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Still on as of right now...
Can anyone suggest a better value for the money at the moment?
Which has the better mids: X5 or X10?
Hmmm. These things beg the question: do I spend $200 on some good mid-range IEMs now only to pgrade again later or just spend $400 now on the end-all, be-all of universal IEMs? When you think of the W3s in that light, they seem like a bargain.
I have been reading a lot, and I don't think I like what people are saying about the X10s have recessed mids (along with strong bass and crisp highs, etc.) I tend to be someone who likes a strong mid-range but also does not lack bass or highs. I wonder if this means I would prefer the C3s or X5s?
Quote: Originally Posted by shampoosuicide It's funny I had the 497 as my first serious pair of headphones, and eventually upgraded to the 595. I wish I had asked the same question then, because the AD900 look like an interesting pair of phones. I haven't heard them though, so I can't compare. Good luck with your next set of cans, whichever you end up with Are you using the HD595s now? How much of an upgrade were they from the 497s?
Thanks for the info. Will the AD700s be an upgrade from my HD497s at all?
How about this... Which would be better un-amped? X10 or C3? (Which drivers are more efficient?)
tstarn06: Thank you for your replies. You are being so helpful! For trance music: Custom 3 or X10? Build quality/durability: Custom 3 or X10? At $150 and $175, respectively, would you say that the Custom 3 and X10 are the best values on the market at the moment? Trance music sample: YouTube - Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise 6)
Quote: Originally Posted by dcpoor you might want to consider the ad700 also, i've seen people mention on several occasions that ad700 to ad900 isn't that big of a jump in improvement. Jeez. Really? The 700s cost like 33% of the 900s. $105 vs. $278 at Amazon. Are the 900s worth the 265% premium?
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