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I am considering buying either a Oppo BDP-105 or a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic V2 for playing High Res files from a USB SSHD.  Has anyone heard both or care to weigh in on the pros and cons in a comparative manner.
And your sunglasses, cause if i wear shorts you will be blinded by the white
Excellent, any recommendations for a powered hub?
That's what I was thinking about, did you connect direct or via a USB hub?  I was thinking/hoping that doing it via a powered hub might work
Has a anyone successfully connected a HDD to the DX-90 via the OTG connection?  If so what's involved in doing it?
I searched the thread and couldn't find a listing of equipment that vendors and members will be bringing.  There was some talk about it happening, but I couldn't find where it was ever completed.  I have some specific desires so wanted to see if the equipment would be there to audition.
1,600,000 yen = ~ $13,382.00 - seems a bit steep to me
I can't just let this thread die... so here's two more        
Not sure what kind of Jazz you are asking for, but here is some of each: Fusion Jazz:  Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra - might as well start at the beginningStraight Jazz but still new:  Christian McBride Semi Experimental but great SQ:  Nick Bartsch's Ronin
You should be fine as long as you aren't expecting fusion jazz
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