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Quote: Originally Posted by chi2 There's one downside that may or may not be important for potential buyers: The isolation of the Audéos isn't on par with the one of the Shures (310 and up), the Etys and the Westones. Shure Olives improve on that, so do silicone-Comply-hybrids, but as the nozzle is pretty short you won't be able to really enjoy them in an airplane, for example. For daily commuting in a train however they are perfect for me. With...
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq Wow, just goes to show how we hear things so differently with the same earphones. I got rid of my SF5 Pro almost 2 years ago because I couldn't stand the recessed vocals. And I hear the IE8 vocals as way more upfront and open, more so than my TF10, and the TF10 had a less recessed midrange than the SF5 Pro. Ha ha, this hobby is fun, I think Why did I think you sold your IE8s? Or was that just the IE7s? What...
I got my X5s for $125 from Klipsch...and then sent them back. Coming from the ATH-CK7s, they sounded totally flat to me. Sure, superb isolation and great comfort...but lacking in bass and highs. I ended up getting the Phonak Audeo PFEs...I find them to be even more comfortable (with Shure tips), isolate just as well, have a MUCH better cable, have just as good mids, better highs, and a different kind of bass, both better and worse in some ways. I am curious as to how the...
So is there any way to get the IE8s to isolate really well? Like as well as the Klipsch X10?
Very cool. Any chance you can share what you plan to add to the review list? Anything from Klipsch? Phonak? Sennheiser IE series?
I have used both and am partial towards the Shure Olives.
Am surprised as the X5s I bought were terrible in the highs. They just sounded flat in general. I guess the X10s are substantially better?
Can you still get them for $175?
So far I have no initial concerns with build quality. The replaceable filters can only take so many changes, but that is to be expected. Otherwise, my only worry would be about the wire and where it meets the driver assembly. But that is the case with all IEMs. (The Klipsch X10s are known to break there.)
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