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Maybe you just got a defective one Moose. S*it happens. Too bad, sorry.
And of course, the obvious question is: How do you compare the X1 and X5 to the Pono?
Here it does. There are not many people here that I know that are into this thing. Maybe seven. But there are more for sure. I am thinking about opening a sort of Mexican head-fi eventually. But anyway, I was writing about the general view of the public here. They don't know what they are missing.
I guess the status thing is relative and restricted to places like this forum. Most people would ask you what the hell is that player you use and then be amazed that the thing costs more than 200 dollars. And then they would tell you that for the same ammount of money you can gen an iPhone which does a bunch of things and also can be used to play Angry Birds and wonder how you could be so uncool. Same thing with headphones. "You know, those (Sennheiser Momentum) look nice,...
I would say that I want one, but shipping to Mexico would be too expensive. Maybe you can get one and post some pictures to gather interest.
 Maybe it just says something like "keep away from water and don't feed afer midnight". Hope it turns to be good anyway.
There are no pics. No visible damage, no longer a cup of chocolate and nothing else. And I don't plan to stage it again in order to provide images, so.... I guess we'll better move along.
Never mind. I tried them and they are still working. So, no problem guys.
Yes. I suck. It's the first time something like this happens to me in maybe 40 years of can and buds usage. So I guess its not so bad a record. So, what do I do now. One of the buds went basically in the line between the foam and the chocolate. I realized it when it fell and took it out immediately. I removed the tip already. I have some foam inserts inside the tip which I use to improve isolation. So, what now? Please advice.
Here you go:
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