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Sorry to disappoint but the conclusion of several Regen + 2Qute owners at ComputerAudiophile concludes the Regen does nothing to benefit.  I wish you Regen people would go peddle your wears elsewhere. 
No it is not. But would it matter? My DAC will feed my NAIM SuperNait2 IS via a RCA-DIN interconnect. 
Is anyone using a Wyrd with the MB at the moment?   For me this is the debate of the moment.   Schiit Gungnir MB + Schiit Wyrd + 2x PYST USB cables + S&H = $1420 USD   vs.   Chord 2Qute + Chord Silver Plus USB + S&H = $1895 USD
Some very positive initial comments about the MB vs. the Chord 2Qute over at ComputerAudiophile... 
Any comparisons to the 2Qute yet? :P
My IM70 died on me. I see both the CKR7 and CKR9 on Amazon with the price of the former being more attractive. Can anyone compare the two? What about the two vs. IM70?
The left earpiece of my IM70 died. After about 6 months. Suggestions for replacement?
My IM70 died within about 6 months. Love the sound but really disappointed in build quality.   What to replace them with?
I love the sound of the ATH-IM70 but fit was never ideal AND build quality is low. My left driver began crapping out only after a few months of ownership and is now blown completely. Reading reviews at Amazon would indicate that I am not the only one complaining about build quality.   I truly like the AT house sound and would like to stick with the brand but don't have to. I would prefer the more standard type of IEM instead of over-the-ear. And I would prefer to spend...
Can anyone comment as to whether adding a Schiit Wyrd into the USB input side of the 2Qute would be helpful? 
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