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Anyone else care to comment?
Darn. I would totally get them if they isolated better. I am reading lately they are more of an open phone than closed.
Are the SA6 okay for trance? (I assume so given your name.)
I ordered the X5s from Klipsch and have since returned them having been completely underwhelmed by the lack of bass and weak highs (at least compared to my ATH-CK7s). Just how different are the X10s from the X5s? I am only considering the X10s simply because the X5s were so comfortable and did isolate so well. Now, I would not expect the SA6s to be as comfortable, but does anyone know how they stack up SQ wise? Anything I buy will be used with my Sansa E260,...
Darn, if only the IE8s isolated really well, I would be all over them.
Bump for more SA6 vs. X10 vs. Q-Jays comparisons?
So you're saying the Q-Jays are 90% the TF10s but more comfortable and half the price?
Well, darn. I had been looking closely at both IE7 and IE8, but if they don't isolate, screw that. I need lots of isolation as my city commute is very noisy. Back to the drawing board I suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane Good subject schneller "A Word on IEM Packaging..." . I agree 100% with the unnecessary packaging for anything. I even complain about my dry cleaning. WTF do I need all that covered in several layers of plastic with twisty ties, etc. A simple paper cover would be fine.
Does anyone know if the IE7 isolates better?
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