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 Neat. MPMan is the brand that gave us one of the very first mp3 players, if not the first. How old is it?
Are there any technologies, new products, secret, secret stuff coming for next year? Have you heard any rumours? 
Frankenkogan        Since the battery was unable to hold a charge and the player is able to work when connected to a powersource, even with the mains switch in "off", I decided to make a batery case. I am using 3 normal batteries and got the player to work a couple of weeks. It's big and bulky, but it works.
Ha, ha, ha, ha. I just frankensteinized my dead Kogan/Ritmix and my Auvio concert series cans. Anyone interested in pictures? ;)
Nope mate. I used my phone but did not used the flash. Better pictures are coming soon.
  Thanks to Ozkan, this baby arrived to Mexico after a short trip to Brazil for some unfatomed reason. It has a nice bottom and a lot of space. I don't think its very similar to the Kogan in terms of resolution, but it is very nice. Also, the screen is hughe and amazingly clear. You can curtomize the background, I played tome ogg files and it had some hiccups, but it is an amazing player. Thanks again @ozkan. It is great mate.
I remembered. AGPTek, Riuizu (or something like that) and now Aigo basically sell the same players. It would be great to find out who is the OEM maker and maybe save some money with them. And by the way, I found the Aigo for sale here in Mexico. Maybe I'll give it a try if I don't buy the Xduoo X2 I am interested in.
 Dang. Sad news for the day. Sorry Ozkan. Mexican mail is a hit or miss affair I guess.
AGPTEK is just one of the different brands of these players. I can't remember the other one, but with the Aigo brand we have three now.
Guys, sorry if I don't read all the pages here, but I was wondering if someone compared this with the Kogan and the Fiio M3. There's a guy selling the Xduoo here and I may take the bait. But I want to be sure it's worth it and I won't fell disappointed after having the Kogan with me, maybe @H20Fidelityand other friends can give a few pointers here.
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