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tstarn06: Thank you for your replies. You are being so helpful! For trance music: Custom 3 or X10? Build quality/durability: Custom 3 or X10? At $150 and $175, respectively, would you say that the Custom 3 and X10 are the best values on the market at the moment? Trance music sample: YouTube - Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise 6)
Quote: Originally Posted by dcpoor you might want to consider the ad700 also, i've seen people mention on several occasions that ad700 to ad900 isn't that big of a jump in improvement. Jeez. Really? The 700s cost like 33% of the 900s. $105 vs. $278 at Amazon. Are the 900s worth the 265% premium?
And I assume the Image X10s are the best value in town at $175?
soozieq: Wow! So you sold the IE8 and kept the IE7? And now have the W3s on the way? Why sell the IE8s? And how do the IE7s stack up against the TF10s?
How would you compare the X10s to the SA6s?
I have HD497s now and want to upgrade but spend less than $300. More like $250. I want them to be so comfortable that I can barely feel them on my head. I will use them mostly for music on my PC (SoundBlaster X-Fi) and some gaming. I listen to a lot of female vocal trance. (ATB, Tiesto, PvD, etc.) That's about it.
Anyone else?
Any reason why I should NOT buy the ATH-AD900 over the HD595? (Reasons other then price.) Please speak now or for ever hold your peace! Thanks.
I'm interested to see how these perform un-amped and against the IE8.
I don't qualify, but I like the idea. Mods: Sticky?
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