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Of the "popular" earphones in the $150-$200 range, what am I missing from this list? Etymotic ER-4P: $170 Jays q-jays: $180 UltimateEars 5 Pro: $195 Futuresonics Atrio M5: $199 What would you add? How would you rank the above, from best (1) to worst (4)?
Quote: Originally Posted by pez i'm pretty sure that the audio-techs have the same size nozzle as cx300, so it should definitely fit. So you think only the CX300s are compatible?
Morning bump.
Actually this might be even better but would it work? Ultimate Ears Universal Fit Kit - Black @ HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears
Quote: Originally Posted by pez Ultimate Ears Earphones, Shure Headphones and Westone Earphones - Earphone Solutions - The Best Earphones for iPod Comparisons and Reviews or HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears should do it. Thanks! So could I assume that these would work on my CK7s? Ultimate Ears DOUBLE Flange Ear Tips BLACK
I think what I am going to do is spend a few bucks on new tips for my CK7s right now. I think with better tips/isolation they really shin. It's just that those tips I've been using for a year have deteriorated.
Still not sure what/where to buy. Anywhere I can go in the DC area? Or a web site other then eBay?
Quote: Originally Posted by navmau Yep, they do wear over time, I generally change mine after about 9 months or so. The bit that holds on to the nozzle will get looser too so when it gets to loose, the tip may remain in your ear when you pull the IEM out. Good silicon tips?...future sonics bi-flange tips are my fave, they are very comfy and isolate very well for a silicon tip. Are these things one-size-fits all? Meaning, tips from company X or...
Zephyron: Thanks for the reply. The ER4Ps are pretty ubiquitous, but where does one buy the q-jays?
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