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According to Music Collector I have 16,451 tracks in my collection. A lot of it I haven't listened to in a long time so I find it fun to go "shopping" in my own collection.
I think the idea here is to have a meet in the Raleigh area to attract head-fiers in that area who don't travel to Charlotte because of time & expense.I hope this happens.
I've listened to clips on Amazon. I'm a big Neil Young Fan but for the life-of-me I can't come-up with a reason to buy this.
Yes you are! Thanks, I reformatted the card in the X3, unzipped, ran and wallah! I'm now up-and-running with v3.0Thank you all for your help. I hope that in the not to distance future I'll be X3 savy enough to contribute to the thread.This is the kind of experience that makes Head-Fi such a great forum.
I received my X3 yesterday and am trying to update the v1.31 firmware with the new v3.0. I continually get the error "File not found". I have downloaded the FW3.0 file to a 2gb FT card formatted as FAT32. I've searched the thread and can't find any help but suspect that may be because of my search criteria. Any help resolving this problem will be appreciated.
In the parking lot at Willow River Gallery & Café, Honesdale, PA
Start planning 6 months prior to a when you'd like the meet to occur. Finding local Head-Fiers for the first meet can be a challenge. If you're interested in organizing a meet you've probably been on Head-Fi for a while and aware of a few others in your area (100 mile radius), I'd suggest: 1) contact them and ask if they're interested and if they can add names to a list. use these names to create a PM mailing list. 2) post in the local meetings thread giving a town...
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