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 No idea, but I received my pair the other day. I don't have a microUSB lightning cable to try it out with though
Just received my pair the other day. Stay tuned for a -really- big review. I have a lot to say about these.
 I gotta say I have the same experience as you on the AD900X. Have you tried the A900X? It is significantly more fun sounding IMO.
Ah that's a good point! I totally forgot that I posted this into the full size cans section but actually I was okay with either kind.
Not in that way!   What headphones do you think would be ideal for wearing to sleep? Why is that?   Budget is under $300 USD. I think I should prioritize comfort over anything else for this purpose. Sound is important but comes second to comfort. Any advice?   Thanks in advance!
Whoa, it's been nearly 9 years since I first made this thread. When we look back at the beginning posts it's incredible how fast technology has evolved. I used to think my setup was good.. hahaha...ha..
 I can't compare them anymore since I no longer own them, but I've heard both headphones and the A900X's are a clear upgrade. Wider soundstage and less sibilant will be the two main differences.
I hope this isn't too much of a far fetched post. Basically, I am obsessed with the super wide airy sound with crispy, fast bass the DT880's provide, but I want the sound in IEMs. Unamped.   What are the closest IEMs to this sound? My budget is $200 USD / $260 CAD / ¥25,000. Thanks in advance.
 How are they? =) It's been a long time since I last visited this thread. 
I didn't change the pads on the A900X's. In order of bass presence, I'd say it's M50>A900X>A900 but this is just from memory and I could be wrong.
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