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Darn, if only the IE8s isolated really well, I would be all over them.
Bump for more SA6 vs. X10 vs. Q-Jays comparisons?
So you're saying the Q-Jays are 90% the TF10s but more comfortable and half the price?
Well, darn. I had been looking closely at both IE7 and IE8, but if they don't isolate, screw that. I need lots of isolation as my city commute is very noisy. Back to the drawing board I suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane Good subject schneller "A Word on IEM Packaging..." . I agree 100% with the unnecessary packaging for anything. I even complain about my dry cleaning. WTF do I need all that covered in several layers of plastic with twisty ties, etc. A simple paper cover would be fine.
Does anyone know if the IE7 isolates better?
Glad to read you all agree! I hope the companies are listening. When will they learn... Going Green = Adding Value!
I have read of comments here about IEM packaging. Whether it's fancy or good enough to be re-packaged and sold, etc. Well, let me tell you about the Klipsch X5s I received. (Could also apply to other Klipsch IEMs, but I do not know for certain.) First there is the thick, clear plastic outer shell. You undo that and remove the contents. Next is the second thick, clear plastic inner shell. This inner shell has like wings on each corner such that once suspended in the...
SE530: $342 via Amazon USA IE7: $188 via Amazon DE IE8: $280 via Amazon DE (I can order Amazon DE products and have them shipped to a friend in Germany who would send the product to me.) Can anyone comment on how these three stack up against each other?
I can get the IE7 for less than $200 and the IE8 for less than $300 from friends in Germany. I think those are my leading choices at the moment. Who makes the RE1s?
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