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Quote: Originally Posted by BigJohn I was dissapointed to say the least... Yeah, I can imagine. Maybe mine is just the best out there and you'll love it
Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great one!
Well, I am back home again and it was a fun meet for sure! Maybe we should make a separate impression thread...? Oh well....: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f45/ne...7/#post5318047
First of all: A big thanX to Rik for hosting and being a wonderful one at that! ThanX to your mom too for all the food she provided us with which was really sweet! So, home again, eaten and everything and it sure was a fun afternoon! I missed our meets so I loved this one and it went so fast. So fast that I hope it'll be May soon Here are some pics, not much and nothing special at all but they'll give you an impression: Impressions as in written words will...
Ohhh shoit I missed out on the VAD! I was thinking about looking up their date a couple of times but forgot to do so. Oh well, more luck next year Sorry to hear about your experience with the ED9, John. I still love mine to death but everybody has different ears
Sorry peeps, haven't been around for a while. Time is something of which I have very little these days but that's only a good sign I will make it to the meet, I listed my gear somewhere over here. In case there are any doubts: see sig. If you'd like me to repost, no probs Anyway, I am sincerely looking forward. Too bad you can't make it, Anouk. You are more than welcome to ride along with us should you change your mind for whatever reason, even on the very last minute...
Quote: Originally Posted by pfillion I agree with you but the Edition 9 where limited. As far as I know and have heard the ED9's were never a limited edition. The ED7's were the only limited model hence their price tag. In that case if the ED8 would be around the MRSP as the ED9 I think it's a fair price. Second note concerning the limitness of the ED9; well, a new model is coming out and they stopped production of the ED9 (if Paul's info is...
Quote: Originally Posted by digitalmind I hate to say something like this; but how about we simply let the poll run for another couple of days till for example wednesday, and then simply go with the date that has the most votes? I'd say that's fine. That way no one has to choose and feel bad for the one that happens to be left out
Oh and Smuh, your cake looks uberdelicious and hilarious at the same time Good job!!
Haha multitasking...I am able to do so but my mom not so much Bringing her certainly is an interesting option but I'd have to bring the rest of my family and you REALLY don't want that A cake however, certainly sounds very appealing, space or no space! (try it out but make it yourself, Anouk. It can be very nice ) If you decide the 11th it's fine with me. It certainly appears one of us is not going to make it so I am willing to sacrifice myself. (I'll have my revenge...
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