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How does the sound compare and is the Gungnir worth the extra $300 if you don't need balanced?
Does anyone have experience with the Über Bifrost USB2 and the Gungnir USB?   I don't need balanced outputs.
 So I should fear that an update will come in a while or not at all?
 Another impressive comparison. My latest email from Meridian is still that a fix for Windows is in the pipeline.
 Any chance you can borrow a NAIM V1 for a day or two?
Because a $700 device shouldn't really hold its own against one costing 3-4x its price.
^^^ Wow. I am impressed at your conclusions so far. Rather shocked actually.
I think you are the first to comment on it sonically. Have you heard the NAIM V1 by chance?
Please post impressions and what you are directly comparing it to.   I am requesting a head-2-head comparison with the NAIM DAC V1. The Opps costs about half as much. Thanks.
I have used USB3 and USB2 ports. I also switched out my Z87 motherboard with a Gigabyte B85 board that has a dedicated USB2.0 gold-plated "DAC-UP" port. Among other things, the port allows you to switch off USB power but the Meridian needs USB power. But in the future this will be an interesting option to use with a DAC that has a dedicated power supply. The Director sounds great in my chain: HTPC + JRiver19 > USB > Director > NAIM XS 2 amp > Dynaudio Focus 260...
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