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cn11: Thanks for your commentary! Do you have both the IE7 and IE8 as well?
Sphongle? Never heard of them How about PVD? Tiesto? ATB? Hmmm...your indecision about the IE7 vs. IE8 is killing me. How about an IE7 vs. TF10 comparison? I take it you've never heard the ATH-CK7 either? Familiar with ATH sound at all? My decision may come down to... IE7 for $190 USD SA6 for $200 USD IE8 for $280 USD
And can anyone compare the IE7/8 to the "cheapo" ATH-CK7s?
I still want to know how the IE7/8 perform amped vs. un-amped. And how are they for trance music?
Can anyone comment on the IE7 vs. IE8 for trance music? (ATB, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, etc.)
I was set on the SA6, but because of their QC issues, I am going for either the IE7 or IE8. My plan is to order them and have them sent to a friend in Munich who will mail them to me. So it comes down to IE7 or IE8 for me. I am slightly worried about some of the comfort problems soozieq has had with the IE8 vs. the IE7. According to Amazon.de, the IE7s are 148 EUR ($190 USD) and the IE8s are 211 EUR ($270 USD). So, the question: Are the IE8s worth the 42% price premium...
How about this question: which is better un-amped? IE7 or IE8?
soozieq: It sounds like the IE8 has the IE7 beat, sonically, but the IE8 is less comfortable for your ear. Hmmm... Duncan & others: how are you finding the IE8 in terms of comfort?
soozieq: In terms of the IE8, are we talking complete pwnage of the SA6? If you had to rate the SA6, IE7, and IE8 in terms of value alone, how would they all stack up?
tstarn06: So you rank the X10s above the SA6? In what ways exactly? Are the highs on the X10s fatiguing (ala Klipsch Horns)? They certainly are tempting at this price. But I might be holding out for the IE8s.
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