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Quote: Originally Posted by btnh47 I received my Phonaks Audeo's the other day and I already prefer them over both IE8's and W3's Impressive comment! But how well burned-in are your IE8s?
It sure would be nice to compare them with the W3s, IE8s, etc.
Joe: Where did you buy the IE8s for $250 again?
Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 Thanks. Wondered about that 3 percent thing. Off to the drug store. Don't forget that dfkt lives in Austria. I wonder if you'll be able to get the same 3% solution here in the USA? If you do, please tell us where you got it, brand, etc.
Just curious: Where can you buy the IE8s in the USA (or shipped to the USA) for substantially less than $450?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kahuna I ordered the IE8's back on Jan 11 of this month from advancedmp3players. Received an email that they had shipped this past Monday. I used a code word and was able to order them for $236.00 US shipped. As I recall, the discount code was good through the end of January, but ya better hurry! (Good Luck!) (Another thread list the code, sorry, I can't recall it). Out of Stock They cost 226 GBP = $322 USD...
I would like to know where the IE8s are available from an authorized dealer in the USA for $330...
Great! Thanks for the review. I think if I made an adjustment, it would be to the "value" rating. The IE8s cost $450 USD here (, Given that and the admirable performance of the $139 competitor, I would probably give the IE8s 1 fewer stars. But this is just my opinion. If/When I have a lot more money to burn on IEMs, then I definitely think I would like to give the IE8s a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe opinion is starting to change a little for two reasons: - IE8s have close to 200 hours on them now and have been improving, especially after 150 hours of burn in. - I have a new Icon Mobile that is also burning in (about 140 hours) and now, the IE8s sound much more expansive than the PFEs I am working on a comparison between the two, and will post within the next few days. I too am curious...
I paid $148.95 (with S&H) and purchased directly from Phonak's USA website (
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