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Thanks for the review.Have you ever auditioned Audio Technica? Can you comment on how these compare? Would you say these are good for vocal trance music?
Traditionally, how do V-Moda IEMs do with female vocal trance? Is their sound typically recessed in the mids? Literally, "V" shaped with pronounced bass and treble and little in between?   Am considering the Forza as loyal Audio-Technica fan. 
Thanks. I thought Fulla could be charged and then carried with the G4, a small USB cable connecting the two. I agree with your comments about the G4. I have heard better phones.
I can probably make this on the Sunday. Would love it if the normal compliment of Schiit could be there (Mimby, Bimby, Yiggy especially) along with maybe the Ayre Codex :) 
I have always enjoyed Audio-Technica sound. I currently am using an older pair of ATH-CKM500s after my last IM70s died after a few months of use. Unfortunately, I have come to doubt ATH quality AND I have come to the conclusion that I do NOT like over-the-ear IEMs.    What models, ATH or other brand, should I be looking at in the $150 or lower price range that are slimmer, more traditional under-the-ear IEMs?    Source for me is my cellphone (LG G4, maybe V20 soon)...
Has there been a date set for this yet by chance? The weekend of Dec 3/4 would not work for me but otherwise free the two weekends afterwards.
Anyone using Intona with a Schiit Modi2 MB by chance?
I have the same Furman power strip. I'm curious about no one using a USB cleaner / U2S or similar device. Thanks for the replies.
Is anyone using a USB cleaner (Intona, Regen, U2S, etc.) with their Modi2 MB? If yes, which one? Similarly, is anyone using power filtering? If so, which brand? Is anyone using semi-exotic USB cables? If so, which ones?
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