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I've broken some very nice headphones by pulling off a Comply Foam tip in order to freshen the tip with a new pair of Comply Foam tips. My latest destroyer set is Etymotic HF5. Before that I destroyed a pair of RP-HJE900s and the Kilpsch S4. How can I more safely removed a used up pair of Comply Foam tips without destroying my headphones?   Oh, and I've gone back to the Kilpsch..... wow, I love these phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ($49 at right...
I always ride with tunes. Gawain
Look at the deals thread and see if the Monster Miles Davis Tributes are still on sale (2/3rd off). WOW... I just love my new copy and the base is amazing. I had the scale back my J3 BSE settings from "Rock" to "Normal". Better than my Etymotic HF5, my Klipsch s4i and my Panosonic HDX900 (which are legendary.. you can't buy these anymore(the HDX900s)).   Gawain
And Kuddos to Monster!   First Etymotic. If they hadn't taken care of me I was going to post here and complain, now that they did, and went the extra mile as well, I thought I should share.   My HF5 cord to one of the earphones split near the earphone. I thought I was being too rough on it so I taped it real good and even used two part epoxy on the tape to stiffen it up where the split was. The sound was still good in both ears. About one month later the same...
Holy krap, I missed all the signs. Sorry. Glad you all are more survival minded LOL. Glad I bought on ebay!!!Gawain
Just saw the Monster Miles Davis Tribute here for $106.00 no code required. Just incase Monster ebay runs out and you want to take advantage of a great deal.     -Gawain     edit: crud.. I don't think these are refurbished.. and I already bought the refurbished MD at Monster's ebay store.
  Thanks! Just bought these for $104.96, free shipping.  They are refurbished, but I've had great luck buying refurbished items.   -Gawain   ps. They are listed for greater than $300 at great deal here...!!
I sure love my HF5s. Bought them from J&R, the red variety, for $89. HOLY COW.... love at first listen.. and this, coming from Klipsch 4s and Pannasonic HJE-900s. I now have my Pannys, 4s, and a pair of Sennheiser sports canenphones gathering dust because of broken solder connections either at the jack or one of the earpieces. I never wrap them around my Cowon J3. I just hope the Etys are more durable 'cause I sure love the sound.
Heck, I have the S4 and I like 'em. Almost as good as my Pannie HJE900s. I've had mine for almost a year. If they bite the dust, I'll buy another pair.   Opinions are like ears I guess... we all have a couple....   Good luck on your search,   Gawain
If you can get a good seal with biflange, that is wonderful. I cannot, I think my ears are too big.. LOL
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