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Colored in what way? Anyone heard the new REGA DAC-R?
Coming from the CKM500, I so far very disappointed with the IM70. Bass is not there at all. Having fitting issues with Sony tips. Still experimenting there. What is the burn-in period on these? As I said, so far very disappointed.
I think the Schiit Bifrost with Gen2 USB would be high on a lot of lists.   As would some of the iFi and AudioQuest Dragonfly products.
You all have been waiting for over a year?   Feel sorry for those who put down more than $1.00...
I really would love a comparison of the Arcam irDAC vs. Schiit Gungnir USB2 vs. Rega DAC-R (new one).   For the Arcam I can say this: it's rare to find ANY consensus on DACs but somehow across several different audio forums I visit, Arcam has managed to garner positive bang-for-buck commentary from all of them.
Bump. Sounds like the IM70 is the IEM to have these days?
Rega has updated its popular DAC with the R model.   If anyone buys it, please post comments here.  
I still want purrin to test a NAIM DAC V1.
 NAIM certainly has better resale than say W4S. The V1 can also output via DIN to my NAIM amp unlike the W4S. The W4S DAC2 DSDse needs to top out closer to $1750 IMO.
I don't think I am willing to spend that on a "Made in China" product. It's an easier pill for a "Made in UK" (NAIM) or "Made in USA" (W4S) product.
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