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Thanks for the comments! I think I will stick with the Senn 595s since my 497s have served me so well. Got to be brand loyal from time to time.
Quote: Originally Posted by NiceCans some additional info may be helpful: -how will you drive them? (amp/source) -how will you use them? (home or portable) -what type of music do you listen to? (genre/style) -is noise isolation important? (sound leaking in OR out) PC soundcard Home (mix of music, movies, and gaming, but mostly for music) Techno/Trance/House I would like them to isolate at least as much as my Senn 497s
I am looking to finally upgrade from my trusty Sennheiser 497 headphones. I am leaning towards Sennheiser again as they have done me so well and are so damned comfortable. But then I look on here and see a Grado post and do some research. So, any opinions on Grado Prestige SR225 vs. Sennheiser HS595? Anything else I should be considering for $200? Thanks for the input.
Thanks for the recommendations! Any more are always appreciated.
I have had my 497s going on 6 or 7 years I think. They are still in great shape. They sound great. They are comfortable. Sometimes I even forget they are on my head! In fact, I really want to stick with a Sennheiser product. Would do you all recommend? I like the sound of the 497s but I wouldn't mind something with a little better isolation around the ears, with a little more in the mid and especially bass department. I want something that is as comfortable or more...
I think I replied in your last thread. I recently bought the ATH-CK7s and am very happy with my decision. I have only compared them to the Sony EX51 and Etymotic ER6i and the CK7s are vastly superior to both. I personally would put the CK7s a notch above entry-level but for $75 I doubt they are better than IEMs costing $150 or more.
I know for certain that the ATH-CK7 beat out the Etymotic ER6i.
I will admit that I do not have vast experience when it comes to IEMs. My first set were the Sony EX51s. They are cheap and that's about it but they also offer decent isolation as far as I am concerned. But they have a hard time with lots of bass and don't even talk about mids or highs. They don't exist. When looking for an upgrade, I wanted something that 1) Offered as good or better isolation, 2) Cost $100 or less, and 3) Sounded MUCH better. After dozens of threads...
Here are my new Audio-Technica ATH-CK7 IEMs and Sony Ericsson Z710:
Thanks for the review, AnGeLiCbOrIs. I need isolation, so I know I made the right decision.
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