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Thanks for the tip to wait. Will do. Obviously want something better than my CKM500...not that they need much improvement.
What is Audio-Technica's "best" new IEM for under $100?
Say I have about $2K USD to spend on a new DAC. Current DAC is the Meridian Director DAC. My integrated amp is the NAIM XS 2 (2013 model). Contenders include... Arcam irDAC ($750) TEAC UD-501 ($750) Schiit Gungnir w/ USB2 ($850) TeddyDAC USB w/ DIN output ($1600) Chord Hugo ($2395) NAIM DAC V1 w/ DIN output ($2400) Wyred4Sound DAC2 DSDse ($2500) What am I missing? Since this is for a home HiFi setup, the DAC need not include pre/amp/headphone features. My audio...
Is it me or is the Gungnir USB2 still perhaps the "best buy" of the bunch in terms of value/dollar?
If connecting the DAC to the PC via USB then the DAC is also powered by USD.   If connecting the DAC to a source via COAX/OPTICAL then the DAC still needs to be powered by USB and for this they have a DC-to-USB device.
My wife has a vinyl collection and I am thinking about assembling a "simple" but nice setup for her.   I have come across USB turntables from say Pro-Ject and Audio Technica. I am thinking about connecting one to say a wireless set of speakers like the Dynaudio Xeo3/4 or the Dali Kubik Xtra. (I actually don't know if either speaker can directly connect to such speakers???)   Thoughts?   I would probably lean towards the Dali speakers since they are cheaper and can be...
How does the sound compare and is the Gungnir worth the extra $300 if you don't need balanced?
Does anyone have experience with the Über Bifrost USB2 and the Gungnir USB?   I don't need balanced outputs.
 So I should fear that an update will come in a while or not at all?
 Another impressive comparison. My latest email from Meridian is still that a fix for Windows is in the pipeline.
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