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 You mention the Audio GD product in the opening text but nowhere else. How does the GMB stack up? And is the NFB-28 better or worse than the DAC-19 (10th Anniversary Edition)?  I also feel you should knock down the "value" score or the GMB as it needs a $150+ Regen to reach its full potential. Did you review the GMB using the SE or XLR outputs? Did you compare the two outputs?  I believe this is the Chord 2Qute? I guess you haven't heard it.
Okay, that answers my question. Thanks. I would just tick Option 4 and be done. So we're talking roughly $850 plus S&H.   Versus GMB...   Versus 2Qute or Hugo...   SQ being "equal" I of course would go for the best value option. But I am also willing to pay Chord prices for significantly better SQ.   What I do NOT want is to have the question in my mind about needing to fiddle with USB / power add-ons. No Regens, no Jitterbugs, etc. It would seem the 2Qute/Hugo fit...
Could someone please explain the options to me? http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/DAC1911/DAC19EN_Custom.htm   1. Does it come standard with RCA outputs or do they need to be added? Never heard of ACSS. 2. Not needed. I need USB. 3. What is that? 4. What is that?
 I saw that. But that doesn't change the opinion of several (many?) here who have compared the output of the XLR and SE outputs and have posted their (negative) opinions.
 Thanks for commenting. As someone who doesn't own...nor has auditioned...the GMB, I can only infer from comments I read. And less-than-stellar comments about the SE outputs on the GMB are becoming quite common on forums I read.
Are people using the XLR or RCA outputs? Please compare sound signature. Thanks.
So word on the street has it that the SE (RCA) outputs on the GMB are crap. I already have a RCA-DIN interconnect from Chord. A $600 one. I am not getting rid of it.    Will the the BiFrost get Multibit? And if so, could it potentially sound better (via SE outputs) than the GMB?   It would appear that the Audio GD-19 at $650 has much better SE outputs, so why bother with the GMB?    Why did Schiit gimp SE on the GMB anyway? To protect the Yiggy?    I mean I don't...
Has anyone compared these three DACs.   1. Audio-GD 19 ($650) 2. Schitt GMB ($1250) 3a. Chord 2Qute ($1800) 3b. Chord Hugo ($2500)   All are in the running. Coming from a Meridian Director. Input will be USB / HTPC. Output will be RCA. DSD/DXD not a concern. Portability not needed (just an added fun factor of the Hugo)
I think I read on a different (praising a different DAC) someone argues that the RCA outputs of the GMB are crap compared to the XLR. Did Schiit gimp the RCA outputs in some way? 
I would suggest that anyone having driver issues, esp. with Win10, that the problem lies with the driver/OS and not with the Schiit.   If you are having problems in Windows, then try the Live Linux Distro option mentioned a page or two ago. Download the distro image file, install it onto a USB stick, boot into Linux, and try listening that way.   Perhaps this option: http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/Downloads
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