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I knew that the food fight would start sooner or later. Still loving how well my PHA-1A and A17 are working together. Great sounding jazz.
I may be one of the few who has no desire to tinker with the music as presented. I have learned that once I start doing it I never seem to finish. Takes away from just enjoying the music. Flat always works for me. None of the material that I listen to has come across as being overly bright or with a limited soundstage. It may be a matter of perception or personal preference. I enjoy listening to the PHA-1A.
I would hope that the M8 is better for 2x the cost. Is it twice as good? I would like to know what, other than the HA-2, competes at this price point?
I use my custom earpieces on mine and it does make a noticeable difference.
I know that my Etymotics are not the earphones de jour and that some of you like the bass thump that seems unnatural to me. I love my music as flat as it comes. That being said, I have to say that I am really coming to love the way this setup sounds. It has become very engaging over time.
I do use the cable that came with the PHA-1A and I am not having any battery issues.
 I only know that I have come to like the way mine sounds with the music that I listen to which is primarily FLAC/ALAC  jazz and R&B.  No MP3 files.  It is good with both the iPod Classic and the NWZ-A17.  I do not diddle with equalization.  I have and always will run everything flat. I hope that you make peace with this thing soon, or find something that suits you better.  Nice when you can just enjoy the music.
Why don't you just return it? It doesn't matter if it is a defective unit or your personal preferences. If you aren't happy, just return it.
  All hands not being equal I don't know if me grabbing it would tell a lot. Looking bulky might be a matter of perspective.  This combination is certainly smaller that the PHA-1A with my iPod Classic.  It all fits easily in my pouch of choice the Crumpler Thirsty Al (l).
I have pretty much concluded that at this price point this works for me. It won't see eBay any time soon. I can knit pick it but for the jazz and R&B that I listen to overall it is a good listen.
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