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I'm so happy with my W30s and even though upgraditis has gotten the better of me a few times, I still continue to go back to them.  I've given up on sub $500 IEMs to replace them, I find them that good.  They fit me perfectly and offer everything I have been looking for.   I much prefer them over the W40 but I did have a head cold when I had the W40s for a week or so.
The Scout 1.1 with the aluminum platter is $1999 and the original with the acrylic platter is $1499.
Yikes!!!  I'd get the concept and spend the rest on vinyl then. 
 Having owned Clearaudio and Music Hall tables, the build quality is better with the Clearaudio.   I really considered a MMF-11 when they were being cleared out for the 11.1 but even at 1/2 price there nothing there to really justify $2500.  Lot's of painted MDF and a delicate tonearm.  Even the platter bearing seems cheap.  That being said, I really enjoyed my time with the MMF-7 I had, it sounded great. In this price range I would also look into the Marantz TT15S1, you...
Sale pending
Still available.
 I've had various ML speakers and I always felt they sounded a bit lean until I went Rogue/Tube.  That 15+ year old Eighty Eight amp running 40W in Triode mode replaced a 200Wpc solid state amp and I can't say I would ever go back.   I have also tried the Stereo 90 and found with my listening habits, I just didn't need the extra power.  The 88 is like the little engine that could.  The only problem is with 18 tubes from phono/pre/power the tube rolling combinations are...
Get's it above Kid level in my house. 
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