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I am using black filters with Shure Olives.
Neither. I am using Shure Medium Olives. Though perhaps I might try the larger Complys.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghost87 Just ordered a pair of Phonak... In regard to the filters, do they come with a set installed from the factory, or do you have to insert your desired filter upon opening the box? Mine came with two sets of gray and two sets of black. One of the gray sets was preinstalled.
Well, what can I add? I must say thank you first to members dfkt and tstarn06 for all their helpful comments in the main thread. I upgraded from the ATH-CK7 canal phones to the Klipsch X5s before settling on the Phonak PFE. I only owned the X5s for like two days before I sent them back. I loved the CK7s, but I wanted more. I wanted better highs. Better comfort. Better isolation. I initially wanted to spend no more than $200.00 USD. Well, the PFEs satisfied all of...
I just checked my order info. I ordered from their USA web site on DEC 16. The phones shipped the same day. I paid $9.95 for shipping. They shipped from Brentwood, TN and arrived in DC the afternoon of DEC 18.
Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 Agree, I am waiting for the inevitable trashing. I don't think many Head-Fi'ers own them yet (or may never). There is a small group of believers, and it seems many of the people who use the top-tier phones are ignoring the Phonaks. No big deal, of course. But I an wondering when the negative comments will get posted. So far, haven't seen any. Yeah, I too am waiting for them to be trashed by a SE530/TF10/IE8/W3...
Quote: Originally Posted by praguewatermelon I placed my order today on Audeo's official website. Do you guys know how long it would take for Audeo to ship out them? (I live in the US). I am very excited about these IEMs. Also, if I use an IPOD classic Gen5.5, how much volume would I need to make the music acceptably loud? Thanks :-) I ordered mine like on a Monday morning. They shipped same day and arrived on a Wednesday if I recall. I think they...
Quote: Originally Posted by oarnura The Phonak PFE sounds more like open cans than IEMs. I was listening and then thought that they sounded a like better versions of the Koss KSC75(The only open headphone other than the PX100 in my collection). I think Phonak nailed the open ear compensation with the filters if that is what they set out to do. As I said before, I find the PFEs to be nearly as good or as good as my HD595s.
Funny, I have had a few beers and just turned them up to 90% for the first time...and WOW! Listening to "Deep in Vocal Euphoria (August 2007)" by DJ GT (
Darn, my e260 v2 is not officially supported yet.
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