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These scammers have been targeting allot of audio gear lately.  They keep setting off my 3Camel price alerts!!!
 There was a full page add for the W80 in The Absolute Sound or Stereophile this month, can't remember which one.
I have a Harman Kardon DVD-48 that I bought from HK a few years ago.  It has played less than 15-20 CD/SACD and is in like new condition.   Comes with Box, Manual and Remote.  Not a scratch on it.   Asking $50 plus shipping.  I'd guess in the $20-30 range for FedEx or UPS Ground depending on your location.
Lot's of info here:  http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/pioneers-new-plx-1000-turntable.367966/
30th Anniversary VPI Classic in Black Oak. Rating a 7/10 due to age and cosmetic condition. I'd say closer to an 8 but I don't want to over state the condition. 7/10 condition means: Good - 1 or 2 minor scratches, looks used but well maintained. There are two imperfections on the plinth, on small ding on the left side and one slightly larger on the right. The platter has some hairline scratches. If you want the platter to be perfect, VPI will buff the platter to new...
I'm so happy with my W30s and even though upgraditis has gotten the better of me a few times, I still continue to go back to them.  I've given up on sub $500 IEMs to replace them, I find them that good.  They fit me perfectly and offer everything I have been looking for.   I much prefer them over the W40 but I did have a head cold when I had the W40s for a week or so.
The Scout 1.1 with the aluminum platter is $1999 and the original with the acrylic platter is $1499.
Yikes!!!  I'd get the concept and spend the rest on vinyl then. 
 Having owned Clearaudio and Music Hall tables, the build quality is better with the Clearaudio.   I really considered a MMF-11 when they were being cleared out for the 11.1 but even at 1/2 price there nothing there to really justify $2500.  Lot's of painted MDF and a delicate tonearm.  Even the platter bearing seems cheap.  That being said, I really enjoyed my time with the MMF-7 I had, it sounded great. In this price range I would also look into the Marantz TT15S1, you...
New Posts  All Forums: