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Quote: Originally Posted by dookiex I still vote EX700s, $230 is the current street price. The sibilance really is negligible as I've been using them for quite some time now (they have smoothed out quite a bit, I didn't really start listening to them until I had around 100 hours on them, they are now around the 200 hours mark). To be honest, Etymotics were a lot harsher which was even more prevalent due to the lack of any kind of bass impact. My...
Pianist: I see you list the SA6 in your current gear. Where are the Q-Jays?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pianist I think Q-jays are about on par with if not better than the SA6 and cost less. Here, I'll jot down some pros and cons of each below, judging from my own ears. Keep in mind though, that I only auditioned the Q-jays for about 10 minutes overall, while I had the SA6 for over a month now: Sleek Audio SA6: Pros: - deep, tight and neutral bass response that doesn't overpower the rest of the frequency spectrum - warm,...
I notice that Amazon.de is selling these for 214 EUR or about $268...which is about $182 cheaper than SoundEarphones.com. And I am sure shipping to the US is not $182... Edit: Amazon.de won't ship them to the USA But it does help that I have lots of friends in Deutschland...
Are you using any trance music with these by chance? So you put them ahead of the TF10s at this point?
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudohippy I dont know of anything else. I think they are the best at that price point but what do I know. I didnt like the atrio M8 and got rid of them before the SA6 even came out. M8 are competitive with SA6 though but the bass wasnt my cup of tea at all. I own the Sansa E260 as well. Will I be good to go with the SA6s without an amp?
Anyone else?
In terms of value, price/performance, is the Sleek SA6 the best I can do for $200? If so, please tell me your alternative and why. Thanks.
I replaced my stock CK7 tips with UE Silicon tips (non-bi-flange). They are an improvement...not huge...but an improvement...in both isolation and comfort.
These are the I8s you are testing, right?
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