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Have never heard Harbeth but have been a long term fan of Dynaudio.Also considering Yiggy/Freya/Vidar.
Accuphase is one of the best in the business and actually worth its price of admission. I bet even the Schiit people respect them.
Speaking of USB gadgets, has anyone had any experience with this new product? Comments? Thoughts? Reviews?
Parking is ALWAYS a problem... sorry, as someone who doesn't have a car, it's not the first thing I think of. Garage access would not be possible :(
There's a chance I could make my office available for a meet. K Street NW near Farragut North. Would that be of interest? Saturday afternoons and Sundays could work. Lots of space and potentially no cost. Heat/AC may not be working though. Should I inquire further? As for March: I'll be in Berlin for work on the 11th and either Florence, Italy or Seville, Spain for vacation on the 18th. That's the plan at least.
Well. Just buy Dave then
Did you have fun?
Not sure. Less is more for me.
Elegant one box solution. Just add Vidar. Or two.
Darn. That won't be ideal for me then.
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