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 I see a lot of Walkman USB cables out there, do they all work with USB DAC or do I need the Sony one? Also, do you by any chance have the part number for the Sony dedicated digital out cable? Thanks!!
Question:   Does anyone use the Dragonfly red or black with a Sony NW-.A30 series player or know if they will work together?   I did a search of this thread but found no result on this question.   Thanks!
Thanks for taking the time to share your first hand impression of this player. Question, I'm trying to decide on whether to get the Dragonfly DAC/amp, does it really make that much of a difference with the A35? Thanks again.
Appreciate the confirmation!
What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    :) Have a great weekend!
  No!!! Shut the barn door!!!! Really?!!!!!!! Thanks so much for pointing out the obvious!!!!! That was precisely the reason why I included information on the condition and with what material I came to my conclusion so whoever reads my comment will know how much weight to give it.
  For me the sound quality was ok (not bad but nothing to write home about) when I listened to them at a Sony showroom (quite noisy) with stock Asian music.
I think the two models you're referring to on Accessoryjack were the A36HN and A35 models. HN models include the NC earbud whereas the non-HN models do not.
Another question for you. Do you by any chance own a Cowan J3? Just wondering how the A30 stack up to the J3 in terms of sound quality. Thanks
I totally forgot about Sony China and I missed your post, just read it, thanks for the heads up.
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