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Nice pictures Patrick.
Not only were the vendors generious with financial support, so were all you Head-fiers. So much so that I collected $121.00 more than the cost of the meet. What I'd like to do is hold the money and offer it to the organizers of the next North Carolina meet. If anyone has another suggestion let me know.
Great photos however they should be posted on the meet impressions thread.\ Monitor, please lock this thread. Thanks.
This meet had the best attendance of any North Carolina meet to date with 23 head-fier sharing their gear. Three vendors were in attendance, Frank from WyWires, Justin from HeadAmp and Dan from Mr. Speakers. Josh & I would like to thank the vendors for joining us, sharing their knowledge and for their very generous financial support which is greatly appreciated. And of course...
I was in the lobby from 9:05 till 9:30, sorry I missed ya'll. see you tomorrow morning.
Hey Art, 9am for setup.
Yess, it's good.
We're asking for donations. the Room is $250 so $10.00 each should cover the cost.Jerry, this place is across the street from the Days Inn, they have some vegetarian meals.
I'll be at the Day's Inn tonight around 9pm for a meet-&-greet. We can get together in the Bar. Are there any last requests for music you'd like me to bring tomorrow? A link to my collection is in me signature.
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