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Is there a secret page of the Schiit website where they list their black Schiit inventory? Or is it part of the normal set of drop-down options on the product page?
Doh! I missed a black Yiggy?!? Oh well, got to get through paying hospital bills before I can consider it again
I've compared SE output of GD-19, GMB, and Yiggy at home on my NAIM/Dynaudio system. The GD-19 was the distant third of the three. Both pieces of Schiit were fabulous in different ways. I've never heard any of them balanced.
Wel you know it's not just about details but overall presentation. How does the Codex compare to Schiit house sound? Looking forward to more comparisons.
Sorry I couldn't make it. While my elbows are moving better today than at any time since March 26, I still would have a hard time raising the headphones onto my head and only if they're 3 lbs. or less! @Sheldaze: Ayre Codex vs. GMB? I know it has nothing on Yiggy I think I've mentioned that my wife is the bassist in a local DC band called Ménage À Garage. If you're so inclined, would you mind casting your vote here? Takes about five...
Post here if you want more Black Schiit!   Please give us a black Schiit option on all Schiit!
Has anyone looked into the new irDAC-II?   Product link.
You replied before I could finish my edit. I pushed submit prematurely...I don't need balanced outputs. I want Yiggy sound in a smaller package. Ideally.
Thanks to several forum members here, I got to compare Gumby and Yiggy at home on my Dynaudio/NAIM system, one that is capable of resolving the differences between these two stellar DACs. The Gumby is cheaper, a little more analog and relaxed, and perhaps 90% as revealing as the Yiggy. But the Yiggy justifies its price premium with its absolutely addictive musicality and depth. It's the DAC for me. What I'd really like is for Schiit to remove the balanced XLR outputs and...
So many bike accident stories! Sorry about your friend.Congrats on your new store. When can you host a meet there?
New Posts  All Forums: