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This thread has been dead for a few weeks
Cool. I didn't see your other post. I was about to draw a schematic. Still might.
It looks to me that the PCB is the load bearing structure here? About a half-dozen scews connect the heatsink to the PCB on each side and this is also done to allow heat to dissipate. The top of the chassis then sort of keeps everything stable.I wonder if anchoring the heatsinks to the PCB like that is wise for long term reliability? Much less ease of construction.I wonder if it would be possible to connect a smaller/lighter (copper) heat pipe to the areas that need heat...
Mike = c0ck tease
PSA: a few weeks ago when we met, I used some music from Patrick Watson to audition some equipment. He is coming to DC on March 27:   Highly recommended!
Did you by chance compare Lyd 6 vs. 7 before settling on the latter? I've been considering one of the two.
The Director is my DAC. HTPC > USB > Director > RCA/DIN > Naim SN2.Whether I stick with Naim or go for a Freya/Vidar setup, I'd love something like HTPC > New Schiit Dongle > AES into Yiggy.
While everyone is talking KEF, I'd like to plug the Xeo 2/4/6 and XD 200/400/600 from Dynaudio as similar and excellent active setups. (Not to forget their Excite X14A and Lyd series for the desktop.)
Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to new Schiit and new Chords as we approach CES.
Anyone else here have experience with NAIM equipment?
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