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Hi, I am going to take the chance to ask Val if they have Mexican distros, particularly in Mexico City. I have seen some of your cans here, but not generally available, not to mention that some people ussually charges an arm and a leg for them. Thanks and congrats on the new can.
 Looks like the cans are eating the Sandisk. How do you like them with no amp? Are they easyly driven by the player?
 Not unless is a Roswell alien. I need a new pet.
And I was getting ready to jump into that wagon. I guess I'll use my money on that kidney transplant instead. ;)
 Thank you!
 Oh God. The Newsmy and the Nationite look so retro. I like them. Where is the Newsmy made? First time I see it.
 There you go pal: http://www.head-fi.org/t/637632/modding-hd-439s
 Oh, it's probably the same here. In Mexico they repair everything also, even if they have to use soda cans and human hair to make a capacitor. But again, if the store closes you are likely to never get your stuff back. That's why I try to buy from official distros, if they can't repair it they will help you get service from the maker, even if it means waiting for months and maybe paying a lot in shipping and handling. Some even have an extended warranty policy. I get one...
Quote: Oh my God! Lucky me, they don't sell that many fake goods here, mainly because this is still a niche market and the stores are not big enough, save for Apple and Sony. There are lots of fake Sony here, but not many Sennheiser or other brands. Most people will never spend more than ten dollars on in-ears and headphones anyway and live happy with it. But there are also sellers who really abuse people here. There is a guy selling those Monoprice cans, which I think...
 Amazon would probably ship them to me, but for what I have seen it would take around a month. There are plenty of Sennheiser distros here anyway. Besides, with all the taxes and stuff, the costs will probably rise to 150 bucks. That's the problem I have all the time, everything gets more and more expensive, specially now that the dollar is skyrocketing in regards to the peso.
New Posts  All Forums: