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Quote: Originally Posted by Aevum wont ship outside germany, Yep, I already tried...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aevum someone mentioned that they can be bought for less then 200 euros in germany, mind pointing where ? The IE7s are < 200 EUR on Amazon.de. The IE8s are less than 250 EU on Amazon.de I believe.
soozieq: did you get my PMs?
Quote: Originally Posted by dookiex The Sleeks really don't have much a soundstage to them. Compared to other armature based phones, they sound a little airier but not by much. The Sony's are very very airy and their soundstage is very close to a good set of full sized phones. It is extremely noticeable. Heck, the Klipsch Custom-2s I've recently sold on here, those had a bigger sound and bigger soundstage than the Sleeks but it was very noticeable that the...
What provides a wide/airy soundstage but with really good isolation?
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq I just ordered the IE 7 from Amazon UK, so they'll be here tomorrow As for that lone review on Amazon about the IE 8 not being much better than the CX500... that's plain scary. I bought the CX500 for a friend months ago, thinking they'd be a good upgrade from his CX300s, and he hated the CX500s. I didn't like them either, I thought they were cold and lifeless, not what I was expecting at all. In the end I sold them and...
Duncan: What are all the IEMs you've owned / thoroughly auditioned? And now where do these IE8s rank amongst them? I also wish someone would get the IE7s and take them for a spin as well.
Funny how the lone review at Amazon rates them barely ahead of the CX500.
Well, as usual, no solids conclusions
Quote: Originally Posted by dookiex I still vote EX700s, $230 is the current street price. The sibilance really is negligible as I've been using them for quite some time now (they have smoothed out quite a bit, I didn't really start listening to them until I had around 100 hours on them, they are now around the 200 hours mark). To be honest, Etymotics were a lot harsher which was even more prevalent due to the lack of any kind of bass impact. My...
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