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Quote: Originally Posted by cvince I haven't heard any other IEMs so I can't offer any comparisons, but I really like the CK7s. I don't understand what people are saying about the closed-in sound. They are very airy phones with a very accurate frequency range. I don't feel the soundstage is "in-your-head" at all. If you would rate soundstage in a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the K701s (my reference, since it's the best thing I've owned), I'd probably give...
Quote: Originally Posted by Esidarap I dunno about the super.fi, but the ER6i is uncomfortable and has waay too little bass. It's more for detail freaks, and even then the CK7 has about 95% of the detail it provides.. it just doesn't throw it in your face the way Etys do. I am contemplating jumping on the CK7s today. About time I make a move on something. What ever it is will be better than my Sony EX51s!
I think my final decision comes down to... ATH-CK7s vs. Etymotic ER6i vs. UE Super.fi 3. (Am leaning towards the CK7s. Anyone who thinks the latter two are better, speak now, or forever hold your peace!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Esidarap Us CK7 owners are busy listening to them instead of on here looking for something better like the other people. I kid, I kid.. So I take it you like them?
Quote: Originally Posted by gmoffatt For the record, I lost my CK7s and replaced them with ER-4P Those are about $70 more than I want to spend!
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs My CK7's are my valentine. At least they were until UPS delivered my Grado SR60 today . They are excellent canalphones and good value for the money. They have a nicely defined treble detail but they can get a bit muddy with busier music. They are still highly recommended though. So you replaced the CK7s with the SR60s?
Are there no more than THREE current and past owners of this IEM???
Can anyone compare the CK7s to the UE Super.fi 3s?
Quote: Originally Posted by evilking My portable setup is finally done. Zune --> Auido Technica CK7 and ES7 Not the high end in the slightest, but I'm very happy with the sound and have no need to upgrade. Not even curiosity can lure me back as I have other hobbies that need attending to! I'll be auditioning the A900 this weekend, powered by Headphonia portable usb/dac/amp, if I like it enough I'll wait for opinions of the A950LTD and then that'll be...
I am getting the sense that "closed" IEMs that offer good isolation and "airy" IEMs that offer a wide sound stage are mutually exclusive! What does a good job of doing both for under $100?
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