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Yeah, he told me about some of the upgrades and hardly can't imagine that setup getting even better as it already sounded marvelous to my ears! I'd kill for a setup like that. I could sell a kidney tho...still have 2 of them...      I think I said something in those lines too... Unfortunately it's too noisy at home but I could definitely live with that sound! Even with the noise I guess, that headphone still manages to subtract you from your environment even for it being...
Hi Kyan,   I already bought another one just now so thanks for your offer but you can sell it to someone else. Good luck!   -Indra
AKG K1000 PrimaLuna Prologue Two Unison Research Unico CD player Blackmore's setup by the end of 2009 It's supposed to be even better now   The music I listened to? Can't remember. The reason I loved it? Stupid question. That was just music to my ears!   aRRR, I'm already jealous of your rig!!
Ah, the most rumored question of all times ;-) My partner found it a bit odd in the beginning but he's more than okay with it now. We both are quite electronic-equip-minded so we get along just great! We don't care about the amount of money we spend on our hobbies as long as we have money to buy proper food, pay our morgage and whatever and live a good life together it's all fine. The perfect agreement as luckily there is more to life than headphones and gear...
I'm looking for a pair of portable headphones again. The ATH-ESW9 / ESW10 seem like a good option to go with. Not sure what the normal going price of a preloved ESW10 is but if you happen to have one of these laying around, name your price and we might be able to work something out.   Best   -Indra
SOLD. Thank you!!
Yeah, HFers get a better price for starters ;-) MP loves to low-ball hence the difference in price ;-) Do you happen to be the one on MP that has his ESW9's for sale??  
For Sale: Ultrasone Proline 750 Including: Original Box Headphones 3 detachable cables (normally 2 but had a shorter one made for portable use, approx. 40cm.), one straight cable of 3m and one coiled, also approx. 3m. Spare pair of speed-switch ear pads Demo CD Instruction Manual Transportation Bag I do not have the adapter from 6,3mm to 3,5 anymore As you can see on the photo the blue paint on the headband is a bit chipped, merely a cosmetic thing. The...
Bump again, now price drop!
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