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soozieq: Still looking forward to your IE7 review!
What about the SE310s? No one seems to talk about those.
You call that a review? Nevermind great... I smell troll.
Quote: Originally Posted by jinx20001 i hate to dissagree with you all but is $650 really that much. i mean we all pay a heck of alot for the best audio quality we can find, i mean if your going to spend $1200 on ue11's for the best custom experience available. why would you not pay half of that for the best universal experience money can buy?? that is ofcourse if they are the best on release. sure its a lot of money but if audio technica can nail...
FeedMeTrance: I assume you like trance music? How are the SA6s for trance? How far beneath the TF10s would you rate them in terms of SQ?
I was dead set on buying these but the QC issues have changed my mind. It's a pity. My money will go elsewhere. I just don't think the SA6 can handle the everyday "abuse" I would put them through. By contrast, my ATH-CK7 have survived the storms pretty well.
Anyone mind tell me the pros/cons of each? Why one is better than the other? Thanks. The ATH-AD900 retail at for $266. They have a 4.5/5.0 star rating with 4 reviews. The HD595 retail at Amazon for $182. They have a 5.0/5.0 star rating with 134 reviews. So, are the AD900s worth the $84 premium?
Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo i did not like the ad900 for trance ... they were the last time i took at phones seriously before going to beyer dt880 and being happy until i got out of headphones and only into portable iems Which IEMs did you settle on?
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq Some people can get a great fit, and others can't. It's a bit of a gamble, but I can always get a decent seal with mine. Having said that, I am an hour into listening to the IE7's and the comfort factor is in a whole other universe compared with the Trips! They fit over the ear (with no memory wire), and sit flush with the ears. They're also much quicker to insert than the Trips. Cool! You got them. Any...
I would also like more AD900 vs. HD595 commentary as well.
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