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Well, I believed I would have a ton of responses by now. Come on guys, don't leave hanging. ;)
I have had the Colorfly C3, probably the last official sale of one in Mexico, for almost a year. And I am currently using the Sennheiser CX300II with them and I have to say the bass and details are nothing less than amazing sometimes. The CX300II have the green Sony earplugs instead the normal ones, so they can go deeper in my ear and get better isolation. Everything is nice, but I have to wonder what whould be the next step for me. I just got a new job and want to have...
Out on a whim I got a Sennherser's CX300 II and I find them just amazing with the C3. More bass than the Sony XBA-2 and I also think I like them more than my Momentums. Go figure,
Hi, just wanted to let you know I got my Sennheiser Momentum and I love them with my C3. These headphones are way too expensive here, around 500 dollars in Mexico, and they don't look the price, really, being all sober and simple looking, but they sound great for my ears. I am getting the BH2 amplifier for Xmas, but in the meantime I am really enjoying my combo.
Well, I decided to keep the C3 and get the C&C amp for Xmas. But tomorrow I am getting a Sennheiser Momentum. I have some money and I want to try that beautiful set of cans. Thanks for all the help.
Thanks H20. Your opinion is always helpful. The problem is that in México I can get locally only the BK amp, which as far as I know is sort of the little brother of the BH, with less quality components. I can also get the Fiio amps, but I haven't seen many combinations with the C3, so I don't know if they could be an alternative for me. What do you think? Thanks.
I am either getting some new headphones for my Colorfly C3, probably some Sennheiser or Sony, but for the same price I can get a Fiio X3. I am a listener of metal, classic and jazz and like a bass heavy but balanced sound and was wondering if the Fiio X3 can give me that. I am currently using some Sony XBA 2 with the Colorfly but on some songs the bass is not as present as I like. I know it's more of a music production issue than the players fault, but I am still curious...
Well, it will be mostly Metal, jazz and classical, with some Depeche Mode and Massive Attack thrown in. I guess I am also a basshead, but I want detail on the rest of the sonic spectrum. Thanks.
Guys, I have a question. I am enjoying my C3 with my Sony XBA-2, but I am wondering if I can get something better, so I made a list of some cans I can get for sure here in Mexico, and I would love to have your input about them. So, here it is:   Closed back: Sennheiser Momentum Sony MDR-1R Audio Technica ATH-M50 Sennheiser Amperior Bowers & Wilkins P5 Sennheiser HD 25-1 II AKG K 81 DJ In ear: Shure SE 215 Noise cancelling: Bose Quiet Comfort...
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