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^^I am actually at the opposite end of the spectrum.   I would like for him to take the top two winners of this comparison and compare them against some of the really expensive DACs:   NAIM DAC V-1 Bryston BDA-2 Auralic Vega Ayre QB-9
Gary: I live in DC. If you need a third adjudicator...
A most interesting thread that could pose a threat to the bottom line of many dealers...hence why I am sure some people are responding quite defensively...or offensively.
They cost $750 and $700, respectively.   I am wondering which is the most musical of the two and would pair best with the NAIM SuperNait2. (I am looking for the best DAC I can for under say $800.)
Any idea when we'll get some feedback on the fancy Chord?
Wish I could get a Naim DAC V1 into Gary's hands. The real magic only begins north of $2K
Well you must have cotton on your ears because Purrin thought it was a POS out of the 17 he reviewed. (I actually am joking. Purrin's negative review of the UD-501 is the only negative one I have read.)
I wonder if it would be better to get the new NAIM XS2 integrated and NAIM DAC V1 for $5300 vs. the new and critically-acclaimed NAIM SN2 with an off-brand DAC for around $5900.
Agreed. Wish NAIM would release something around the $1K mark or someone would make something that pairs very well with NAIM for less money. $2400 for the V1 without DSD/DXD capability...just can't do it.
I too think the DAC V1 is too rich for my blood.   Would love to find a DAC that pairs well with an XS2 or SN2 for under $1K:   Meridian Director Schiit Gungnir USB Gen2 ARCAM irDAC ???
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