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Quote: Originally Posted by Zadok Cmon guys... I can't be the only one who likes to strut his stuff? I must have taken this the wrong way then...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zadok Do you ever just get in the mood to take one of your *good* pairs out on the street with you, just to see if anyone will notice or recognize them? That's just plain stupid. Yeah, it's nice (and draws my attention) to see people out and about with headphones but they should wear it for the right reasons. If I find out it's merely to draw attention I loose interest very quickly. We already have enough...
Having the Pre-Party asap is indeed something to opt for. I wouldn't want to take away any interest for the Big One. Saturdays are also possible. I just left them out because I will have a hard(er) time making it. I always, as well as Bart, have to work on Saturday. I hope the Big One will not be a problem because of that but we'll have to work out something
Quote: Originally Posted by Anouk Hello Indra, No I dont think Blackmore owns the zana deux anymore, he sold it, but I am sure there was someone else in this thread who did, I will go search for it. Greetings, Anouk, Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore Ladys, unfortunately I am not a happy owner of Zana anymore, cos she were my financial back up for Yoshino Ear HP4. Oh shoit yes....I forgot
Quote: Originally Posted by Anouk Hello, Thanks Indra for the offer! I will certainly think about it. Of course I would be willing to share fuel costs, on the other hand, its good for my independance to ride by train, I dont do that often enough as it is, but it would certainly be practical. You are more than welcome Figure out what you want and let me know when you do. I can understand that for your independance it's a good lesson, whatever you...
So, I present you with a list of dates you can pick from. I'm hoping I can set the poll in a way you can vote for multiple options. I'll include the first 2 weeks of February just in case. I left out the 4th of January; if Rik is going to be the host...well..I guess he should be there I chose all Sundays because, well...I want to be there Edit: The poll is a multiple option-poll so you can vote for all the dates you're available. Gotta run now!
January sounds fine to me. I'll start a poll when I get back from shopping tonight as to which dates are okay with you all. We then might get a little insight in the possible options. Anouk, if the meet is held at Rik's or somewhere a little bit further away from Limburg and if you want, I can pick you up at wherever you live so you can ride with us Here it is: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f24/ne...-dates-384637/
Quote: Originally Posted by hoosterw Thanks Indra, don't worry! I will survive (Gloria Gaynor wasn't it?) Also (as said earlier) the problem is basically not with/between kees or me but the fact that it sells for 1440 or so in Germany. That should be prevented or I should be able to sell against the same price. Its actually very simple . Hmm, I hope you're able to come to an agreement which works out in your advantage then. I am looking forward...
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Life w/o headphones! What kind of life would that be? I am sorry to break it to you but headphones can exist outside of the Head-Fi
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