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Thanks Ven, it has been updated!   The project evolved quite immensely since posting this thread. A 156 cameras have been shipped so far worldwide. You can see all the locations here in case you're interested: Camera Whereabouts   I still need people to join so when interested feel free to do so!
Hi all,    I've recently set up a new photography project and I want to invite people all over the world to join this.   In short the goal is to collect photographs from people everywhere depicting what the current financial crisis means to them or how it has affected their lives. This does not necessarily have to be negative things. The result will be published in a book and spread via Blurb. The money gathered by selling the book will go to the Fair Trade...
Hi, I actually received mine a couple of days ago and I love them! They are very sturdy, they position firmly on the ground/table and the headphones fit on them really well without stretching the headband. Also, last but not least....they are very pretty! I both have the black version and the white, love them equally! Best, Indra
Hi folks,   Sorry but I am not going to make it...I am way too busy. I hope I'll be able to join next time. Have great fun and post lots of photos to drule over!!    Cheers, Indra      
Sorry to hear that Kees. I hoped you were doing better by now. Still the best wishes for you in that case.   However, interesting that you have the LCD-2. A mini-meet sounds great. I would love to compare that headphone against my ED9. It's about the only headphone I can imagine will kick the ED9s ass on every genre. How do you feel it compares to an Ultrasone (seeing that they all suffer from a dip in the mids)? A stupid question but still...     Anyway, hope to see you...
I don't think it's a problem if you ride with us Anouk   Is there anybody out there with an Audeze LCD-2 coming to this meet? I wouldn't mind testing them before selling my ED9 in a sort of mental state before actually hearing what might replace them..
Hey Anouk, I think you can ride with us if we go and if you'd like of course
Maybe we could travel together if you'd like?
27th of March sounds good for me as well!   UltraInferno; where are you coming from?
I already tried contacting Hans but haven't heard from him yet... Hope he'll chime in though. I'll try and contact some more people but I'm a bit busy atm.. Hope to do that asap
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