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I actually meant it as a joke.
You people just don't get it. The iPhone is supposed to be bendable. It is a new feature so it can fit smaller pockets.
So, they are V-Moda clones. There is no respect for anybody in the audio world.
Yep. Maybe an amp would have help. But anyway, I am holding really good so far with my phone. I am doing well.
Nah. I actually got the XBA for a Rockboxed Clip+. It was a real disappointment. I am planning to save for the X1 instead.
Yeah. I'll get the X1. As soon as it is available I'll start my ramen diet and walk to work from home. It's just a two hour walk ;). But I really hope that it will match well with the XBA's, because if I try and get new phones I'll have to starve for a very long time and I don't want to do that.
Just to make you have a good laugh, I guess, since I had to sell my Momentum and my Colorfly C3, and my Sennheises CX 300 II is broken (man, they feel so cheaply made by the way). Sony XBA 2 and Huawei u8350 running Poweramp. Not too bad after a getting used to it and with some extra bass and space added to the mix   .
And that standing thing is a..... what?
It all seemed easier those times. Most of us old folks had a console and a reasonable ammount of albums. AND THAT WAS IT!!! I wish I had a console now and forget all about this frustrating hobby where I would never have money anytime soon to buy the stuff I want.
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