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Just search for Sunricky, you'll find lots of info.
I sold my JD9 as soon as I got my Rogue 99 Magnum with the phono stage.  While the JD9 was good, I really preferred the all tube phono section hands down.  That being said, I've probably spent more since on tubes than I spent on the Jolida originally.  Ironically, I just saw the guy I sold it to, about two years ago, flip it for about $100 more than both he and I paid for it originally.
I haven't tried it.   I'm sticking with the OEM cable for now for the mic and remote.
Bought the Sunricky $17 cable, it arrived yesterday from HK after a few weeks.  The day before it arrived, I found a brand new Logitech VI cable that I forgot I had!  I bought two last time from Logitech and completely forgot.   If anyone needs a TF10 cable, PM me.   
Personally, I have really begin to limit my purchasing to companies that only offer exceptional service.  I'm tired of the headaches and run-around companies seem to put you through just to get help with a product. 
I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned before but I have to say the TS (Round) Comply tips work great on the TF10 without the drawbacks of the cylindrical tips.  IF you want a hair more treble and just slightly larger soundstage, you can put them on backwards also.  
 Have not heard of any.
 Ha, you have me beat!  I only sold them twice!  In a nutshell, I'm looking for a IEM with the noise isolation and form factor of a BA but with the sound attributes of a dynamic.  I was a big fan of the IE8 for a long time but my subway commutes forced me to go with a BA headphone.  I also liked the Sony MDR-EX600/7550/1000 but hated the form factor.  Probably the only headphone worse than a TF10 as far as being Frankenstein bolts. Actually I would be happy with a TF10 in...
This looks interesting for a budget TT.
 They were just not the sound signature I was looking for.  I guess they were too warm for me.  I was actually bummed because they fit better than any other IEM I have tried and were soooooo comfortable.    If they were $200 I might have kept them but at $499 I was very disappointed. 
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