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  I came to realize that this Walkman is under 200 dollars, NIB. I like the way I can use the hold control to keep the touchscreen from working while controlling playing with the buttons on top of the unit. And the included noise cancelling earbuds are nice too. It's my first experience with NC, but I can tell that I like it.
What are those big cans?
I hope you Enjoy it. Looks nice
Feliz navidad hermano. Did you finally get that player you wanted? How much?
 Yep, some people enjoy what others think are sterile, lifeless players, or Chinese cheapies instead of players costing gazillions of dollars. Whatever floats your boat.
It is also a lovely player.
 Neat. MPMan is the brand that gave us one of the very first mp3 players, if not the first. How old is it?
Are there any technologies, new products, secret, secret stuff coming for next year? Have you heard any rumours? 
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