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Congrats on liking the Klipsch X10s. But I personally don't see how you can compare the two. At $322 (Amazon), the X10s cost nearly double that of the Q-Jays.
I was just looking at UE's web site, and it appears they have added a two IEMs to their " 5" line (in addition to the Pros and EBs): The 5 and the 5 VI. The latter being the "iPhone" version of the former. The 5s are a single armature design. Amazon is currently selling them for $150.00 as compared to $190.00 for the 5 Pros. I do like the more durable, metal design of the 5s. Has anyone compared the two?
From the sound of it, I am safe with either pair. I suppose I should buy both and return the "lesser".
Thanks for the great post, tadad1!
I should add that my phones are used with a SanDisk Sansa without an amp.
Jays Q-Jays for $180.00 Sleed Audio SA6 for $200.00 I am coming from Audio-Technica ATH-CK7s and don't want to spend more than $200.00. Living and commuting in Washington, DC I need phones that isolate very well (while riding Metro, etc.) and are very durable (I have dropped my CK7s several times onto concrete and they are very durable). I like the CK7s...I just want more! I don't need head-thumping bass but I want more bass. I want more accurate highs. But I...
Bump for deciding between these three: UE Super.Fi 5 Pros for $190.00 SleekAudio SA6 for $200 (reduced) Jays Q-Jays for $219.00
Quote: Originally Posted by jtr3030 If you want isolation, Etymotic ER4 seems to be the best. Just looking at the tips of those makes me uncomfortable I think.
So, in terms of isolation, robustness, quality, and ability to reproduce a wide range of sound (with an emphasis on female vocal trance perhaps), which would you pick? Future Sonics m5/m8 for $179.00 UE Super.Fi 5 Pros for $190.00 Klipsch Custom-2 for $200.00 SleekAudio SA6 for $200 (reduced) Jays Q-Jays for $219.00
Quote: Originally Posted by Elluzion I can speak for the Futuresonic Atrio m5/m8 and say that they are amazinggg headphones for the price.. Everyone talks about their bass. What about mids? Highs?
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