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 They just released a new DAC-R with overhauled USB input...
The line-in/out options seem a bit weak.   Can it output to an integrated amp?   Edit: It looks like a mini Accuphase! Very nice!
 So you think I can kill the power going to my PC USB port and have it output data to the DAC only? I can do this with the 'DAC-UP' port on my Gigabyte motherboard as a way of sending 'clean' signal to the DAC.
Anyone know if the REGA DAC needs power via USB from the PC? Or can the PC send data only?
A little more warmth in the mids and bass is exactly what I want. How does this compare to Schiit Gungnir sound? My 3 way choice may likely be TeddyPardo DAC vs. REGA DAC-R vs. Schiit Gungnir USB2.
Colored in what way? Anyone heard the new REGA DAC-R?
Coming from the CKM500, I so far very disappointed with the IM70. Bass is not there at all. Having fitting issues with Sony tips. Still experimenting there. What is the burn-in period on these? As I said, so far very disappointed.
I think the Schiit Bifrost with Gen2 USB would be high on a lot of lists.   As would some of the iFi and AudioQuest Dragonfly products.
You all have been waiting for over a year?   Feel sorry for those who put down more than $1.00...
I really would love a comparison of the Arcam irDAC vs. Schiit Gungnir USB2 vs. Rega DAC-R (new one).   For the Arcam I can say this: it's rare to find ANY consensus on DACs but somehow across several different audio forums I visit, Arcam has managed to garner positive bang-for-buck commentary from all of them.
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