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I replaced my stock CK7 tips with UE Silicon tips (non-bi-flange). They are an improvement...not huge...but an improvement...in both isolation and comfort.
These are the I8s you are testing, right?
Bump for more Q-Jays vs. SA6 commentary...
I don't think there are any reviews on the IE6, 7, or 8. They seem a little over-priced to me...
I am confused. So what did people upgrade from/to? From SF5Pro to SA6? To both? I am struggling between these two myself.
Hmmm...I have read quite a few cases of questionable quality of the Sleeks...may prevent me from buying them. How long did you own them before they went bad?
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I am still struggling between the SA6, SF5, and SF5Ps. I personally think the SF5Ps look a little corny, and I am not too fond of over-the-ear designs. So I am pretty much 90% decided on the SA6.
Unfortunately, all but the ATH-AD700s are out of my price range!
I have had my HD497s for at least...7 years I would say. They have served me VERY well. They are so comfortable that I often forget I'm wearing them! Well, I do want to upgrade. I want to spend between $200-$250 I would say. I will use them on my computer (no amp, just SoundBlaster Audigy soundcard) for listening to music 90% and gaming 10%. I listen to mostly female vocal trance (Tiesto, PVD, ATB, etc.). Comfort is paramount. I had been thinking the HD595s but...
Just curious, what are you replacing them with?
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