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I guess I am still looking for a little more in terms of a final write-up :)   I know many of them sound indistinguishable but I have to ask...did any of them sound more "musical" than others?   What are your final notes on the Yulong DA8 vs. Schiit Gungnir vs. Emo Stealth DC-1?
Wait. Wait. Each DA8 is hand-assembled??? By one man? No assembly line?   Find that hard to believe.
Regarding Emo...   I assume the 30 day trial period exists regardless of sales or not? What about return shipping (on a heavy amp)? Restocking fees?
I wonder how the DC-1 pairs as a DAC/Pre with the Emo XPA2-II for a $1300 setup. I wonder how musical this combo would be.   I am about to spend $4900 on a NAIM SuperNait2. Talk about musical!   I am not so much a headphone guy. Right now I have a pair of Dynaudio Focus speakers. I am a 2-channel speaker guy...with maybe a REL sub down the road.
I hope Gary still posts his findings after all this banter. Those discrediting him after spending so much time and money probably comes as a disheartening slap in the face. I suggest the naysayers step up to the plate and do their own comparison in a similar manner.
So why no....? NAIM DAC V1 Bryston BDA2 Yulong DA8 W4S DAC2 DSD SE
I recently had the opportunity to demo a bunch of Nordost cables from the Lief series all the way up to the Odin and everything in between. I think one 2.5m Odin power cable runs around $21K USD. (A Lief cable of the same length may start around $500.) And we're not even starting to talk about their speaker cables, interconnects, line harmonizers, and power purifiers. You could easily drop $100K on a cable/power setup for a simple 2.0 system. I in fact heard these cables...
I guess my question is, what kind of sound does the DA8 offer? Overly analytical? Too detailed? Or slightly warm?
So it looks like the Yulong DA8 wins? Over the Metrum?
Not sure what you mean. You have an M51 but borrowed a TEAC? And the latter provides "worlds apart" improvement or what?
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