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I am really considering buying a pair myself. I currently own the ATH-CK7s. I don't want to spend more than $200. I am also looking at... UE 5s ($150) Jays Q-Jays ($180) UE 5 Pros ($190)
Quote: Originally Posted by maverick777 Thanks. That was my first review of the SA6's since I got them. The SA6's have been discussed thoroughly here so I didn't feel it was necessary for me to start my own thread about them. It was reading the SA6 thread that convinced me to buy them over the Q-Jays and UM2's. IEM's in this range are all "flawed" in some way. You just have to pick one that fits the music you listen to. The only way to have...
maverick777: Thanks for the thorough review! I am looking at spending $200 on new IEMs and the SA6s are looking more tempting.
I would throw the ATH-CK7s in there as another choice in the sub $100 range.
How do the SA6s stack up against the UE 5 Pros and Jays Q-Jays? I keep searching for the best $200 IEM, and I keep coming back to the 5 Pros. They do get a lot of praise, but I wonder if they are rapidly become outdated by better competition.
Nice review, but I would like a good comparison with the 5 Pros (which only cost some $40 more).
I am seeing them for $200 everywhere else. Are they selling the real deal? Are they a good deal at $122? Any idea how they stack up again the 5 Pros, SA6s, or Q-Jays? Amazon Link
Congrats on liking the Klipsch X10s. But I personally don't see how you can compare the two. At $322 (Amazon), the X10s cost nearly double that of the Q-Jays.
I was just looking at UE's web site, and it appears they have added a two IEMs to their " 5" line (in addition to the Pros and EBs): The 5 and the 5 VI. The latter being the "iPhone" version of the former. The 5s are a single armature design. Amazon is currently selling them for $150.00 as compared to $190.00 for the 5 Pros. I do like the more durable, metal design of the 5s. Has anyone compared the two?
From the sound of it, I am safe with either pair. I suppose I should buy both and return the "lesser".
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