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I want Schiit to make a USB input (an option I'll pay for) that makes third party products from Regen, AudioQuest, cable manufacturers, even Wyrd, etc. 100% irrelevant.
Dynaudio Focus 260 When is the next meetup?
So what would be the best option for someone who can output using SE only RCA to a NAIM SuperNait2?     Option 1: BMB ($600) fed by a Audiophilleo 1 MkII SE ($600) = $1200 Option 2: Chord 2Qute = $1800 Option 3: GMB ($1250) fed by a Audiophilleo 1 MkII SE ($600) = $1850 Option 4: Yiggy = $2100
Is a Yiggy worth it if I can't take advantage of the balanced outputs? SE RCA only...
The DAC I want NAIM to build would be...   -Size/Footprint of the V1 -Remove the pre-amp/volume control of the V1 -Keep the DIN output of the V1 -Add the external PS input of the nDAC. -Sprinkle in a few technical upgrades for 2015/2016 -Still cost no more than the V1   (Essentially a cheaper nDAC with the footprint of the V1 and USB input.) 
I would appreciate more GMB vs. Yiggy comparisons (using SE output if possible) from those who own both.   As someone who only needs SE output, I am torn between going for the value option (BMB) or go all out on an amazing DAC (Yiggy). Those for the same price of the latter, the updated NAIM DAC V1 is getting more praise.
I am greatly intrigued by your comment as someone who only needs SE output. Anyone want to support or refute? 
Just go check out the NAIM Audio Forum and you'll meet a BUNCH of Hugo fans ;)   The V1 is over-priced and outdated. I'm not sure I'd take it if you gave it to me, and I am a NAIM fan.    The Yiggy is better for about $300 less (new). 
I don't need the balanced outputs. My NAIM amp accepts DIN or RCA interconnects. Too bad Schiit doesn't let you replace the XLR with DIN as an option... Barring that would anyone be interested in a hypothetical Schiit product that is the Yiggy minus the balanced XLR outputs in a half-height / smaller footprint case for say $1750-1850? I'd buy it.
I auditioned the GMB and BMB (and Yiggy) and found the BMB vs. GMB differences to be slight (SE output only).Have you compared the BMB ($600) to the 2Qute ($1800)? I personally think if you are willing to spend $1800 on the 2Qute then what is an additional $300 for the Yiggy at $2099? I was blown away by the Yiggy. It seems like everyone is. As I said before, I think the decision for most should be easy: either the best value DAC in the industry (BMB) or the best DAC...
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