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 Yes, but the value equation is always tricky. Does the GMB buy 75% of the Yggy for $1K less? 25%? 90%? 50%?  And then enter the Mojo for $600. How does it stack up?
Where does it take place?
I am looking for consensus among those who have extensive listening time with the BMB and GMB, especially with RCA (SE) output only. Which do they prefer? Cost is not an issue. XLR/balanced output not an issue.
It's almost as if you're saying musical vs analytical? BMB vs. GMB.
So RCA only: BMB vs. GMB? Who wins?
Bump for more replies.   I prefer the footprint of the BMB over the GMB but spending the $$$ on the BMB is not an issue. So how do they compare, RCA vs. RCA? 
I just wish one or a few people would to an extensive comparison of BMB vs GMB, RCA only. Price is not my concern. I don't need XLR and prefer the BMB footprint. BMB vs. 2Qute may be more accurate for me. I'm willing to spend $1800 for the latter.
How should I spend my money: GMB vs. BMB, RCA only? No need for XLR.   Have you heard the Chord 2Qute? Compare to winner of above?
Many have reported the RCA outputs on the GMB to be substandard compared to its XLR outputs. Has anyone compared the RCA outputs on the GMB to the new BMB? Any chance the BMB is better in this regard? I have no need for XLR.
Great news. Looking forward to reviews.   Did Schiit gimp the RCA ports like the GMB? BMB vs. GMB (RCA only)? BMB vs. Audio-GD 19 (10th Anniv)? BMB vs. 2Qute?
New Posts  All Forums: