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But who has a 2Qute?
So it seems we have some consensus for Sunday, December 18,at noon? Who can come and bring what? The Spring Holo will already be there.
So next Sunday: going once, going twice...
You lost me there. You're bringing a reel to reel???
Do you out Gumby on par or slightly below Codex/Yiggy for speakers?I've never heard Hugo/2Qute. Too bad no one comes to the meets with either of them.
Can you bring Codex?
What about tomorrow/Sunday?
What about next Saturday/Sunday?
This weekend is pretty open for me, except tomorrow night. Next Thursday is good. Friday is Rogue One night so nope. Next weekend also okay.
So is there anything happening? A 3-way shootout?
New Posts  All Forums: