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Are you using any trance music with these by chance? So you put them ahead of the TF10s at this point?
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudohippy I dont know of anything else. I think they are the best at that price point but what do I know. I didnt like the atrio M8 and got rid of them before the SA6 even came out. M8 are competitive with SA6 though but the bass wasnt my cup of tea at all. I own the Sansa E260 as well. Will I be good to go with the SA6s without an amp?
Anyone else?
In terms of value, price/performance, is the Sleek SA6 the best I can do for $200? If so, please tell me your alternative and why. Thanks.
I replaced my stock CK7 tips with UE Silicon tips (non-bi-flange). They are an improvement...not huge...but an both isolation and comfort.
These are the I8s you are testing, right?
Bump for more Q-Jays vs. SA6 commentary...
I don't think there are any reviews on the IE6, 7, or 8. They seem a little over-priced to me...
I am confused. So what did people upgrade from/to? From SF5Pro to SA6? To both? I am struggling between these two myself.
Hmmm...I have read quite a few cases of questionable quality of the Sleeks...may prevent me from buying them. How long did you own them before they went bad?
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