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Hi. Are these the i or e please?
Thanks Alan but i'd like to buy from UK on this occasion. T
Hi. Postage to UK?
HI. I've got great feedback here, before and after the upgrade, and am back in the market for decent headphones.   I'd like either of the above please,but they must be pristine conditions and able to post to the UK.   I'll pay a fair price for this.   Let me know. Ta!
Hi and thank you. May i ask, which would suit an office environment and train commute best? I'm sharing space with a handful of other phd students. I've previously owned the Srh940 but didn't keep them due to finances!
Hi. PM'd you but have received no reply! Are they still for sale please? T
Mint and barely used pair of above. Pics coming soon. Moving things on to pay for new geetar.
As above. Mint, barely had 6 hours on them. Boxed or babied on dedicated stand when not in use. No marks or flaws whatsoever. Pics coming soon. For UK buyers these are a steal because you pay 25 quid in import tax.    
hi. Bought these a month ago for portable use, but having tried them once in the livbrary, I can't get away with them. Bought from SuperFi in UK for £49 I could have returned them but time lapsed. They are mint, boxed with all bits and essentially new. I'd send these for 40 quid in UK. Elsewhere, please PM. Ta Pics to come asap.  
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