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Thank you Saoshyant. Enjoy your walk.
I am more concerned about having an Android control and jack instead of a normal 3.5mm. False contacts and stuff.
Come on guys, maybe someone can recommend IEMs for this player? I am very interested.
Guys, anyone using the player with Pistons? I would like to try those but I have some doubts regarding compatiblity because the Pistons are made for Android and have the remote and stuff. Someone please illuminate me.
Yeap, I forgot about the TTPods. They would probably be just fine. Thanks for reminding me.
Sounds like a prospect for a very expensive wife. I already had one, so I'll have to pass. Besides, long distance relationships never work well. ;)
Why, do they advertise Chinese women looking for a husband? ;) Just kidding, I'll check it out. Thanks Indieman.
Yeah, I guess so. But with so many people recommending the Pistons I was wondering if I should get them for the player I may be getting by Xmas (don't ask, it's gonna be a surprise) which as far as I know has a normal jack. I don't wan't to find out that I can only use them with my phone, at least not without issues. Guess I'll have to spend a bit more and get some Sure iems.
Yeah, I guess so. Thanks Scope.
  A Memorex refurb, just five dollars. It's very strange how clear it sounds playing U2's Rattle and Hum on the Sony XBA-2. They are the only cans I have now (I am just divorced and my wife got half of the planet and half of my soul), but they get along really nice.
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