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So you're saying the MBM = Yiggy - X% resolution? What is "X" in your opinion?
Many have compared GMB to Yiggy as offering a warmer presentation with 85-90% of the resolution. My brief experience with BMB was of a DAC that removed the balanced outputs and warmer presentation of the GMB but with similar resolution. Where does MBM now fit in this spectrum? Which of the four offers the highest bang/buck/value proposition? (Considering Yiggy competes with DACs costing 500% more.)
Take a look at the Dynaudio Lyd series as well as the Xeo2, Xeo4, and Excite X14A.
So far 2016 has been a quiet year for Schiit. They recently made their MQA announcement. We've had no new equipment. No upgrades for Yiggy, Gungnir, etc. Silence. Crickets.   Has Schiit gotten drunk off of its currently swollen order books and production backlog? Have they decided to stagnate?   If NOT... what is on the horizon for 2016?
Big thumbs up to Schiit. Another reason to love you.  
Sorry if this is a repost here. Schiit Clarifies Position on a Proposed Audio Format (Related: lively discussion at PFM.)    
I paid for JRiver, 20 or 21 I think. It does what it does. Would I pay for it again? Probably not. JRiver's problem IMO is that it's for audio-nerds. It allows for far too much customization that it can be mind-boggling. It lacks polish like ROON.   I wanted JRiver to be an all-in-one solution. I wanted to click install, tell it where my audio and video and picture directories are, let it discover all my media, discover my (SATA) Blu-Ray player and HDRomerun, and then...
Schiit pairs very well with NAIM. Absolutely stunning really. A couple people over at the NAIM forum have reported the same.
Is there a secret page of the Schiit website where they list their black Schiit inventory? Or is it part of the normal set of drop-down options on the product page?
Doh! I missed a black Yiggy?!? Oh well, got to get through paying hospital bills before I can consider it again
New Posts  All Forums: