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Is there a DAP with a USB input (SSD or portable HD)?  I did some searching but couldn't find one, so thought I would ask this group.  When I travel for long periods of time I would prefer to bring a larger library of music with me.
One of two   Tower of Power, Cold Blood and Santana  There was an hour and a half encore with Tower of Power Horns, Lydia Pense and Dave Garabaldi sitting in with Santana and his band   Blues Project, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Emerson, Lake and Palmer  -  never heard of Mahavishnu Orchestra and was completely blown away by them, and they propelled ELP to be at the top of their game
Although I am not looking for a shorter cable, I am also interested in upgrading the stock cable and would appreciate any recommendations.  I listen through a WA2 amp and am currently listening to a lot of acoustic instrument music
Alex de Grassi on Blue Coast records   you can download a high rez version for free from Blue Coast records
Both are in my price range and I can't decide.  I own 7500+ CDs with some in almost all genres, my favorite styles right now are Americana, bluegrass, blues and indie folk, but I still listen to a lot of progressive rock and fusion jazz.   My main set up uses a Woo Audio WA2 and my bedroom set up uses a Marantz CD-5001 (with built in headphone amp)   I currently have a pair of Thunderpants TP-1s and a pair of Grado RS2s that I listen through and I like them both,...
Ditto for me
click on the vote here and then use the right arrow and it will display the bracket
Voting doesn't seem to be working - clicked the link and got the discount coupon but not voting choice
It's too bad that NMBR11 chose this particular video to use.  I've listened to their release on spotify via their website and they sound much better than they do in this video.
He got my vote because of the guitar playing and looping, although I agree that both deserve to have their music/voices heard.
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