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Two Questions:   1. Would the Gungnir MB benefit from the addition of a Wyrd into the chain? 2. Has anyone compared the MB against the Chord 2Qute? $1250 vs. $1800... $550.00 is not a lot for for the build quality, brand reputation, etc. of a Chord product, IMO. We also know which one would better hold resale value. But what about SQ?
I want to applaud Meridian for continuing to support the Direct(or) DAC. They have recently released a FW update that supposedly fixes issues for Windows user:   Support information here.     I have thinking about plonking some $1800 USD down on a Chord 2Qute but this won't be before early next year most likely. So I am contemplating a few minor upgrades to my present DAC setup:   1. Do the FW update above. Make sure I am using the latest drivers, etc. (Free) 2....
 With all of your talk of prices, upgrade prices and sell-out "threats" you truly talk like a good salesman. Threatening "scarcity" is rule #1 in regards to high pressure sales tactics. Give it a rest. Talk about the 2Qute or start a different thread. How many Regens were made in the first batch? 10 or 10,000?
Oh come you know what I mean. Yes, a review of the 2Qute without ANYTHING AT ALL attached. Yes, totally logical. No, I look forward to objective, unbiased, uncolored reviews of the 2Qute straight-out-box, using included power and USB cables, given ample break-in and then compared using "additives" like power line conditioning, USB line conditioning, better USB cables, etc. 
Wisnon: please take your product to a different thread.   This is all about the 2Qute...and primarily how it, alone, without ANY other additional devices, is a fabulous DAC.  Thanks.   Edit: I looked at the entire ComputerAudiophile thread and those that bought the Regen couldn't really tell if/what was being improved in SQ. Or the improvement was so slight that it could have been the Regen or simple "mental suggestion" to justify the purchase. That was my take at...
 Thanks so much for that reply, Rob. Congrats on the DAVE launch!!!  While I can't afford Dave, I will be buying a 2Qute in Black! And maybe a Chord USB cable. That's it!  Edit: Someday you should visit Munich outside of a work context. I have plenty of fun tips!
You, I am sorry. I am suspicious of a lot of the posts here.   We have the engineer/Mr. Chord himself, aka Mr. Watts, who comes here and says, "we've made this brilliant product that doesn't need all sorts of fancy power conditioning, etc." And as soon as he says this, people show up out of the woodwork announcing that the product is sub-par as-is and only improves with this linear power supply, that USB conditioner, or a $200 USB cable, etc.   As far as I am...
So I am 99% sure that a 2Qute Black will be my next DAC. Two questions:   1. Where in the US is best to buy one? Through Blue Bird Music? 2. What USB cable is recommended? Chord USB SilverPlus?   My chain is as follows: HTPC > USB > DAC > Chord Cobra VEE3 RCA-DIN > NAIM SuperNait2 > Tellurium Q Black > Dynaudio Focus 260 speakers
I dunno but my gut tells me that the whole "input sensitivity" thing with NAIM is a bunch of FUD being propagated by NAIM to protect sales of their expensive and mediocre NAIM DAC V-1.   Here is a Chord vs. V-1 discussion going on the NAIM forum...the 3v thing is brought up by someone again...
Rob:  So are we saying that the 2Qute should NOT be paired with something like a NAIM SuperNait2 (RCA-DIN interconnect)? Rob, can you comment?
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