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Can anyone compare the HD595s vs. the Grado SR225s in terms of comfort and SQ?
I am in the exact same situation. But I would prefer not to get an amp. I am looking at... HD595 ATH-AD700 (maybe AD900) Grado SR225
Wow, some consensus! So, AD900...even over Grado, Beyer, etc.?
SoundBlaster X-Fi soundcard. Ranked: -unamped -nothing fatiguing -so comfortable that you forget they are there -open -good with female vocal trance -strong mids -decent bass -some highs -accurate/neutral -under $200 (but the absolute max is $300)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alai Buy that guy's AD900 in the FS forums for $175. As much as I would like to help out the seller, I would prefer to buy new.
Quote: Originally Posted by giga Apple In-Ear Headphones hands-on, ears-on, and impressions - Engadget Imagine our surprise, then, at the discovery that they not only sound really, really good (warm lows and crisp highs, a distinct lack of that modern, pushy mid-range), but they do work with the iPhone (the 3G we've got here, at least). Regular playback is a charm, and we had no problem making and receiving calls with the buds and attached mic -- though...
As I said, I like trance. Female vocal trance to be exact. ATB is an example. I like strong mids, decent bass, some highs...but nothing fatiguing. I want something also more on the accurate/neutral side. I want open cans. I want something so comfortable that I forget they are there. And finally, I just want a solid/high value product for under $200 USD. (It will be un-amped, used on a PC.)
I just wish I had a better description of the types of sound these brands product. Sennheiser vs. Audio Technica vs. Grado vs. Beyerdynamic I just dunno.
So I'm still considering... HD595 AD700/AD900 SR225 What else should be there around $200 I wonder?
Quote: Originally Posted by elliot42 There's a pair of AD900 here for $175: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f10/fs...-sr225-367025/ They've been up in the FS forum for too long, they're great cans. I haven't heard the AD700 so can't compare. I would say that the mids are slightly forward, but in general I find they have a pretty well rounded sound, good for a lot of different music. I enjoy them most with Daft Punk, classical, jazz, vocals, and anything...
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