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 More life for the tiny dude. Good.
That's more into context for me. A player this good is hard to find here for less than $150 dollars. That would be the price considering shipping and handling. Mmmmmmmh.
 I really enjoy it with the Pistons and the MDR-EX 15. They are also neat with my Auvio cans. Nah, 80 dollars will turn into 240 dollars with shipping and taxes. Not many choices for me, but for the price maybe I can score an Alien or something similar. But it is really nice to see that at least it is still alive in some form somewhere. It is a very good player for the price, and I really think it sounds better than my kids Ipods and Ipads. I am going to keep it for as...
 Hi Moose. I guess I am not the only soul listening to the Kogan nowadays. How much is it in US dollars for the M90? I have been on the look for a variant player here in Mexico, just for curiosity, and there seems to be none. Maybe the fever just stayed in the Old Continent, Straya and near places.
 U.S. customs officers are sure to get a kick out of this, and not exactly by its beauty.
Old pal, wouldn't it be 'discmen'. By the way, there are some cheapo brands still producing PCDP's, but of course, nothing like the SONY or Panasonic of old age. Still somewhat useful when you are leaving the record store and can't wait to play your music until you get home.
And, do we now mourn for the demise of the Kogan or are still celebrating it?
 Sparky pretty much summed my feelings about it. A few months ago I grabbed some tapes and my son headphones, I can't remember the model, but they are the Sony that look like monster truck wheels. I loved them very much with some other equiptment. My jazz and metal tapes sounded very good, with a deep bass and detail. I had some issues with tapes back in the day: Not enough room for music, CD's never fitted propperly (I never liked to have more than one album on a single...
 Well, Gordon makes great points in that article and sadly I think it is true. How can you reproduce stuff like electronica the way it is supossed to sound naturallty? It never went to an accousting phase, but straigth to the recording unit. And how can you show young people the way music is supposed to sound like if most of it comes from a DJ or a playback supporting a vocoder and artifically tuned voice? Of course, we have our jazz and classical recordings on digital...
 I don't know. Perhaps it's just personal taste. I checked my son's iPhone 4 once against my Sansa Clip once and I decided that the Sansa was better on everything, and I didn't liked it that much back then. I havent tried the newer ones, true. Maybe I should.
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