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Quote: Originally Posted by apatN There are already two Dutch meet topics; this one and this one. SO before opening another topic let's first decide when and where the meet(s) will be. When that is all sorted out I'll be willing to make a list and keep it up-to-date. Yup, I fully agree on that. Only 11 people have voted so far...WHERE ARE ALL THE DUTCHIES??!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sduibek Why do we do this? Is this purely a Western phenomenon? It's because we're taught and expected to reason. Edit: I think that's part / base of "civilisation" as we know it. We can say, when we meet a person for a first time who's rather fat: "Jeez, you are fat!" But we decide to keep that to ourselves as to not hurt a person's feelings, or maybe even for a more selfish reason; we do not want to sound like an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ferrari Yes, the gear in the pics tells that there are some stuff from HeadRoom, iQube, Stax, Ultrasones… and indeed, for all taste there is a bite. But who would call that DIY stuff??? Of course I was not expecting “works of arts” there, nor I’m looking for a “DIY only” meet, but just a regular meet as many others, where people having fun with all kind of gears (not more or less commercial gear only). I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight So exactly what velour pads you guys are mentioning? Randolph was merely speaking theoretically. And I tried to dismiss his hypothesis by mentioning an experiment swapping leather with velour pads (or the other way around, don't remember) with the Ultrasone Prolines (don't remember which model exactly). That's all
Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight Is there any kind of the velour pads for the ED9? I've never heard of that. Nope.
Quote: Originally Posted by Randolph Duke Do any re-cable guys do re pads. Would love to get my ED9 with velour. I doubt you'd love it. Changing from leather to velour is not just a change in feeling of the pads but will cause sound to change as well. This has been tried before with the Proline models somewhere by someone and the sound altered a lot and not for the best They are designed to sound as they sound with their pads.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight So any has both the E9 and HD650 or DX1000, please let me what you think about it. Which is more comfortable? Which has darker sound? I personally do love dark and warm cans, so if the E9 has that signature, maybe it'll good for me. I have heard the HD650 and own the Edition 9. If you want warm and dark, stick with the HD650. The Ed9 is nothing like that. It's in your face, punchy, powerful bass, and the...
I work and go to school..where does that put me..? I figured I'd vote working as that makes up most of my day..
I guess not..SHOIT...this is a SHOCKER
Sounds like you had an awesome time!
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