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I do!   Is that the Concero HD?   My top contenders to compare to the Direct DAC ($700) include the Arcam irDAC ($700), TEAC UD-501 ($750), and Schiit Gungnir USB2 ($850).
Has anyone auditioned the irDAC against the Schiit Gungnir USB2 by chance?
By chance has anyone compared the Schiit Gungnir USB2 ($850) to the Arcam irDAC ($700)?
When I auditioned the Meridian Direct at the dealer, I brought my Sony Vaio laptop (3-years-old, USB2 ports) and had zero problems. Bringing the DAC home, I am having issues with my HTPC and its Intel Z87 USB3 ports. And now looking at the Meridian website, this appears to be a known issue that I seemed to have overlooked. So while I am using the DAC via its optical input, I am hoping Meridian releases a new driver soon to support USB3 under Windows.
My Meridian (arriving Saturday) will be connected to a HTPC. I have powered USB3 ports (can charge when the PC is off) and USB2 ports (don't charge when off). Which to use?
Strange that such a swap has such an impact.   I wonder how Apple's USB implementation differs between the two?
Being an audiophile is tinkering with new gadgets. You add, audition, return, etc. based on what your budget (and wife) allow!   What do you feel is missing from your current setup?   I personally wouldn't mess with things like cables, iFi power supplies, etc. I'd spend money on specific components. Starting with your source is a logical first step.   Some say that the true magic in DACs doesn't happen until over $2K...   Maybe you start with the Schiit Gungnir...
Well, I am getting the Direct(or) thrown in with a NAIM XS2 integrated purchase.   I think after the dust settles, the wife will have my manhood if I buy any more equipment too soon :) Perhaps while she's away for a long weekend, I could time the arrival of a Gungnir for comparing...   I won't take delivery until around April 12.
My dealer is offering me the Director DAC for "free" with the purchase of a NAIM SuperNait2 or XS2.   Despite all the hemming in hawing over the past many months, it looks like this will be the one I get for at least a little while.   The demo I had last Saturday was amazing.   Laptop > Foobar2K > FLAC > USB > Meridian Direct DAC > SuperNait2 > Dali Epicon 8 speakers.   My hifi dealer owner said he couldn't tell a difference between the setup and a high-end CD...
Get a DAC+Amp combo? Something like the Hegel H300?   I got a chance to demo the NAIM SuperNait2 + Direct DAC yesterday. (On a pair of $20K Dali Epicon 8 speakers.) Source was my laptop running Foobar2K with lossless FLAC files.
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