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click on the vote here and then use the right arrow and it will display the bracket
Voting doesn't seem to be working - clicked the link and got the discount coupon but not voting choice
It's too bad that NMBR11 chose this particular video to use.  I've listened to their release on spotify via their website and they sound much better than they do in this video.   http://nmbr11.com/
He got my vote because of the guitar playing and looping, although I agree that both deserve to have their music/voices heard.
The recording on the live video doesn't show them well - poor SQ, the soundcloud songs convinced me
I am considering buying either a Oppo BDP-105 or a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic V2 for playing High Res files from a USB SSHD.  Has anyone heard both or care to weigh in on the pros and cons in a comparative manner.
And your sunglasses, cause if i wear shorts you will be blinded by the white
Excellent, any recommendations for a powered hub?
That's what I was thinking about, did you connect direct or via a USB hub?  I was thinking/hoping that doing it via a powered hub might work
Has a anyone successfully connected a HDD to the DX-90 via the OTG connection?  If so what's involved in doing it?
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