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Bamboos, New Mastersounds, Yo mamma's big fat booty band, and Deep Banana Blackout are some new soul/funk bands that are all worth checking out if you like the Dap-Tone stuff
Seriously, not one person is willing to respond - and here I thought this was a community Richard Burke
Would someone who owns a pair of these let me know if the driver assembly can be removed from the gimbals, and if so what is the measurement of the gimbals.  I'm interested to see if I can put a set of Grado drives into the headband/gimbals assembly of the monoprice 8323.   You can post here or PM me with the information
Does anyone know if the monoprice 8323 headband/gimbals assembly fits/works with Grado driver/cup assemblies?
I got mine on sale at Radio Shack - brand new for $12.99.  Not sure when the next sale will be, but if you can wait I wouldn't be surprised if they run the sale again
La Santa Cecilia - a new favorite of mine  
I'd like to buy or possibly trade for a set of gimbals and rodblocks for my Grado RS2i headphones. My preference is for something like the Martin Audio version, but would consider almost any 
Wasn't it you who first posted about what was R&B and what was blues...  you might heed your own wordsHere's a wikipedia definition/article on R&B
The generic are on the ear vs over the ear - not sure how much of a difference it makes
Got it the day it came out, listened to it several times already and it is currently in my car player
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