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SE530: $342 via Amazon USA IE7: $188 via Amazon DE IE8: $280 via Amazon DE (I can order Amazon DE products and have them shipped to a friend in Germany who would send the product to me.) Can anyone comment on how these three stack up against each other?
I can get the IE7 for less than $200 and the IE8 for less than $300 from friends in Germany. I think those are my leading choices at the moment. Who makes the RE1s?
I considered the SA6 very closely but don't like how fragile they are. I might splurge for the IE7.
Now someone tells me! So what would be your upgrade track from the CK7s? Edit: I would be looking for a little bit more in all departments (better isolation, better highs, mids, and especially bass) for under $200 or so. I would also go for more of an IEM instead of a canal phone.
Keep in mind I am by no means a "pro" sound reviewer here! I have been using the Audio-Technica ATH-CK7 canalphones for the past 18 months or so I would say. They cost me about $100. I decided to take advantage of Klipsch's "half off" sale and purchased the X5 IEMs for $125, and they were waiting on my desk this morning when I got to work. I am using them with a SanDisk Sansa e260 (v2) MP3 player with no amp. I compared them, listening to "An Tagen Wie Diesen" by...
Bump for more replies.
Just to piggy-back of this thread. What would you all recommend in terms of open cans under $200? And even though they cost over $200, would the ATH-AD900s be good for the same genre?
Just too bad you can't buy the 580s new anywhere.
Can anyone compare the HD595s vs. the Grado SR225s in terms of comfort and SQ?
I am in the exact same situation. But I would prefer not to get an amp. I am looking at... HD595 ATH-AD700 (maybe AD900) Grado SR225
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