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Looking for Etymotic ER-4S in very good to excellent condition.
Thanks.  I'll consider that.
I believe that I will let the tried and proven RWA do my mod.  I am not convinced that it matters that much.  I will struggle with the cable decision while that is being done.  Maybe someone will come forward with an opinion on the TWag reference cable by then.
First impressions...anyone?
I do not do this often.  Hope the link works.
I am admittedly late to iMod awareness.  Until storage became an issue I had not thought about an iPod as a source.  I am currently listening to a 160GB Classic via an RSA Shadow.  I have an 80GB Gen 5.5 that I am planning to iMod.  Is there enough known to compare the subject mods and say that one is any better than the other?
The new iPod Silver Dragon LOD looks as good as it sounds.  It will not disappoint.  Great work Drew!
I am altering my original post below to offer the amp for sale at Sold with the stock tubes.  The offer for sale is good through 9A central Saturday 8/7 to allow time for shipping.  If the amp remains unsold by then it goes back to its cardboard home.  Pics are available upon request.    My feedback can be seen on eBay (Fuzzie_whazzie).     My silver WA6 has been in a box for going on two years now and I am considering selling it and the tubes that go with it. ...
Bottom line - IMHO they are worth having, and you can't make them yourself. If you want to give them a try, save up or sell something, and buy them, new or used. Don't forget the money for the UM56s. Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Hsiu I am pulling trigger on UM56 (going audiologist tmr), what material should I go for and why ? vinyl or silicon ? my ear wax is on the dry side. I read and chose the OtoBlast material. I would not tell you to use it, but I would encourage you to spend a few minutes studying. There is this as well as other info on the internet.
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