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Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady is a Tramp
Sorry to hear the Triangle Meet is a no-go. Life happens and some things must take priority. Should there be problems organizing a meet for the 1st quarter of 2015 let me know and I'll try to put together a Charlotte (Cornelius) meet.
I select an image in "get started" and then nothing happened. Could I possibly be that boring?
For the Gym I use my Etymotic ER4P with custom ear tips. They're comfortable and don't loosen-up.
Wow! this thread is pushing 10 years old. many of the titles listed are, in fact, very good. However, I believe if you're interest is in listening to how a headphone really performs, test tracks and a musical selection intended for just that purpose is your best measuring tool. I suggest this.......
Mes think your quest will be long and take you far. The genres you've listed are, for the most part, recorded to be played on DAPs and phones and listened to through ear buds, hence most of it is compressed. Not what one could consider an audiophile format. Good luck with your search Pilgrim.
Check thrift stores like Goodwill, Habitate,....etc. they always have used gear. Any Sony or Pioneer should play MP3s and I've found multi-disc players are the majority. .
Hilton Head Is., SC - Spice Bush at Sea Pines Plantation
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