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Rega has updated its popular DAC with the R model. http://www.rega.co.uk/dac-r-1.html   If anyone buys it, please post comments here.  
I still want purrin to test a NAIM DAC V1.
 NAIM certainly has better resale than say W4S. The V1 can also output via DIN to my NAIM amp unlike the W4S. The W4S DAC2 DSDse needs to top out closer to $1750 IMO.
I don't think I am willing to spend that on a "Made in China" product. It's an easier pill for a "Made in UK" (NAIM) or "Made in USA" (W4S) product.
Thanks for the tip to wait. Will do. Obviously want something better than my CKM500...not that they need much improvement.
What is Audio-Technica's "best" new IEM for under $100?
Say I have about $2K USD to spend on a new DAC. Current DAC is the Meridian Director DAC. My integrated amp is the NAIM XS 2 (2013 model). Contenders include... Arcam irDAC ($750) TEAC UD-501 ($750) Schiit Gungnir w/ USB2 ($850) TeddyDAC USB w/ DIN output ($1600) Chord Hugo ($2395) NAIM DAC V1 w/ DIN output ($2400) Wyred4Sound DAC2 DSDse ($2500) What am I missing? Since this is for a home HiFi setup, the DAC need not include pre/amp/headphone features. My audio...
Is it me or is the Gungnir USB2 still perhaps the "best buy" of the bunch in terms of value/dollar?
If connecting the DAC to the PC via USB then the DAC is also powered by USD.   If connecting the DAC to a source via COAX/OPTICAL then the DAC still needs to be powered by USB and for this they have a DC-to-USB device.
My wife has a vinyl collection and I am thinking about assembling a "simple" but nice setup for her.   I have come across USB turntables from say Pro-Ject and Audio Technica. I am thinking about connecting one to say a wireless set of speakers like the Dynaudio Xeo3/4 or the Dali Kubik Xtra. (I actually don't know if either speaker can directly connect to such speakers???)   Thoughts?   I would probably lean towards the Dali speakers since they are cheaper and can be...
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