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Wow!...........just had one of my 8 year-old posts quoted, how cool is that?
here's some good info I have organized 5 local meets, 2 at my home, 1 at my County Club and the 2 at a Motel so I have some experience. If you have questions send me a PM. Good luck.
This is a very enjoyable acoustic album
Klipsch X7 $59.99 on Woot today only
Two Irishmen walk out of a Bar...................well it could happen you know.
WOOT - Klipsch X5, $64.99
Rebecca Pidgeon's, Spanish Harlem, on her CD The Raven, on the Chesky Label. Beautiful voice extremely well recorded.
I'd like to step back a few years and nominate "Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall" A live performance recorded in 1959, yes, 56 years ago. This recording is excellent and set the standard for future live recordings.The performance is beyond reproach. If you're thinking my suggestion is crazy, you haven't listened to the album. I believe this album should be in every audiophiles...
OK, so now I have way too much stuff to find & listen to.
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