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 That will help immensely with static.  
   email PARTS@ATUS.COM or call Parts at 330-686-2600 ext. 5002
 Please don't take offense, but given your history with UE headphones, why do you keep buying them??  If a product only lasted me that long, I would certainly buy from another manufacture especially when there are so many great headphones available.
I was recently unfaithful to my TF10s .  I thought that the younger prettier model would sound better, look better and fit better.  After a few hours of couples counseling, I'm happy to say my TF10 and I are back together again!   The UE900 are on their way back to Logitech.  I liked them but not loved them.  But in less than two hours I was already experiencing the connector issue with the right side cutting out.    I didn't really find them to be an upgrade or even...
I hope so at $120!!
 Magic Eraser, do a search over on for lots of good information.
Not pictured, but my FOTM is the mono pressing of "Give the people what they want". I have the stereo version too but it's been relegated to the bottom shelf.
My Scout has gotten blue balls!!!  
I like them, but just not enough to worry about the issue.  They also just don't fit me that well, I actually prefer my flipped TF10. 
Direct from Logitech.  They had a "dented box" sale but there was no box damage at all, I think it was just a house cleaning of the UE900.
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