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SOLVED : Do NOT plug a DAC into the Phono jack on the Macintosh.
I have the PS3 > Dacmagic > Mcintosh MA6900 Integrated > B&W 805S When I turn the Dacmagic volume up (and obviously the Macs down) the sound starts distorting, horribly. But when I turn the DAC vol halfway, the distortion is gone....the same thing when I use the IPAD > Airport Express.   But overall I'm getting a muffled sound. Its not crisp.   Any idea why?   ps: I have tried the Dacmagic in non-preamp mode (push volume in and turn on) but this time I get crazy...
Seriously an amazing amp. Less than 8 months old. Its in perfect working condition. Originally retails for $600. I'm selling for $410, which includes shipping in the US. Im selling because my Mcintosh has a built-in amp.   It's in great condition except for two small scratches around a screw on the side. It's visible in the right light, and you might be able to see it in the photos below. I've got all the original packaging (see photo).   Ships from NY (if you live...
gotcha thanks guys. I think I'll get a receiver and run it through there. At least the headphone out on the reviver should be adequate.
I'm trying to connect my Headphones (Senn HD 555) directly to my Samsung TV so I can watch my movies/play my PS3 in peace. What I need is a 1/4" > RCA jack like this....my questions is, will I still get stereo? If so, what is a really good quality one you guys recommend? Example: http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbas...9/2/415892.jpg
Ok my reference setup is nearly done. Here is my setup now. Ipod Touch 16 GB RCA>Ipod cable Darkvoice 336i (with RCA/GE tubes) Denon D5000 ------------------------------------------ I need to get a DAC and connect to my Macbook and eliminate the iPod. Can you suggest some DAC's that work well with my setup? Nothing over $500 please. So far I'm seeing Zhaolu, nuforce uDAC and Zero. Thoughts?
I have a (4 hr used) pair of SR325is I will be putting up on Ebay. PM me your price and you might win this pair before it goes up on ebay. Thanks.
Bought his Denon D5000 from him directly. He invited me into his house for a listen from the cold weather and his lovely wife offered me delicious Arabic sweets. He is a genuinely wonderful person and I'm glad I bought the headphones from him.
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