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I just continue to be dumfounded as to why Purrin hates this DAC so much lol!   I keep coming back to three DAC options around the $800 USD mark:   Schiit Gungnir Gen2 USB ($850) TEAC UD-501 ($750) Meridian Director ($700)   I am looking for a stand-alone DAC, not a HP DAC.
Wow! Comparing to the V1? You know the Ud-501 can be found new for $750. They are also releasing the UD-301 for close to or under $500. It's suppose to offer the sound of the 501 but without the screen and lower quality chassis.
Well two dealers I've worked with my area (one sells Dynaudio equipment and other, NAIM) have both recommended as the best/only DAC alternative they offer under like the $2K or more price point. The next thing is either Ayer or NAIM for much more.
Second this motion!   SOMEONE PLEASE PURRIN A YA8!!!
I wish someone could do a side-by-side review of say the Director ($700) vs. Schiit Gungnir USB Gen2 ($850) vs. Yulong DA8 ($1200) vs. NAIM DAC V1 ($2400).   Would so love to know how they all stack up!
The TEAC earns some interesting comments. There are some positive reviews to be found for sure. But I do know that Purrin doesn't like it, preferring the Schiit Gungnir at the same price point.
Purrin: I keep sticking the TEAC to you. I keep reading positive reviews about it with you being the only outlier.   Would you be willing to re-test with USB instead of coax?
How is it a downgrade from the DA8? Or is it a DA8 minus the ESS Sabre chip and instead uses something cheaper?
 Good to read your post.  Could you link to the items in bold above? Thanks.
Has anyone here owned the Gungnir with Gen2 USB and done extensive comparisons with the Yulong DA-8?   Can anyone comment on the upgrade given the modest $350 price difference?   (Note: DSD is not that important to me.)   I am looking for a stand-alone DAC that will act as a transport between an HTPC source and an integrated amp.
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