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Eindhoven would be best for me but Soest could be an option if it suits more people.   The Goldpoint Headphone Pro...never heard of that. I have missed quite a bit of new items on here like the Audeze stuff etc. What is all that stuff about the new Head-Fi? I see the looks have changed, the for-sale section and that swearing is not allowed (not sure if that's a new thing though)  but are there more severe changes made here?   Anyway, looking forward already!!
Feb 13 Feb 27 Mar 20   These are the dates that would work for me (so far). I'd definitely prefer March the 20th as that would give me more time and hopefully I'll have a new amp by then as well: the Rockhopper Audio Balanced M3 to go with my ED9s. The rest of the gear I'll bring is in my sig. Not much has changed except I sold the Prolines (yeay) and bought the ESW9 (a big yeay).   I'll contact Sergei (Blackmore) and Kees to check on their interest. If I...
Hmm, I have a better feeling even, as it looks now the amp I'm lusting after will be able to switch between voltages so none of this is needed. Even better!
Thank you for the swift reply! I also read about the wattage needing to be good. Thanks for the tip on taking an extra margin. I've also read different things about how it would affect sound quality. I guess I'll notice...or not since I cannot check the amp on 110V once I have it..we'll see...
Just to be on the safe side...   I'm about to pull the plug on an amp which is configured for 110V. I live in the Netherlands and we use 220V. I was thinking of buying a voltage transformer to make up for that. Would I notice differences in sound (quality)? Would it have any other side effects to make it not worth the trouble?   Sorry if this has already been answered but I just want to make really really sure   -Indra  
Oh that would be great!! Thank you ApatN for the gentle heads-up!! January is on a too short notice for me. February and March (except for the 6th in March) would be totally great; Sundays preferred otherwise I can't make it.   That's been awhile; I've been out of the Head-Fi a bit, still listening just not spending money on gear, but have started a bit again as of late. It would be awesome meeting you all!
Yeah, he told me about some of the upgrades and hardly can't imagine that setup getting even better as it already sounded marvelous to my ears! I'd kill for a setup like that. I could sell a kidney tho...still have 2 of them...      I think I said something in those lines too... Unfortunately it's too noisy at home but I could definitely live with that sound! Even with the noise I guess, that headphone still manages to subtract you from your environment even for it being...
Hi Kyan,   I already bought another one just now so thanks for your offer but you can sell it to someone else. Good luck!   -Indra
AKG K1000 PrimaLuna Prologue Two Unison Research Unico CD player Blackmore's setup by the end of 2009 It's supposed to be even better now   The music I listened to? Can't remember. The reason I loved it? Stupid question. That was just music to my ears!   aRRR, I'm already jealous of your rig!!
Ah, the most rumored question of all times ;-) My partner found it a bit odd in the beginning but he's more than okay with it now. We both are quite electronic-equip-minded so we get along just great! We don't care about the amount of money we spend on our hobbies as long as we have money to buy proper food, pay our morgage and whatever and live a good life together it's all fine. The perfect agreement as luckily there is more to life than headphones and gear...
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