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Despite my initial comments about the IM70, I have found them to be the most fun, best (and best value) IEMs I have owned to date.   I would simply say that choice of tips is paramount to achieving proper isolation, bass control, fit and comfort, etc. I personally am using Sony Hybrids.    Once everything is snug and comfortable, they are just a joy to listen to!    Big thumbs up! 
Been following this thread, esp. comments about the Gungnir Gen2, for a year or more now.    My only problem with the Gungnir is that this forum/thread is about the only place where it receives positive reviews really. I am sure it's still one of the best DACs for under $1K but DACs costing just a little more like the new Chord 2Qute and HEGEL HD12 are getting praise from many corners of the internet. The more the merrier of course when one cannot audition all these...
Wrong thread LOL
My Director is still doing a great job. Sounds delightful with my new NAIM SuperNait2 amp. Really no complaints. Perhaps a driver update from Meridian would be welcome...
If anyone is able to offer Hegel HD12 vs. 2Qute commentary that would be great. Thanks.
The 2Qute manual is now online: http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/files/2Qute%20manual.pdf  
The 2Qute is starting to arrive in stories... http://audiot.squarespace.com/manchester/2015/3/24/chord-electronics-2qute-dac-arrives-in-manchester.html
I too would appreciate it getting in the hands of reviewers...and better yet...to forum members here. This one is at the top of my list.
Another review of this DAC: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/623-hegel-music-systems-hd12-dac-review/
Chord 2Qute vs. Hegel HD12. This is my question.
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