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Quote: Originally Posted by Kees No, he stuck the pencil in the tube of the Audeos to widen it so he could shove a small size olive in the IEM. It works even better when you hold the IEM over a flame. Be carefull, don't burn your fingers when you do this!!!! PICs would be nice. Man, how do you guys buy these things and then burn them like that?
Quote: Originally Posted by chi2 I used a Pentel lead pencil. Pressing its conical metal tip gently into the tube of the foam olive widens it enough to put it on the Audéos' nozzle. There the tube tightens within seconds and lets the olive sit firmly. Just to clarify, you used the pencil to widen the opening of the olive and did NOT use the pencil in the tube of Audeos? And what size olives? S/M/L?
Quote: Originally Posted by moonsurf Try "SAVE20" at the check out. I was able to get 20% off. Tells me that coupon expired yesterday...
Quote: Originally Posted by chi2 Very good decision! I definitely prefer them over my Westone 3s and with a lot of high quality recordings (eg Chesky, Stockfish) over my Triple.Fis, too. Just make sure to install the black filters instead of the preinstalled grey ones. And get yourself some Shure black foam olives as they isolate much better than the soft silicone sleeves that come with the Audéos. Audéo ergo sum (I'm listening to the Phonaks -...
dfkt: Well, based on your recommendation and that of another person, I took the plunge on a pair of the black (non-mic) version. I paid $139 for them. I will of course add my $.02 when I get them. Thanks!
dfkt: Can you think of anything better than the Phonak's for uner $200 or $250? Anything that offers a better value? Your commentary has been most valuable. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptor84 I went form ck-7 to er-4 Do the ER4s lack in bass by comparison?
Quote: Originally Posted by discombobulation SQ is much better IMO, I know that there are some people on here who claim the CK7 trebles are unparalleled, but I think the CK9 are less fatiguing a listen and more well-rounded in that aspect. The bass is definitely less strained coming from the CK9. Also, they are a relatively fast IEM - I listen to a lot of death metal, rock, electronic music, classical, jazz, basically stuff with lots of technical musical...
Where to buy these in the USA?
How do they sound un-amped?
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