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Did anyone cross shop with the Audio-GD 19 (10 Anniv. Ed.)?    I've asked over there and of course they prefer it...and say the RCA inputs aren't...hampered... 
 Please do. Would like more GMB vs. 2Qute comparisons.
I appreciate the review, Stillhart. At around $300 cheaper than the GMB, this should be a no brainer. I would gladly pay more for Made in USA but Schiit screwed themselves by gimping the SE RCA outputs of the GMB, which I need. This may be the deciding factor since SQ is similar.
Does the GD 19/10th Ed. benefit much from a host of "add-ons" like the Regen, Jitterbug, etc.?    Preferably not...   If such add-ons benefit the SQ, it seems to point out deficiencies in the DAC. The DAC should be as good without all the extras.
Does anyone use the GMB with SE/RCA output to an integrated amp/preamp? 
Does Audio-GD have a trial period? Return period for refund? Or is S&H back to China cost-prohibitive? 
The balanced outputs of the GMB are irrelevant to me.    So my question comes down to RCA outputs of GMB vs. Audio-GB 19/10th Ed. ??? 
My source is an LG G4...not the greatest. May add a Chord Hugo into the mix sometime.   I am a big fan of Audio-Technica sound. BUT long-tern build quality leaves something to be desired. My IM70 died within a few months. I also don't really like over-the-ear IEMs.   Since the IM70 has been dead, I've been using my older CKM500 but the chord is irritatingly short.    The ATH-CKR9 is currently an option I am considering.   Any other suggestions in $100 price range?...
This DAC has received universal praise. Why did they quit making it? Have they made a successor product?
 You mention the Audio GD product in the opening text but nowhere else. How does the GMB stack up? And is the NFB-28 better or worse than the DAC-19 (10th Anniversary Edition)?  I also feel you should knock down the "value" score or the GMB as it needs a $150+ Regen to reach its full potential. Did you review the GMB using the SE or XLR outputs? Did you compare the two outputs?  I believe this is the Chord 2Qute? I guess you haven't heard it.
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