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Try this, I've used it many times. It's 60+ minutes long and I've never been awake to hear the end. One cent, used on Amazon.
Here's a selection that may interest you.
I don't understand all the harsh criticism for the X3. You spent $200 or less for a high-def music player whose specs are well publicized and because the firmware doesn't meet your specific needs/desires and/or the sound isn't what you expected, you're all over it like it's trash. Maybe your expectations are unreasonable for release 3 and could it be your ears or IEMs that make the sound not meet expectations? It's a good player, for the money it's a great player. Work...
I work in a record shop when this LP was released. In my 4 years there it was the biggest selling LP.
very very slow down loading to dropbox. tracks 1 & 2 took almost an hour. I'll try again tomorrow.
that album as a flac is 2.85gb. do you know of a free file sharing site?
I just updated my X3 to firmware V3.3. It says the update was successful, however when I checked the "about the X3" screen it says I'm still running 3.21 Beta. Is this screen just not getting updated or is the update not working even though it indicates it is? Thanks for any help. UPDATE: The new equilize feature isn't showing on the "play settings" so I assume I'm still running v3.21beta. I unzipped 3.3 on a 2gb card to run the update. Any Idea what I might be doing... only $89.99
My sincere condolences. Having lost a stepchild needlessly I have some understanding of your pain. I found time heals, but leaves a scar.
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