio cans. Nah, 80 dollars will turn into 240 dollars with shipping and taxes. Not many choices for me, but for the price maybe I can score an Alien or something similar. But it is really nice to see that at least it is still alive in some form somewhere. It is a very good player for the price, and I really think it sounds better than my kids Ipods and Ipads. I am going to keep it for as...
New Posts  All Forums: