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Misleading statement. Freya is a pre-amp, designed to be used with a new Schiit amp called Vidar (not yet released), and this combo will be used by most buyers to drive speakers. This photo has everything but the amp... 
With regards to Vidar, has there been any comment as to whether it can power 4 Ohm speakers like those from Dynaudio?
I guess our "conclusions" from last Sunday are invalid because we did not use a decibal meter app to volume level match. According to the other forum at least. Some people take out all the fun!
Yeah I saw since I do check it daily
 I am going to quote myself...  After having spent 5 hours on Sunday in a local HiFi shop comparing the Holo Spring Level 3, the Yiggy, the Ayre Codex, and the Chord 2Qute and doing so through a host of sources and inputs, I have to say yet again that Schiit should help us take the doubt out of USB. It is the most flexible medium but not the best sounding one. The AES/XLR is certainly preferred. I just really wish Schiit could make something that gives us better PC > DAC...
Yeah, the reaction was nearly instant over there. I really do like what your Bryston did to the setup. Is it possible (or would it even add benefit) to go from a HTPC via USB to the Bryston and then out via AES to the Yiggy? 
For those interested, there is thread over at ComputerAudiophile.
Thanks to all for what was a great and informative afternoon. Lots of amazing equipment in one place.
I should be there slightly after noon. Thanks for setting up. Who else will be there? Plan is to still have the Spring, the Yiggy, Codex, and 2Qute???
Are we still on the noon? No traffic chaos for people?
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