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Hi all, oddball issue here (zombie thread come back to life!) - I picked up a RIVA S player at CamJam 2016, but while it works well with my iPhone and computer via iTunes, it does not accept a signal from Audirvana Plus. Any ideas why this might be? I prefer not to use iTunes and like Audirvana Plus... Insights appreciated...
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Will be there
shoot. not gonna make it, car fail
okay, zombie thread - come back to life! walk! speak!   iPodPJ had written, way back when:   "I think eventually they will go up in value, unless something better takes their place."   and while my (original, not SE) Transporter still works, I keep running into issues with my Mac mini that holds my music files and serves up the SqueezeCenter software which the Transporter depends on to access my own music files.   So I thought I'd ask: did anyone find a worthy...
this would have been fantastic - just minutes away from where I usually am - but I'll be away this weekend, alas. would have loved to compare notes on maggies vs cans...
Headphones and Earphones Benchmarking Test Files:
sorry on crutches and therefore less likely to make it... have fun!
since I'm local, I'm already there!
will try to make this one!
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