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He could be referring to a new DAC that sits above Yiggy in the lineup?Something in my bones tells me an upgrade is coming down the pike for Yiggy. This and a Schiit device that takes the guess work and distrust out of the PC>DAC connection are the highest items on my Schiitlist. No offense to The Gadget.
Is "Dave" under Point A a reference to the Chord product?
I think you just described this hobby for 95% of the people on such Forums.
@Jason Stoddard: dude you need to hang around other forums. Have you seen those chains of USB cleaners? PC > Wyrd > Regen > Intona > W4S Recovery > Jitterbug > DAC? The entire chain is worthless unless EACH ONE is powered by its own linear power supply!
Where's the Schiit LPS???
 Thanks. I really appreciate reading this from the horse's mouth.
I know that but it's pretty much universally agreed upon here that Yiggy XLR is a better beast than Yiggy RCA.
@Jason Stoddard Hi Jason: from all of the reading I've done here, there seems to be the consensus that Yiggy sounds best from its balanced XLR outputs versus its single ended RCA outputs. What solution would you recommend to a NAIM owner like me? My SuperNait2 only has RCA and DIN inputs. Can you recommend a device that would convert balanced XLR to RCA or DIN? Thanks.
I have the Focus 260s and love them. I have heard of deals out there on the 340s/380s.
Should note that Freya may be a stumbling block for me. I don't like tinkering much and tubes add a measure of "Is my pre amp ever sounding its best?" uncertainty to the equation. Then again I want a pre with balanced inputs and outputs. Whether Freya/Vidar is an important enough over my NAIM setup also remains to be seen.
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