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I should redact my prior statements about the IM70. The tips mean everything with this IEM. The smaller, the better I have found, allowing for deeper penetration of the tip into the ear canal.   It is a fantastic IEM. On side the cord length is finally long enough but on the other side, in-ear-comfort is not as easy to achieve as compared to older designs.
This was also just announced at CES.   HEGEL is one of the best names in the audio business. They just announced the $1400 HD12 DSD DAC.   I wonder how it compares to the Chord 2Qute for $375 less?   http://www.hegel.com/products/dac/hd12   http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0115/Hegel_HD12_DAC_Review.htm  
Blue Bird Music... http://www.bluebirdmusic.com/sections/dacs.html
 I have an e-mail from the Chord US distributor. Hugo TT: February, $4795 USD2Qute: March, $1795 USD
How is the Schiit Gungnir (USB Gen2) standing the test of time? It seems to garner less press than it use to. It also does not support DSD natively. But what kind of value does it pack for $850 vs. say the Hugo, 2Qute and other newer DACs?
Question: where is the button on the 2Qute that adjusts inputs?
The 2Qute may very well be my next DAC. I just want a great, state-of-the-art DAC for home stereo use, no HP output, etc. The 2Qute fits the bill at $1795.   I wonder how the 2 will compare against say the NAIM nDAC, DAC V-1, and TeddyPardo DAC.
Chord also announced the 2Qute Chordette. Any info on that?
 They just released a new DAC-R with overhauled USB input...
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