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The more beer the better the sound  The more the merrier, also true, but I really won't be able to make it; work stuff (cool work stuff though but work).
Hey girl, how are you?! Long time no see ;-) Not much around on the boards either. So, are you going? Unfortunately nobody dropped a bomb on Weert so so far I won't be making it. Too bad as I could've picked you up and on top of that I just received my Cardas balanced cable for the HD600 which works wonders so far.   Have fun people and drink LOTS of that Belgian beer 
As I already see some interest in the hps, would you be willing to sell the cable separately? And would you mind shipping outside of the US?? Thanks!
Ahhh don't make it worse haha ;) It's a photographic demo, I could screw up the chemistry so we'd have to break it off...ahh...if only I've seen this earlier. Have fun!
I just bought one (sold off the ED9) but I won't make it..   Really crappy stuff coz I live like a half hour drive from frikkin Heerlen! Unfortunately I cannot cancel the demo I have planned for that day. Such a bummer! Would be nice to see some of you again, and to hear that LCD-3. Oh well... I'll just drool over the photos of the meet then ;)
Sale pending..
Photos have been added! If you'd like to see more etc. feel free to ask. The stains you see on the outerside of the cups are from fingers etc. They wipe off pretty easily with a cloth you use to clean glasses and the like.
I'm finally looking to sell these. I'm the first owner, I bought them at the beginning of September 2008. They are in excellent condition. Lived in a smoke-free home. I have the original case, and extra mini-jack-plug-converter (not sure what to call it). A couple of months ago my bunny chewed through their cable which was hanging in an irresistible way for him. I had them recabled with a new stock cable.   I'm looking for $1000 USD + Paypal + shipping.   PM...
Oh darn, if only I would've seen this before!!! I can't make it the 18th..shoit. November is a bit tricky anyway for me this year besides the 25th, too bad. I'm looking to sell my ED9 but do not have the slightest idea of what to get instead. It'll have to pair with my Rockhopper Audio Balanced M3 and Apogee Duet. A meet was actually what I was waiting for to compare things, certainly as it was a long time ago there was one in the Netherlands (as far as I can recall, not...
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