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Thanks Jude for your write-up. I am more than pleased to see the 900 doesn't beat the ed9 haha! I am looking forward reading more of your impressions also about / compared to the ed9 as it's interesting you seem to be startled by the latter. Due more burn-in my ed9s are finally opening up and it surprised me many times already. Anyways, thanx again !
Congrats on your purchase!! Enjoy the heck out of 'em
Do a search. This topic has been covered several times now. As far as I know the changes are merely cosmetical so no changes in sound whatsoever. You'll get a hardbox with the new version though. The old one just had a soft pouch.
Quote: Originally Posted by fdhfdy Am not very confident of using them as portable purpose. I believe they need a good amp and a source as well. Have you heard them yourself? They sound pretty decent out of my iPod and Larocco. Not as good as with my home setup but it's not like a HD600 for example.
A "bit" late but thanx for this thread. I'm thinking of modding my 750s to get them more balanced and to take away that hollowness a little. Now that I have the ed9s I don't have to worry about screwing them up and having no headphone to fall back to. Have to find some felt around here and we'll start fiddling yay!
Quote: Originally Posted by analogbox What I find strange is that when I compare 780 with 580, 580 sounds more sibilant and bright, and yet, 780's sibilance sounds more hurting even though the magnitude of sibilance is less than that of 580's. Right now, it has about 200+ hours on it and continues to have the piercing high. I still kinda like the overall sound but we'll see how it shapes up at around 300 hours. I'm actually thinking of returning it if I...
I hope your 780s will settle for you. I heard a pair which had around 500 hrs on them and the highs remained unbearable for me at times. One of the reasons why I did not came to like them. The ALO-mod does a recable and a mod to the earcups if I am not mistaken. According to what I've read the latter should tame the highs a little. You might want to look into that if it keeps on bugging you.
Congrats and thanx for your impressions so far! I am looking forward reading more. Enjoy
Quote: Originally Posted by EnOYiN We are receiving sounds different either way because of the shape of our ears/head/shoulders and the lack of 'natural crossfeed' when using headphones. Because of this a headphone sounds different from one person to another. Assuming the thickness of pads varies (new pads are probably thicker than used ones) it could very well be true that this might change the sound of a headphone drastically. Btw. So, you finaly...
SARN-Industries | Welcome I think that says it all.
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