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Anyone else?
Any reason why I should NOT buy the ATH-AD900 over the HD595? (Reasons other then price.) Please speak now or for ever hold your peace! Thanks.
I'm interested to see how these perform un-amped and against the IE8.
I don't qualify, but I like the idea. Mods: Sticky?
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq I ORDERED MINE EARLIER Cool. Can't wait for your IE8 vs. WE3 comparison.
Between the IE7 and IE8, which is the midrange champion? Those of you who have them both, can you please once again cite the advantages the pros/cons of each?
Do the Custom 3s compare with the new Sen IE7 or IE8?
soozieq: made a decision yet?
Interesting, cn11. I wonder if I should go for the IE7 over the IE8 if the adjustable bass beature is more of a gimmick.
From what I have heard here, the IE8 are on-par (or better ) than the SE530/TF10. But I am still wondering if they perform okay (or almost as good) un-amped as they do amped.
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