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Interesting old discussion here comparing the Octave and the Ciunas. Similar observations as Gary too!
The Chord probably would match well with a NAIM integrated then. But at that price, you might as well spend a little more for the NAIM DAC V1. What is important to me?-Value-A "pure" DAC / no need for HP/PRE functions-Musicality / PRaT-DSD/DXD a plus but maybe not necessary  After reading Greg's synopsis, I think maybe the Ciunas DAC may be close to what I am looking for. Have you compared it against the Chord by chance?
I wonder how Gary would compare the Emo DC-1 vs. Yulong DA8 if he tried NOT to consider...   -The DSD capabilities of the DA8. -The HP/Pre functions of either.   Meaning, in a 2.0 speaker setup.
Surely there are some new DACs coming out of CES???
Wow. That is big news.
 My amp most likely would be an integrated... NAIM SuperNait2 or something...
Does the DC-1 have a "DAC only" mode by chance? Like the DA8? That deactivates the HP/PRE functions?   I am considering DACs in a home stereo HiFi setup, so these functions don't add value to me.
 Cool. Thanks. Have you heard the DA8 by chance?
My problem with the Yulong...   1) Made in China. (I like that the Schiit is made in USA!) 2) Post-Sale support? How established is the brand? What about drivers going forward? Customer service? Warranty? 3) Price. Again, this has to do with the distance. Spending $1300 through a distributor...hmmm...   By comparison, Schiit and Emo seem...very tangible down the road.
 How soon can you post your Schiit vs. Emo findings? Did you order your Schiit with the Uber Analog and Gen2 USB options?
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