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a very good recording of a singer/songwriter with an amazing voice and outstanding backup.
Purchased my RS-1 about 6 years ago, used. I still really like their sound. serial #5086.
Wow!...........just had one of my 8 year-old posts quoted, how cool is that?
here's some good info http://www.head-fi.org/t/757025/how-to-organize-your-own-meet-general-advice-thread I have organized 5 local meets, 2 at my home, 1 at my County Club and the 2 at a Motel so I have some experience. If you have questions send me a PM. Good luck.
This is a very enjoyable acoustic album
Klipsch X7 $59.99 on Woot today only http://sellout.woot.com/?ref=gh_so_11
Two Irishmen walk out of a Bar...................well it could happen you know.
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