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Yes, it is a Moth Audio 2A3 purchased from Craig Uthus 18 years ago.
More than 20 years and thousands of hours listening.......
Thank you for your impressions. I've owned a lot of tube amps and I like it. I'm curious to know how matches this amp with Audeze LCD3. I know that OTL matches very well with high impedance transducers but with low impedance.....I will see.                      
Thank you for your reply. I'm going contact him. I,m very fond of OTL sound with speakers but I don't have a OTL amp for headphones and I want to listen th ZOTL with my Audeze LCD3, Fostex TH900, ATH W3000 and others..... I'm using a Leben 300 amplifier with Audeze and Burson Virtuoso/Auralic Taurus with others. Regards.
Hello,   I live in Spain and I'm thinking to buy a MicroZOTL2 + LPS. I've read in some post that there's a offcial reseller in Austria. Would someone let me know where can I find him please? Thank you in advance.
I think it depends of your tastes and the headphones you are listening too.
Hello,   I've uptated my Ak240 to the new firmware right now and there's no noticeable changes in sound. It still sounds gorgeous..... Cheers.
chawya22,   I've dowloaded Android File Transfer and I'm charging my AK 240 with music right now.   I don't understand why the AK120 works fine whitout but.....anyway.   Thanks a lot!!
OK. I'm going to do it right now.Thank you.
Hello,   Thanks for your answer. No, I'm not using nothing......  But my AK120 works fine in this way when I connect it to the MacBook...
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