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Oh. I am pretty sure it went somewhere and did not go back to oblivion.
Now, for everyone who shelled more than the MSRP on the Kogans, just drop me a message and I'll give you the exact coordinates of his house.
Come back here you...!
You didn't take that one now, did you?
We should declare them an endangered species.
I think I have spent enough for five AK 240's. Now most of my stuff is gone anyway due to ... err ... financial problems. But I am getting back on the train again, somehow, for some reason, and apparentely with no justification whatsoever.
Ah. Well, you will never be cured pal. Sorry to say. But don't worry, there are plenty of us around
GAS? You are not talking about farts, right?
Hey Nino9, does the M90 scans the external card and adds it to the internal list? (Somehow I think I already asked this question. I don't remember, sorry).
Nice work, congratulations. Looks amazing.
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