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And that standing thing is a..... what?
It all seemed easier those times. Most of us old folks had a console and a reasonable ammount of albums. AND THAT WAS IT!!! I wish I had a console now and forget all about this frustrating hobby where I would never have money anytime soon to buy the stuff I want.
It says I am a sex machine and look great in drag... Just kidding, not a real surprise, but I am a music buff. No wonder I come here so often.
Great, that makes two of us. ;) Bienvenido hermano.
It would be really nice if you can compare it to the FIIO X3 and X5, and the DX50. Not that I have any money at the moment, but it will be nice to have an idea on how they fate against each other.
Yep, I'll get better in time, just need to get my sh*t together I guess. Thanks.
I sold mine today. Its a bummer, but I needed the money with my divorce and all tha. Got some 80 dollars because it was in good shape. I really need to get back on my feet, because if this situation continues I am going to end with a cheapo Chinese player and its included earphones instead of barely decent stuff. Oh, well :(
Okay, that helps a lot Change. Thank you.
How different is the F806 from the F886? Can't find it here and they just keep showing me the 806.
Thanks Trolldragon. Maybe I should start one entitled "This is too expensive where I live, but it sells for peanuts in the US". ;)
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