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I think what I am going to do is spend a few bucks on new tips for my CK7s right now. I think with better tips/isolation they really shin. It's just that those tips I've been using for a year have deteriorated.
Still not sure what/where to buy. Anywhere I can go in the DC area? Or a web site other then eBay?
Quote: Originally Posted by navmau Yep, they do wear over time, I generally change mine after about 9 months or so. The bit that holds on to the nozzle will get looser too so when it gets to loose, the tip may remain in your ear when you pull the IEM out. Good silicon tips?...future sonics bi-flange tips are my fave, they are very comfy and isolate very well for a silicon tip. Are these things one-size-fits all? Meaning, tips from company X or...
Zephyron: Thanks for the reply. The ER4Ps are pretty ubiquitous, but where does one buy the q-jays?
Suppose I wanted to upgrade from the Audio-Technica CK7s to something offering even more isolation and better low-end bass response for under $200, what would be my top 3-5 options? Assume that I am pretty satisfied with my CK7s, I just want a little more in these two areas.
I have had my Audio Technica ATH-CK7s for about a year now. For most of that time I use the mid-sized tip for my ear but I have noticed that the fit is not quite what it use to be. Is it common for these plastic tips to wear over time? Do they degrade? Or has my ear "adapted" to it? Should I want to replace the tips, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. BTW, the ATH-CK7s have been great. Possibly some more low-end bass but otherwise they are fantastic.
Hmmm...I think I am now leaning more towards open cans...and the HD595s are such...whereas the beyerdynamic DT-770s are not. At least I am supporting the German economy with either
Thanks for the comments! I think I will stick with the Senn 595s since my 497s have served me so well. Got to be brand loyal from time to time.
Quote: Originally Posted by NiceCans some additional info may be helpful: -how will you drive them? (amp/source) -how will you use them? (home or portable) -what type of music do you listen to? (genre/style) -is noise isolation important? (sound leaking in OR out) PC soundcard Home (mix of music, movies, and gaming, but mostly for music) Techno/Trance/House I would like them to isolate at least as much as my Senn 497s
I am looking to finally upgrade from my trusty Sennheiser 497 headphones. I am leaning towards Sennheiser again as they have done me so well and are so damned comfortable. But then I look on here and see a Grado post and do some research. So, any opinions on Grado Prestige SR225 vs. Sennheiser HS595? Anything else I should be considering for $200? Thanks for the input.
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