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I have used USB3 and USB2 ports. I also switched out my Z87 motherboard with a Gigabyte B85 board that has a dedicated USB2.0 gold-plated "DAC-UP" port. Among other things, the port allows you to switch off USB power but the Meridian needs USB power. But in the future this will be an interesting option to use with a DAC that has a dedicated power supply. The Director sounds great in my chain: HTPC + JRiver19 > USB > Director > NAIM XS 2 amp > Dynaudio Focus 260...
You had the exact same problem? As I described earlier?
Thanks for the comments. More from anyone else?
My box says Director.   After some trial and error, my Director works fine via USB only when the advanced settings in Windows are set to 16- or 24-bit at 44100Hz only. Any other setting and I get errors. Meridian is aware of the problem.
I got mine at a steep discount as well. I have to wonder whether Meridian is trying to get rid of them due to faulty hardware. My Direct DAC only works in Windows7 when the Advanced settings are set to 16- or 24-bit at 44100 Hz. Anything higher causes the USB lights on the DAC to switch to 2x or 3x but then no sound comes from the DAC. No word on any solution from Meridian. I have been in contact with them. I am also using the latest 1.67 driver.
These appear to be reviews of the UD-301 written in an Asian-Pacific language. Can anyone translate?
Bump for more comments.   I don't need balanced outputs.   Bifrost Uber USB2 vs. Gungnir USB2.   What does the ca. $300 difference buy me? Thanks.
Why are you downgrading? Did you get rid of the Meridian? It sounds like you can't get it back???   Try out the $750 TEAC US-501 if you want to play with DSD.   If you are playing with side-grade products, also try the Arcam irDAC and Schiit Gungnir USB2.
No sonic impressions of the HA-1 yet?   Would love to read a comparison between it and the NAIM V1 :)
I do!   Is that the Concero HD?   My top contenders to compare to the Direct DAC ($700) include the Arcam irDAC ($700), TEAC UD-501 ($750), and Schiit Gungnir USB2 ($850).
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