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That is also a very important part of the problems I have here regsrding audio. Out of the good stuff, only Sony and Sennheiser are widely available here. Audiophile stuff, even the cheap brands like Monoprice are sold well over a 100 dollars even if they are available for ten dollars everywhere else, if they are even available. And now that there are exotic brands im national markets all over, things are getting worse for me. It is like hunting for the last of the dodo.
Yes. It is amazing how times change and economies diversify. Maybe one of these days we will have players made in Colombia, or at least headphones with the smell of coffee.
I cant believe that now we are sourcing stuff from places like India, Indonesia and others. And I mean no offense, but a few years ago that would have been a bad idea or a bad deal. Or at least it wouls have appeared to be that way. Think about it. Did we use to be bigots in a way? Anyway, I really hope the trend continues. Audiophiles of the world unite!!!
I remember spinning wax cilinders. I am really old (j/k).
Oh. I am pretty sure it went somewhere and did not go back to oblivion.
Now, for everyone who shelled more than the MSRP on the Kogans, just drop me a message and I'll give you the exact coordinates of his house.
Come back here you...!
You didn't take that one now, did you?
We should declare them an endangered species.
I think I have spent enough for five AK 240's. Now most of my stuff is gone anyway due to ... err ... financial problems. But I am getting back on the train again, somehow, for some reason, and apparentely with no justification whatsoever.
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