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My Rytmix player includes a program called Media Player Utilies 5.22. Try that one and callibrate it to the players resolution. I used that program before and its pretty much okay. Cheers.
Okay, back to the Kogan and family, here I have a report on files playable:   It plays .mp4 files encoded with Nero at constant rate and top quality (512 kps) It also plays .aac files encoded with FAAC on Free AC, also at top quality and constant rate (which is surprising). And even more surprising, IT PLAYS OGG FILES!!! At top quality encoded with Free AC. It plays also Nero encoded files with the .m4a extension, with some hiccups and static when you navigate in the...
I haven't seen any old Shuffles here. My impression is that people got frustrated with them here, not being able to drag and drop files and seeing that other cheaper players had bigger capacities. There was a time when you saw piles of them at the pawn shops, begging to be sold. But that was a long time ago.
 Of course, you are right. In any case I would get the Sony player, since it uses a AAA battery.
 I just saw this two for sale, NIB, for less than 20 dollars.
  I had something like this like 10 years ago I guess. 256mb and an FM radio. Then I got the 1gb version with the same audio chip as an iPod (or so I heard). It did sound very good with my Alessandro MS-1. I was actually considering to get NIB Sony Psych player, 256mb, for use at the gym. But Jeremy sent me an Oriver player and I have an RCA mp3 player also, which I could use instead. Anyway, there are a few old Sony, RCA and Rio NIB players for sale here. Maybe I'll get...
 You know Moose. Now I am wondering if having 32GB of music with me every day is a good idea after all. Today I have ripped 15 CDs that I haven't listened to in a while and barely have 5GB worth of room. One has to wonder how many times you listen to the same stuff over and over while never touching some of the records you store in the big capacity cards.
I got a bunch of CDs I am going to enconde in FLAC just to play them in the Kogan. I just found a bunch of music which has been abandoned in my big box of stuff since I got my divorce. It is time to get all that to play.
Just in case you guys want to know, it plays Nero encoded files with the m4a extension. Has some static when consulting the folder list, like decoding Nero files somehow is more CPU intensive than FLAC or even mp3. And I just checked previous post and discovered that it wont add files in the card to the artist/album/etc. list. That is kind of a bummer, but I am used to that sort of navigation after having the Colorfly C3. A quick question: How do I get it to continue...
 Do you push all that or do you climb on top and ride it?
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