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Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Indra. It would be nice meeting you as well, and the other Head-Fi'ers in the area. With "goodies" I guess you mean the B22. It shipped out two days ago, and will hopefully be here sometime next week. Can't wait! Kai :dance:!! That was indeed what I was referring to I think the project rocked and I hope you'll like it a great deal (if not, no problem, we should talk ) Too bad my paypal acount got fixed too...
Quote: Originally Posted by digitalmind Hans, taking it a step further and doing the whole thing on a more proffesional / bigger level seems like a very good idea. It would be incredible if you can get something like that together! It's still such a long time till April or May though. How about we eager people get together in January as a bit of a pre-party and have some fun while waiting for the big thing? Well, I certainly wouldn't mind that...
Hmmm strange poll...I never do just one of the above mentioned all the time I listen to music. The mind is a fabulous thing and leads me to many places as in flow with the go. All in all, depends on why I put on my headphones. When I am out and about listening to music the first option would be kind of nuts I guess the only thing I never think about when listening to music is No.4.
Thank you Anouk! I hadn't seen it yet as I haven't really been on the boards for quite some time now... If the date suits me I AM IN for SURE!!! Hans indeed wanted to organize something in the beginning of next year..not sure how things are atm though... Hi everyone btw
AHHH just back in time peeking here! This is such a great event so count me in for sure!!! I'll try to keep track of this thread but I am not that often around anymore but I will do my very best! Shipping international is no problemo at all (it's just a cd so who cares right?)
Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus Sheez! 3 years for 1,500 posts and 3 months for 500 more. It has indisputably proven (what a surprise) that indeed time spent here does not mean a thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by ingwe Gee that's great. I wouldn't have known since she's on my ignore list. I am very proud of you
Quote: Originally Posted by hoosterw What do you think? This is not charity my girl. You could also come by the shop I am sure the phonitor will drive them hard. Haha no, I already figured something like that It would be nice to see how my amp would stack up against a dedicated headphone amp though, just kind of busy so have to see when I can make the time to come over again
Quote: Originally Posted by hoosterw Well as far as it stands today I have good news for the Dutch Head Fi community, I will get a demo set (the 900's yes!) end of next week. That is awesome news indeed! By demo I assume that means you'll have to send it back at a certain point..? I'll have to see...I would love to hear it just for kicks at least. I would also like to hear the Phonitor again...we'll see
Quote: Originally Posted by Ub3rMario Anyway, i was just wondering if you've ever been surprised by how unobservant people are. Fixed it, at least in my opinion. It's not just audio. I work in a photography store and am/try to be a photographer and I get scared by how few people care about quality. Hardly any. And when cost and/or effort come into play even less than hardly any. You can see the same thing occur when talking food (real food I...
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