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Being an audiophile is tinkering with new gadgets. You add, audition, return, etc. based on what your budget (and wife) allow!   What do you feel is missing from your current setup?   I personally wouldn't mess with things like cables, iFi power supplies, etc. I'd spend money on specific components. Starting with your source is a logical first step.   Some say that the true magic in DACs doesn't happen until over $2K...   Maybe you start with the Schiit Gungnir...
Well, I am getting the Direct(or) thrown in with a NAIM XS2 integrated purchase.   I think after the dust settles, the wife will have my manhood if I buy any more equipment too soon :) Perhaps while she's away for a long weekend, I could time the arrival of a Gungnir for comparing...   I won't take delivery until around April 12.
My dealer is offering me the Director DAC for "free" with the purchase of a NAIM SuperNait2 or XS2.   Despite all the hemming in hawing over the past many months, it looks like this will be the one I get for at least a little while.   The demo I had last Saturday was amazing.   Laptop > Foobar2K > FLAC > USB > Meridian Direct DAC > SuperNait2 > Dali Epicon 8 speakers.   My hifi dealer owner said he couldn't tell a difference between the setup and a high-end CD...
Get a DAC+Amp combo? Something like the Hegel H300?   I got a chance to demo the NAIM SuperNait2 + Direct DAC yesterday. (On a pair of $20K Dali Epicon 8 speakers.) Source was my laptop running Foobar2K with lossless FLAC files.
Thanks! I appreciate the continued feedback. I may just try to snag both the Director and the Schiit Gungnir USB2 and do an at-home comparison.
I wonder how long until we see the UD-301. It is suppose to bring 501 performance to the sub $500 price point.
^^ are you pairing with a NAIM 5i? 5si? XS2? I am strongly considering the SuperNait2.
Most hi-fi audio is stored in digital form. With advancements in lossless compression, bit-perfect ripping/streaming, HD audio formats, multi-terabyte storage, and PC-friendly DACs, has the PC earned a place among high-end audio gear? At what price point?   Continued at http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/high-end-pc-audio,3733.html     ----   I hadn't seen this posted here yet.   Grab onto your butts and starts reading. The conclusions will make waves here.
 Ha. Yeah, getting there.
I have been following this DAC for a while. I have to admit that Purrin's decision to test it via a method other then USB is curious and such an extremely negative review is a bit of anomaly. Am I ready to jump on it?   I still have four DACs in the running...   UD-501... $750 Gungnir USB...$850 Teddy Pardo DAC-USB... $1500 Chord Chordette HD... $1700
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