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I guess my question is, are all the tips listed here are compatible with the SA6s?
So perhaps I did a stupid thing this morning. I used rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip to clean the filters on my ATH-CK7s. Well, a few minutes later, I put them on and noticed that I had very little sound coming from the left driver. So, I am afraid I nuked them. I have been looking to upgrade for a long time, so I guess now is the time. I think I am pretty much settled on the Sleek SA6s, but I have a few questions... 1) How does the sound of the SA6 compare to that of the...
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I listen to a lot of trance. Heard of DJ GT? Voices of Trance series? I like a lot of female vocal trance as well, stuff from Tiesto, PVD, etc. Not to say that is all I listen to. I also listen to soundtrack scores, classic rock, etc. But for this (trance) genre, which of these do people recommend? UE 5 UE 5 Pros Jays Q-Jays Sleek SA6 Edit: Any other "stars" I am missing in the $200 range?
Quote: Originally Posted by musicmind I just got my SA6 earlier today, using it with the default (=) ports and medium flanges, I am very happy with the sound so far. Very nice mids, forward and warm with good treble extension and tight bass. No sibilance or treble glare. I dont find the treble recessed, even with the = tube. Fit and comfort is great, the flanges seal well without much fuss or fidling. So far, so good. Cool! What other IEMs...
Pics? News? Links?
See, I think the 5 (non-pros) are just an addition to the line...a lower-end model at that it costs less. The 5 Pros/EBs are still the top of that line. The non-pros are not an upgrade/replacement.
I am considering the same three IEMs and have yet to make a decision.
So, how does everyone here rank these three overall in terms of SQ? (Listed below by price, from lowest to highest.) 5 5 PRO SA6
Both are close to $200. For the life of me I can't decide between the two. Which is better in terms of... Isolation Comfort Highs Mids Lows Soundstage I know some of these are of extreme personal preference. I will be using my IEMs with a SanDisk Sansa (no amp). I commute on a noisy train, so isolation AND comfort are important. I want to hear very little beyond the phones, yet not feel them in my ears. But I also want "airy" phones. Something with a...
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