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I'm curious if any Yiggy owners are using their DAC with a PC as a source, specifically via USB?   If so, are you using any device to "clean up" the USB signal before it hits the DAC? Items that offer galvanic isolation and/or re-clocking the signal?   Here are various products on the market that do this. There seems to be a new one every day / new flavor the month:   UpTone Audio Regen ($175 USD) - Re-clocks Wyred4Sound Recovery ($199 USD) - Isolates &...
I was undecided about my ability to attend simply because I didn't know my schedule for the month. Turns out I'll be in NYC next weekend, so I will unfortunately be unable to attend. Have fun and I look forward to next time!
I keep shaking my head when I read threads like this.   I mean, let's picture your average PC with the following...   -Audio USB card (Paul Pang, SOTM, JCAT, etc.) ... up to $460 -This feeds into an Intona ... up to $350 -This feeds into Regen ... $175 -Of course we need at least two AQ Jitterbugs ... $200 (one never seems to be enough in the threads I read) -Now we need at least 3x 0.8m audiophile USB cables from Curious Cables ... up to $1020 -Finally, we need...
 What about this external USB hub from SOTM? http://www.sotm.sonore.us/SOtM3.html#1 
They do need to get their Schiit together and offer a black version of most of their products. This will mean an immediate 50% drop in e-mail inquiries asking when this will happen.
I invited some Headfiers over to my place last weekend. We did extensive A/Bing of GMB and Yiggy on my system: HTPC source (JRiver/FLAC files from NAS; TIDAL HIFI, etc.) > DAC > NAIM SuperNait2 amp > Dynaudio Focus 260 speakers.    The differences between the two were clear on such a resolving system.    (SE output was used in each case.)   The Yiggy clearly... -Was more resolving -Was more nuanced -Offered more insight and detail into the music -Offered better...
Hi there Yage: any comments on Codex vs. Yiggy? :)
Haha. Love #1. Nice to see you today.   #2 Love Songs for Robots by Patrick Watson?
 Which outputs are you using? Balanced or SE?
 Pretty sad for those of us who have a high-end setup that either accepts RCA (SE) or DIN input. I am talking NAIM Pre-Amps here. If Teddy Pardo can accept custom orders for his DACs with different outputs (RCA, XLR, Balanced, DIN, etc.) then it makes you wonder why Schiit can't do the same? One Yiggy with a DIN output for NAIM please! (I wonder how this implementation would compare to balanced XLR?) Perhaps Schiit doesn't have the DAC I want?
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