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Have any of your Gungnir owners compared it against the ARCAM irDAC? Given their similarity and rave reviews of the latter (by WhatHiFi) I find myself cross-shopping them.
Though I think I have read many people here who have upgraded away from Oppo in terms of DAC performance, yes?
Yeah this will fly off shelves if it sounds good and costs less than their BDP-105 player.
Called the Headphone Amplifier HA-1, this attractive little unit makes use of the same 9018 ESS Sabre DAC as their BDP-105 player, and features a fully balanced, class-A headphone amplifier. Both XLR and standard full-size headphone outputs are provided on the front while your choice of XLR or RCA analog inputs are provided around back. Digital inputs include one AES/EBU, one coax, one optical, and one USB. The circuitry is said to be fully balanced, and is housed inside...
Have seen no mention of these but here's a pic:     Here is some info on them.   Info in a language I can't read:
Hmmm. Still wondering which of these would offer the most value and musicality to pair with a NAIM integrated amp.   You see, I can afford a nice NAIM SuperNait2 now and a cheaper DAC; I can't afford the SN2 and say the $2400 NAIM DAC V1. Down the road perhaps.   Of the list below I know the TeddyDAC is probably the best fit for NAIM no doubt. It basically is the V1 without the HP and PRE functions. But I want to save at least $1K over the V1 so it's still too pricey I...
In terms of interconnects with the Gungnir, are you using simply USB from source (PC) to DAC or some other fancy equipment?   I guess my concern with the Schiit is overly extended or bloated bass at the expense of the mids and crisp highs. Can you shed light on this?
#7 Schiit Gungnir (USB) Gen2 USB Board   Too bad you don't add list prices to the ranking. If so, I think it would be evident that the Schiit packs the greatest value in terms of performance/dollar. Correct?
Well, Matrix does have new products like that do have a HP output...
 While I would have benefited from adding this DAC, in all fairness it does not have a HP Gary wouldn't be interested.
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