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For those who visited my place to audition equipment back in mid January, you may recall listening to some music from my wife's band. Well, her band is a finalist in the DC Edition of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. If you feel so inclined, please vote for MENAGE A GARAGE...   http://bandwidth.wamu.org/vote-for-your-favorite-d-c-tiny-desk-contest-video/ THANKS!
Does anyone know if Schiit has any plan to support MQA? Are Schiit DACs even capable through like a driver or firmware update?
Woah. Didn't know someone makes amps in Mt Pleasant DC not far from where I live.
Happy to read it was a good event. What did people think of the equipment? Sorry to have missed it and greetings from NYC.
Correspondence with Meridian directly confirms that the Director will NOT receive MQA support. No new products were mentioned of course. Their Explorer2 and latest versions of their 808 and 818 DACs will receive MQA support.
Does anyone know if the Director won't officially get MQA support?
I'm curious if any Yiggy owners are using their DAC with a PC as a source, specifically via USB?   If so, are you using any device to "clean up" the USB signal before it hits the DAC? Items that offer galvanic isolation and/or re-clocking the signal?   Here are various products on the market that do this. There seems to be a new one every day / new flavor the month:   UpTone Audio Regen ($175 USD) - Re-clocks Wyred4Sound Recovery ($199 USD) - Isolates &...
I was undecided about my ability to attend simply because I didn't know my schedule for the month. Turns out I'll be in NYC next weekend, so I will unfortunately be unable to attend. Have fun and I look forward to next time!
I keep shaking my head when I read threads like this.   I mean, let's picture your average PC with the following...   -Audio USB card (Paul Pang, SOTM, JCAT, etc.) ... up to $460 -This feeds into an Intona ... up to $350 -This feeds into Regen ... $175 -Of course we need at least two AQ Jitterbugs ... $200 (one never seems to be enough in the threads I read) -Now we need at least 3x 0.8m audiophile USB cables from Curious Cables ... up to $1020 -Finally, we need...
 What about this external USB hub from SOTM? http://www.sotm.sonore.us/SOtM3.html#1 
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