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Fingers and toes crossed!!!   :)
If I remember correctly, we did not get the A20 series until earlier this year so let's see what Sony US will do for the A30.
For the Asian market it seems to be good to go for an October launch but who knows for the US market.   Here in the US they took their sweet time to launch the A20 series and so far the A30's are not on the sony US site as being available soon so I won't hold my breath for an October US launch.
Questions for you guys who own the ZX100 with the MDR-NW750N noise cancelling earbuds.     I am interested to read your first hand opinions on the:   1) Effectiveness of the MDR-NW750N's noise cancellation on airplane cabin/engine noise. 2) The sound quality of the MDR-NW750N without turning on the noise cancelling feature.   Thanks!
 Thanks for the tip! Album art not working properly will definitely drive me nuts!!!!
I have been on the fence with this player.   Currently I have a Cowon J3 and I am ready for an upgrade.   Do you guys think that the ZX100 will eventually be released in the US?   So strange that they are totally by-passing the US market with the new gen player (ZX100 and the NWA25 etc).   May be they are still trying to get rid of the older models? I was hoping to see a price drop on the older units but so far has not happened.   Wake up Sony-US, get us the new...
    Yeah paypal is pretty good about these things. It's a hassle but I should be ok with the Paypal's buyer protection if it turns out to be a counterfeit set.     I understand what you guys are saying, it's just so tempting to have a backup when my EX700 finally dies.
I just submitted an offer to one of these seller so let's see what happens.....  
Yeah that's what I was thinking after reading through all these auctions. I guess the only way to really tell is to buy one and compare with the ones I already own. I just hate having to deal with the return and other hassles if they turn out to be fakes.
I was just browsing through ebay and came across multiple sellers all having " Brand New in Box" MDR-EX700 available.   I currently own a pair of them and have been looking for a "backup" pair without much success until now.   Check these...
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