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Or something with a better interface and an usable equalizer. But I don't think so, they are kinda weird in regards of firmware
Is the buyer even a head-fier? I felt really sad when I had to sell mine. Most of my sources and cans had to go anyway, but the C3 was so very special.
 They are for sale in Mexico for some 35 dollars. Just saw them and was wondering if I should get them. Maybe I will.
This is probably not the right place to ask you, but how about the Kogan? Do you still have it?
 Nice. I have completely abandoned my Ritmix in favor of the Oriver O8, but I really miss the physical buttons sometimes.
 Now I really want a Pono. I'll better start saving.
 And then a bunch of people will tell us that the gold version has better dynamics due to the confluence of orgonic fields between the diamonds and gold, creating a more organic resonance and a livelier detail and soundstage.
In reality, the Kogan is the RF7650, not the 4750. But the player looks really cool.
I guess the problem will be more noticeable with certain cans and music styles. The C4 I heard was loaded with things like Armin Van Beuren and the like, and I played it with my Momentums. I had no chance to try it with other styles. But I loved the way it looks.
That too. At least the volume buttons.
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