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There are a few of us TF10 dinosaurs that moved to Westone W30s and are VERY happy.  Thread here
Platter =  20+ lbs,  total weight is 65lbs. Yes, the Sonata has been on a MMF7, TT15-S1, Scout and the Classic.   Even on the previous three tables it probably only has 200-250 hours of use.  This week I received the Goldring 2400 (Slightly Used) and a new Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood.  Unfortunately there is an issue with the 2400, it has a bad hum on the right channel, hopefully the seller will be cooperative.  It's too bad because it seemed to be a good match for the table,...
 Jerry Garcia - Compliments from RSD.
  New to me, 30th Anniversary VPI Classic.  If you have never seen one in person, it's hard to explain how massive this thing is.    Unfortunately, the Grado Sonata will probably have to go due to hum on the first 1-3 songs.  I have a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood and Goldring 2400 on the way to check out.
There's a whole thread regarding the S6 sound quality with mostly poor results.
Price drop before auction.
Brand new never used UE900 black cable.  Just ordered from Logitech but in the mean time decided to buy a Linum Bax cable.   Buy here and save $7 than buying from Logitech.   Price included Paypal and First Class USPS Postage.  US 48 only.
For sale is an very good condition of UE TF10Vi.  The only small issue is there is a small chip in the paint on one and is only cosmetic.  Had them in my pocket with my car keys.  See pictures.   Price include:  headphones plus used working VI cable, brand new never used VI cable  purchased from Logitech.  All original items including all tips, case, 1/4" adapter, right angle adapter, airplane adapter and cleaning tool.   Also included is two new Comply TS500 tips, and...
Just ordered the UE900 black cable.  I actually miss the memory wire from my TF10 cable and having also owned the UE900 I feel it will be a nice compromise between the two.  Aside from that, still loving my W30s. 
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