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And your sunglasses, cause if i wear shorts you will be blinded by the white
Excellent, any recommendations for a powered hub?
That's what I was thinking about, did you connect direct or via a USB hub?  I was thinking/hoping that doing it via a powered hub might work
Has a anyone successfully connected a HDD to the DX-90 via the OTG connection?  If so what's involved in doing it?
I searched the thread and couldn't find a listing of equipment that vendors and members will be bringing.  There was some talk about it happening, but I couldn't find where it was ever completed.  I have some specific desires so wanted to see if the equipment would be there to audition.
1,600,000 yen = ~ $13,382.00 - seems a bit steep to me
I can't just let this thread die... so here's two more        
Not sure what kind of Jazz you are asking for, but here is some of each: Fusion Jazz:  Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra - might as well start at the beginningStraight Jazz but still new:  Christian McBride Semi Experimental but great SQ:  Nick Bartsch's Ronin
You should be fine as long as you aren't expecting fusion jazz
I have a few of them:   CC Coletti, Wycliff Gordon, Amber Rubarth, Bucky Pizzarelli and Jazz in the New Harmonic   1st of all they are Chesky recordings so good SQ, but not a lot of dynamics, they are all very "quiet" recordings.   2nd the binaural aspect is good, but not enough to buy just because of that.   You need to like the music regardless of the binaural and if you do then the binaural aspect makes it very enjoyable
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