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Keep in mind I am by no means a "pro" sound reviewer here! I have been using the Audio-Technica ATH-CK7 canalphones for the past 18 months or so I would say. They cost me about $100. I decided to take advantage of Klipsch's "half off" sale and purchased the X5 IEMs for $125, and they were waiting on my desk this morning when I got to work. I am using them with a SanDisk Sansa e260 (v2) MP3 player with no amp. I compared them, listening to "An Tagen Wie Diesen" by...
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Just to piggy-back of this thread. What would you all recommend in terms of open cans under $200? And even though they cost over $200, would the ATH-AD900s be good for the same genre?
Just too bad you can't buy the 580s new anywhere.
Can anyone compare the HD595s vs. the Grado SR225s in terms of comfort and SQ?
I am in the exact same situation. But I would prefer not to get an amp. I am looking at... HD595 ATH-AD700 (maybe AD900) Grado SR225
Wow, some consensus! So, AD900...even over Grado, Beyer, etc.?
SoundBlaster X-Fi soundcard. Ranked: -unamped -nothing fatiguing -so comfortable that you forget they are there -open -good with female vocal trance -strong mids -decent bass -some highs -accurate/neutral -under $200 (but the absolute max is $300)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alai Buy that guy's AD900 in the FS forums for $175. As much as I would like to help out the seller, I would prefer to buy new.
Quote: Originally Posted by giga Apple In-Ear Headphones hands-on, ears-on, and impressions - Engadget Imagine our surprise, then, at the discovery that they not only sound really, really good (warm lows and crisp highs, a distinct lack of that modern, pushy mid-range), but they do work with the iPhone (the 3G we've got here, at least). Regular playback is a charm, and we had no problem making and receiving calls with the buds and attached mic -- though...
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