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You've got it.
I will be bringing a selection of SACDs, Binaural and reference quality recording. My signature has a link to a database of my CD collection, if anyone cares to peruse it and make a special request I'd be happy to bring it along.
We need to remember this is about the music. Sure, we want the best gear we can afford to maximize our enjoyment but it's really about the music. Bring your BEST recordings to the meet. Great gear and great music make a meet memorable.
The 2 CD set from RCA, Harry Belafonte Live in Concert at Carnegie Hall. (74321 15713 2 (2)). This doesn't have the original albumcover art but it's the complete 2 vinyl album recording. the version with the original album art is missing two tracks. This was recorded in 1959and I'm hard-pressed to find a better live recording.
I've been listening to this with my K1000, it's amazing. Great great recording. I've found a bunch of the old recordings, from 40, 50 60 years ago that are spot-on. Off the top of my head is Harry Benafonte at Carnegie Hall recorded in 1959. It's a magnificent recording. I'll bring the Harry Belafonte concert recording to the meet.
I just purchased Muddy Waters, Folk Singer, a 1963 release that has been remastered as an SACD by Analogue productions. If you're a blues aficionado you gotta' heard this. Excellent.
^ I'd like to see what they have to offer.
I'm listening to the "Dr. Chesky's Sensational Fantastic & Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show" CD on my AKG K1000. This is very good.
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