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 Lucky  :)
 Why would you want to do that? The A30 series is already listed on the Sony Singapore site so chances are you will get it right about the same time as the rest of Asia. I personally would not order an oversea models unless either it is not available to me locally or I'm saving big bucks by doing so because local Sony most likely will not honor the warranty on overseas models. I might be wrong but at least that's how it is with Sony US last time I checked
Well the Taiwan Sony Site is selling the A35 for NT$6,490 which translate to about US$204 so that beats your Malaysian price by $10    :) https://store.sony.com.tw/product/show/8a818bb956e51dca015721438ae670b3?currentCategoryId=6A79C85752BC48CDAD00465B Can't wait!!!!!
Excellent news, you made my night!!!!!! Thanks!
Can you guys confirm if the A30's will have a plastic touch screen or a glass one like those on the phones?   I asked about that earlier on this thread but did not get any reply so I thought I would try again and hopefully by now someone will have info on this little guy's display to share with us.   Even though I'm almost 100% on buying one, it would be nice to know what material the touch screen is made of.      Thanks
Nice! Now only if Sony US will do the same logical thing, discount, clear out the soon to be replaced model and bring in the new models.
 I just came back from a trip to HK and I almost got myself a NW-A25HN (not available in the US of course) for HK$1640 ( approx. US$211). Here in the US you can get the NW-A26HN for $318, for the $107 difference you only get additional 16GB of on-board storage, no thanks. The only reason I ended up not getting the A25HN in HK was the lack of a touch screen on the A20's. 2 days after I landed back home, Sony announced the A30 series, boy was I glad I didn't end up getting...
  Seems like we're on the same boat with this player
 Not surprising with Sony US's launch pattern the past years with these players. I am already resigned to the fact that I will most likely have to ask my cousin to buy one for me in Asia and ship it over if I do not want to potentially wait till sometime in 2017 for the US launch.
  Not sure if anyone had asked about the display but does it have a glass or plastic touch screen? Thanks!
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