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January sounds fine to me. I'll start a poll when I get back from shopping tonight as to which dates are okay with you all. We then might get a little insight in the possible options. Anouk, if the meet is held at Rik's or somewhere a little bit further away from Limburg and if you want, I can pick you up at wherever you live so you can ride with us Here it is: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f24/ne...-dates-384637/
Quote: Originally Posted by hoosterw Thanks Indra, don't worry! I will survive (Gloria Gaynor wasn't it?) Also (as said earlier) the problem is basically not with/between kees or me but the fact that it sells for 1440 or so in Germany. That should be prevented or I should be able to sell against the same price. Its actually very simple . Hmm, I hope you're able to come to an agreement which works out in your advantage then. I am looking forward...
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Life w/o headphones! What kind of life would that be? I am sorry to break it to you but headphones can exist outside of the Head-Fi
Quote: Originally Posted by smuh Indra: (btw. one of my favourite songs from Thievery Corporation ) hope your BF is getting better soon! Haha, cool song indeed ThanX! Quote: Originally Posted by Anouk All the best with your test, Indra. Thank you. I'll be fine I guess. I just hate/fear needles arggghhh Not knowing what exactly transpired between the two of you I am very familiar with Hans his sentiments. It's a...
Have: Edition 9 & Proline 750 Want: What more could I possibly want...? Well, maybe something Stax for when I grow up
Quote: Originally Posted by Anouk Hello Indra, Wow tbc. I thought that was a sickness from the past (1950s) and that it was long gone by now! I hope your boyfriend will be allright. Greetings, Anouk, Yeah, pretty weird hu. I hope so too Quote: Originally Posted by Anouk Hey, something totally off-topic, I was just reading through the corda symphony thread, and someone mentioned a high-end amp called the phonitor. Anyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane His last forum activity was on 05-16-2008. Yea, saw that too. Maybe he discovered life
Saint Emilion Vacqueras Saint Estephe Bon Courage Syrah from Africa Just to name a couple I like very much. The first three have lots of variations but I never disliked any of these. Deep rich full taste, a tad on the more heavy side of red (I am not quite a Merlot-lover so to speak). There are more but these are the ones that pop up right now. Wine is like Angels pissing in your mouth..I love it :heart:
Quote: Originally Posted by apatN Ah. Is it bad? Beterschap van mijn kant! Thanx a lot! It's not too good, though treatable: Tuberculoses. It got established last week when we arrived back from Florence. Quite a shocker. He has to be on some heavy antibiotics for 2 months and will have to take a softer version for 4-6 months after that. The first 20 days he has to keep away from public places so it's been pretty weird. I have a test coming up...
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