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I'd like to step back a few years and nominate "Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall" A live performance recorded in 1959, yes, 56 years ago. This recording is excellent and set the standard for future live recordings.The performance is beyond reproach. If you're thinking my suggestion is crazy, you haven't listened to the album. I believe this album should be in every audiophiles...
OK, so now I have way too much stuff to find & listen to.
Hey! Where are the pics? I wasn't the only one there with a camera.
Hey Vernon, sorry you couldn't make it, it was a good meet. Her name is Amanda. I'm saving-up to buy the rest of her.
Thanks Sol & Shane for putting this together, I had a great time, visiting with friends, meeting new enthusiasts & listening to amazing gear.
To review the meet visit the "Meet Impressions Thread"...............
My apologies for the late notice, but I’d like to attend the meet Saturday and bring my gear if you can squeeze me in. I can bring: Source Yamaha CD-S2000 w/balanced o/p FiiO X3 player Amps Woo Audio 22 Yamaha A-S300 - dedicated K1000 amp FiiO E11 portable Headphones Grado RS-1 – balanced Denon D7000 – balanced AKG K1000 – balanced HiFiMan HE-400 – balanced Sennheiser PX-100 II Etymotic ERP-4 w/custom tips
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