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Another review of this DAC:
Chord 2Qute vs. Hegel HD12. This is my question.
Thanks for the continued feedback.   Any chance you can compare to Chord? 2Qute? Hugo?
When will the Director get an upgrade? I assume it is a software/driver upgrade or what?
Wow. I really appreciate the review.   The HD12 remains on my short list. Its main competitors to me remain the Chord 2Qute ($1700 USD), Teddy Pardo DAC ($1500 USD) and the new Schiit yggdrasil ($2300? USD).   Of these, only the Hegel and Chord offer DSD support.   The Teddy DAC supposedly outperforms the NAIM DAC (nDAC) which is regarded much better than the V1. The V1 has failed to garner many positive reviews really.   Have you heard any Schiit? Gungnir USB Gen2...
Well at $500 more than the 2Qute, I am looking forward to the head-2-head!
Thanks for the feedback!
Can anyone comment on price for the DAC only? How about a pic of the rear?   Key competitors for me include the Teddy Pardo TeddyDAC, HEGEL H12 and Chord 2Qute.
I should redact my prior statements about the IM70. The tips mean everything with this IEM. The smaller, the better I have found, allowing for deeper penetration of the tip into the ear canal.   It is a fantastic IEM. On side the cord length is finally long enough but on the other side, in-ear-comfort is not as easy to achieve as compared to older designs.
This was also just announced at CES.   HEGEL is one of the best names in the audio business. They just announced the $1400 HD12 DSD DAC.   I wonder how it compares to the Chord 2Qute for $375 less?  
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