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tstarn06: So you rank the X10s above the SA6? In what ways exactly? Are the highs on the X10s fatiguing (ala Klipsch Horns)? They certainly are tempting at this price. But I might be holding out for the IE8s.
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq Uh oh.... Thank you for your order. We will send you an e-mail confirmation shortly. You didn't! Now that is a comparison I am looking forward to (IE7 vs. IE8).
Quote: Originally Posted by cn11 You're right, how'd you guess? You made me stop listening for a minute to answer this!! Ha ha! As for the comparisons, I will definitely include an in-depth comparison with the X10's. As for the TF10's it'll only be based on my memory of them, so it may not be quite as accurate of a description... so everyone will have to bear that in mind. I do want to spend a bit of time getting more familiar with them, and be sure...
Too bad Amazon mixed the reviews like that...most of the reviews on that page are for the Custom 3s.
Thanks. I appreciate the review. How durable are the Q-Jays would you say? In comparison to those you review.
If you had to compare to the IE8s to something, what would you compare them to? For example, TF10 + more comfort / better bass? SE530 + better highs? SA6 + more durability + better?
Duncan: Any comments as to the durability of the IE8s? Any chance of you and soozieq getting together to compare with the IE7s?
If the HD595s and AD900s are two of the best values out there, why not more comparisons?
Quote: Originally Posted by John E Woven Here's a list of things the HD595 does better than the AD900 Where is the list?
So, the IE8 = TF10 + more bass + more comfort? Duncan: you need to PM soozieq and get together to do a IE7 vs. IE8 comparison.
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