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H20, do you have any idea how much do you complicate things for me?First the C3, then the Kogan and now this. I sure hope this player is still available when I finally start to earn real money again. We are here for the sound anyway, right?
Going from a small screen to no screen. Or Batman versus old Star Trek.
Okay, get one of each. Maybe one has great bass, who knows. Sorry to jump into conclussions.
They have no bass whatsoever, sorry. They are just okay for casual listening or for the gym, really.
One of these days I am going to finally have two thousand dollars that I can use any way I want and I am going to sit with the guy who has all the ihifi, Fiio and Colorfly players here in Mexico City and audition them in order to get what I like the most. Either that or I am going to get a date with that amazing girl at the Life&Style section in the paper.... Nope, I think I'll stay with audio, it will probably be safer.
Well, I guess you are right. But I would also have liked a usable equalizer with the C3 and maybe something to widen the soundfield. And that would have been all.
Or maybe Rockboxit? I am talking out of my butt now, since I had to sell mine, but could it be possible to guess how to mod Rockbox to be useful on the C3 by analyzing the current firmware? Or even fix the current one?
According to some members, it kills it, as well as the X3. Maybe you should save for the X5. I am hoping to get a Kogan soon, otherwhise I'll have to wait and save for the X5 too.
I am pretty certain Frog would be proud of something so beautiful. All my love for you mate.
 Aaarrgh! There can be only one!!! No, en serio. Muchos saludos y ojalá podamos platicar algún día. Bienvenido.
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