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Do this experiment: go to and ask what they think of McDonald's and why Michelin overlooks that esteemed brand.
Really, not clear?
To hear a mosque in Bali would be quite rare as it is a Hindu island  I will definitely listen to it because I love Bali. Was this recorded near Den Pasar  or another city?
I only purchased one album from HDTracks in the past but I'm still wondering why you guys allow  downloading every purchase once.Is there no way to host a library (like for instance Steam and iTunes do) so that if I delete my track or it gets lost, I don't have to bother you to "reset" my purchase and download it again?
For this I might have to put on the red light 
  Although I don't expect anything remotely like taste from someone who has "dubstepl" in their name, I think you haven't even tried the P5 if you call them "mediocre". I've owned quite a few full size cans (including Senn HD 650) and IEMs (customized Shures were my favourite) but the P5s are definitely on par with the best of them. Then again, maybe they just don't synergise with dubstep. I know I don't...
Adele "21"
WTS, my underutilised, mint condition iBasso DX-100. It was part of the 2nd batch and arrived last April. Unfortunately my 3 year old doesn't let me enjoy it much so I rather let it go to a fellow Head-fier. Price is SALE PENDING, shipped world-wide. I'll throw in a pouch as well.
High end audio is as much a scam as art or fine wine. Some people want to pay millions for a piece of canvas with some paint on it. Others pay $2000 for a bottle of Chateau Petrus. I don't believe in 5000 dollar connects or a 15000 dollar CD player. However, I do know that these things are made in very small quantities and that the fixed costs are probably high. I'm very happy with the sound quality of my $800 iBasso DX100, even though the software is utterly cr@p....
Last year I purchased the Bravo Audio mini tube amp on eBay. It was more out of curiosity than anything else and the low price made it easy to pull the trigger. It took two weeks but the package made it to Singapore in one piece.    First impression   This amp is tiny! Compared to the other desktop amps I used over the years, this must be the smallest tube amp ever. If you fold an iPod in half you get about the same size. Build quality is nice and I really like...
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