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HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by apatN Oeps.. In het engels heeft het een andere betekenis he. Ach ja ik zit in het zelfde schuitje. Probeer maar eens te rijmen op Nick. Haha, dan ben ik beter af idd
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore My dear Indra, thanks, I l..e y.. Thank you for you impressions, finally somebody get this thread to life... How about the extra pics meid... You are more than welcome , Sergei! I was already afraid no one would read them as it's been so long ago haha Extra pics...I don't really have that many...I was more listening to stuff and chatting than photographing ....Better next time...
Really sorry ya'll for the long wait BUT here are my impressions: I was really excited about this meet, most of all because finally I had some sort of a nice setup to bring for a change, besides my portable one. The Akai was huge but I am glad I brought it. It enabled me listening to headphones on a more serious level and with equip I am familiar with so my impressions mean something to me. AKG K272 Hmm I have never really heard any AKG besides the famous K701 and the...
I am so sorry peeps...I still haven't gotten around writing my impressions; I am already starting to forget some of them so I'll have to do it really soon however but I'm just sooo terribly busy One thing I will certainly not forget though are the HD600s. But more of that later, hopefully sooner than later
Quote: Originally Posted by oqvist Today I got my PRO 900 cans. Of course hoping to be blown away but suspected they would indead not match up to my well burned in Proline 750 cans. Ow sweet! I am looking forward to your impressions! I am still debating swapping the 750 for the 900 but I am not sure if it's worth the extra cash. I might just buy a HFI-650 for on the go instead..still not sure. Anyway, hope seeing some valuable impressions from...
Quote: Originally Posted by BigJohn I was dissapointed to say the least... Yeah, I can imagine. Maybe mine is just the best out there and you'll love it
Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great one!
Well, I am back home again and it was a fun meet for sure! Maybe we should make a separate impression thread...? Oh well....: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f45/ne...7/#post5318047
First of all: A big thanX to Rik for hosting and being a wonderful one at that! ThanX to your mom too for all the food she provided us with which was really sweet! So, home again, eaten and everything and it sure was a fun afternoon! I missed our meets so I loved this one and it went so fast. So fast that I hope it'll be May soon Here are some pics, not much and nothing special at all but they'll give you an impression: Impressions as in written words will...
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