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Quote: Originally Posted by raptor84 I went form ck-7 to er-4 Do the ER4s lack in bass by comparison?
Quote: Originally Posted by discombobulation SQ is much better IMO, I know that there are some people on here who claim the CK7 trebles are unparalleled, but I think the CK9 are less fatiguing a listen and more well-rounded in that aspect. The bass is definitely less strained coming from the CK9. Also, they are a relatively fast IEM - I listen to a lot of death metal, rock, electronic music, classical, jazz, basically stuff with lots of technical musical...
Where to buy these in the USA?
How do they sound un-amped?
Quote: Originally Posted by jant71 Schneller, have you thought about the RE0. They are on sale for $159 right now. The reviews are good and they have a similar signature to the CK7. Also, the Phonaks are a good choice for that signature and under $150. Actually there is a bit of adjustment available with the tunable filters. I have been looking at the RE0s as well...
How do you compare the SQ of the CK9 as compared to the CK7? What about comfort and isolation?
Do the V2s improve on the highs/trebble by chance?
Title says it all. Past and present ATH-CK7 owners: What did you upgrade to? Thanks.
Any more comparisons to other, more expensive phones? Like the X10s as someone mentioned earlier?
Very simple question. Do the IE6-IE8 IEMs isolate extremely well as advertised or are they open IEMs? In your experience, with the stock tips, how much background noise can you hear with little to no volume?
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