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I have vsonic GR07's and I've been too hard on the cable where it connects to the jack. It doesn't have a microphone, and the issue is right on the jack. I have no soldering experience at all, but I'd like to get more technical with my understanding of my audio gear and this seems like a decent entry point.    Can anyone advise on what skills I'd need to learn to work this problem? Appreciate any advice on how to get started as well.  
I'm looking for IEMs that have nice durable stock cords. I used to have Shure 530s remolded with inearz..the cord was durable but the custom mold attachment to the cord was weak and I lost the actual drivers....  I can't afford to spend that much this time, but obviously I'm looking for something that sounds as good as possible.  I'd like to target around $100 but since I have a pretty specific durability requirement and I don't want them to sound awful I could be talked...
Bump! I know there's lots of general LCD2 cable threads but this price range is another matter!  Thanks folks.  
Hi all - I know there are lots of LCD2 cable threads, but I'm starting this one because I want specific price range of $100-200. I'm open to the idea that there could be a price/performance sweet spot above or below that but that's ultimately want I want to go for: price/performance.     I was happy with the stock cable other than the left channel is done in less than two years.  My educated guess is that there difference between the stock cable and a $600 silver cable...
I recently picked up a used Ray Samuels Raptor from head-fi, which I love. I was researching possible tubes to experiment with and I noticed that there is one called Raytheon 5687WA. I currently have some GE tubes in the amp and they're designated 5687WB.    I'm new to tubes and wondering if someone could help explain the WA-WB difference or has any other advice. It doesn't appear to be the most common tube type but I've heard good thing about the Tungsols.   Cheers
Spend your budget on what you want, without getting them customized > save for remolding, get that done when you can is my suggestion.  
  I got an interconnect and a spdif from them I use with my setup - very happy as well!
Duly noted, I'll see how the end of the year bonus goes! 
Ditto the thanks to Doc & Poppa - glad people are willing to put in that extra effort to organize and host these.  Grateful to whomever sent out the Stax (was it cavalli themselves?) was a lot of fun to get to try that.     It was super fun to talk headphone speak to other actual human beings rather than just over the internet!   As far as impressions go: Was awesome to try a prototype amp! Learned about some great recordings from everyone Was really...
That sucks - sorry don't have it & didn't hear anything.    On another note, is there a separate impression thread? I've seen that elsewhere but this was my first meet so don't know.   Here's my impression preview: it was fun!
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