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I am confused. So what did people upgrade from/to? From SF5Pro to SA6? To both? I am struggling between these two myself.
Hmmm...I have read quite a few cases of questionable quality of the Sleeks...may prevent me from buying them. How long did you own them before they went bad?
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I am still struggling between the SA6, SF5, and SF5Ps. I personally think the SF5Ps look a little corny, and I am not too fond of over-the-ear designs. So I am pretty much 90% decided on the SA6.
Unfortunately, all but the ATH-AD700s are out of my price range!
I have had my HD497s for at least...7 years I would say. They have served me VERY well. They are so comfortable that I often forget I'm wearing them! Well, I do want to upgrade. I want to spend between $200-$250 I would say. I will use them on my computer (no amp, just SoundBlaster Audigy soundcard) for listening to music 90% and gaming 10%. I listen to mostly female vocal trance (Tiesto, PVD, ATB, etc.). Comfort is paramount. I had been thinking the HD595s but...
Just curious, what are you replacing them with?
I am looking to buy the SA6s but my experiences with bi-flange tips heretofore have been unpleasant. So I am considering the following options for more comfort: Jays Silicon Rubber Sleeves Shure Flex Sleeves Shure Foam Sleeves UE Soft Silicon Sleeves I do have positive experience with the UE Soft Silicon Sleeves.
Bump for more SA6 vs. SF5 vs. SF5Pro comparisons!
Quote: Originally Posted by B[van] Haha I did listen with the SA6, but I couldn't give it a proper test because the dual flanges got stuck in my ears and that somehow 'nerfed' the sound. Added to the fact of the general fill, I just gave up auditioning it. How on earth did you side against the TF10s? Too expensive? I guess the decision still comes down to SA6 vs. SF5Pro.
Quote: Originally Posted by B[van] Haha I actually went from sfi3 to CK7 before going for the SF5Ps. Like I said, I didn't get to fiddle with the treble and bass ports of the SA6 and the fact that it felt brittle in my rather large pair of hands made me drop the idea of owning one. I decided to try the SF5Ps, Qjays and the TF10 but I prefer the SF5Ps instead. And I'm not regretting it So you handled (but did not audition the SA6s) but did...
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