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Just did :-)
I wouldn't mind organising a meet (I did one a couple of years ago and it was much fun!). I don't know how serious Paulissen HiFi was though, it would be a great place to do it. Perhaps the OP can chime in on that one.
Any updates? I would be interested to come! 7 and 14th of March would be great.   Will bring:   MacbookPro Apogee Duet FW Rockhopper Audio Balanced M3 Balanced Cardas Cable Sennheiser HD600   And when interested Cambridge Audio DVD99 as another source.
Hi all,   For sale is my Larocco PRII with AD744 mod. I'm the first owner (non-smoking) and bought it from a shop in Holland. I haven't used it in a while now and will not do so in the nearby feature so decided to let it go. It works flawlessly, it's in as good as new condition; a few marks here and there but nothing excessive. I'll throw in the iphone/ipod cable made by Qables.    PM for more information. Looking for €350,- and will ship anywhere.
The more beer the better the sound  The more the merrier, also true, but I really won't be able to make it; work stuff (cool work stuff though but work).
Hey girl, how are you?! Long time no see ;-) Not much around on the boards either. So, are you going? Unfortunately nobody dropped a bomb on Weert so so far I won't be making it. Too bad as I could've picked you up and on top of that I just received my Cardas balanced cable for the HD600 which works wonders so far.   Have fun people and drink LOTS of that Belgian beer 
As I already see some interest in the hps, would you be willing to sell the cable separately? And would you mind shipping outside of the US?? Thanks!
Ahhh don't make it worse haha ;) It's a photographic demo, I could screw up the chemistry so we'd have to break it off...ahh...if only I've seen this earlier. Have fun!
I just bought one (sold off the ED9) but I won't make it..   Really crappy stuff coz I live like a half hour drive from frikkin Heerlen! Unfortunately I cannot cancel the demo I have planned for that day. Such a bummer! Would be nice to see some of you again, and to hear that LCD-3. Oh well... I'll just drool over the photos of the meet then ;)
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