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Quote: Originally posted by Squalish Weezer('Butterfly', 'El Scorcho') Butterfly! Yes! 1) Maynard James Keenan: Tool concert. Song - The Grudge. "the" 23 second top of the lungs scream... The visceral energy that ripped through my body can only be described as,.. well, I felt like a star being born. Chino Moreno of Deftones - ear piercing wails, with a subtle beauty about it. Thom Yorke. yea. Bjork. Barry White. ...
Quote: Originally posted by Schizorabbit instead of Led Zeppelin we have, OK maybe there's no one to match the Zep, but still, to say that there isn't as MUCH good music today as then is simply a far too limited statement. i say Tool is on the level of Zep.
formerly the members lounge and now Certifiably Inane forum! then Music forum. occasional looks at headphone, amp, source.
Quote: Originally Posted by blip Of course since the other option that the group of people I was with were considering was Rent, I shouldn't complain too much! whoa. I was in the exact opposite situation as you. I was pushing for AEon Flux but was forced to see Rent by my group. in short, it sucked. If you're willing to pay $11 and sit through 2 1/2 hours of boring, hackneyed melodrama and repetitive songs just to see Rosario Dawson dance in...
ooheadsoo brings up a good point.
Hi All, I'm not very internet savvy and I need to host pictures so people can take a look at gear that I have for sale. Where and how should I do it? Thanks in advance. -Rich
I am interested in the Cardas iPod cable (mini to RCA). Cardas' website states that its basically the same cable as the Cardas Senn headphone cable. Some people have said that the Cardas Senn headphone cable exhibits an upper midrange 'shoutiness', or harshness, that doesn't go away with burn-in. So... I was wondering if the Cardas iPod cable had the same thing?
hmmm... time to experiment with my flats, bowls, masking tape, electrical tape, maybe even the hd414 pads. should be fun.
Hi all, Does switching a stock HD 650 cable onto an HD 580/600 yield an improvement? Basically, is the stock HD 650 cable better, or is it merely terminated in a 1/4 inch plug? I know tons of people here opt for aftermarket cables. I'm really not interested in buying one now.. so no need to try to convince me. You can rest easy and just let the natural flow of upgraditis do its work. Thanks.
Hi all, I'm looking for one of those 0 to 120 ohm adaptors to play around with. I know Jan Meier has some but I am hesitant to order from him because that would be the only thing that I would be ordering, and it just seems like too much of a hassle for such a little thing. If I can't find it here, online or regular retail, then I will order from him. So basically, I was wondering if anybody knows of any that I can acquire locally(read: United States) and also if...
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