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I used to have the Sony MDR7506 and it gets tiring to wear it after a long use. Do you know if the CAL! goes around the ear rather than pressed against the ear?   I really like how comfortable the Sony MDR-XB500 is, do you know an alternative to this headphone? Maybe the CAL! might be the one for me but I need you to confirm.   Thanks!
I have an IEM but they get uncomfortable after a while. The headphones will be used at home only. What would you suggest?
Hello,   I was born with mild hearing loss and I was wondering which of these would have the loudest sound output?    Sennheiser 439 + Portable Amp (either fiio e10 or e11) or Beats Studio    I plan to use the headphone for my PC and my phone (usa galaxy s3) I'm open to other suggestions as well. I would like to spend no more than $150-$160. 
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