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Title says it all. Past and present ATH-CK7 owners: What did you upgrade to? Thanks.
Any more comparisons to other, more expensive phones? Like the X10s as someone mentioned earlier?
Very simple question. Do the IE6-IE8 IEMs isolate extremely well as advertised or are they open IEMs? In your experience, with the stock tips, how much background noise can you hear with little to no volume?
Quote: Originally Posted by Electric_Mofo So is there anybody in here who doesn't have any isolation problems? I mean its pretty shady for Sennheiser to state the IE8's isolation as 26db when people aren't getting that. Or is it more an issue of finding the right tips? This is my concern as well. We need some concrete answers: Do the IE7/IE8 isolate? If so, how well? Or should they be regarded as more of an open IEM?
Why did the ATH-CK9s never get any praise?
Darn. I really want to like these SA6 IEMs but I have read FAR too many bad things about their quality. I live in the city, and I just don't think I can spend $200 on something that won't survive in my environment. So, what sounds like them but with slightly better bass?
Cool, so we like a lot of the same. Interesting. One thing I have to keep in mind is that the CK10s cost $350 and the SA6 only $200.
What kind of trance are you into by chance? I listen to a lot of female vocal trance. Stuff from ATB, Tiesto, PVD, Generation Trance, etc.
Please keep this updated. A comparison with the SA6 would be nice too. Thanks. (I am an ATH-CK7 user at the moment.)
How do you compare the CK10 to the SA6 in terms of SQ, fit, comfort, isolation, etc?
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