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I didn't change the pads on the A900X's. In order of bass presence, I'd say it's M50>A900X>A900 but this is just from memory and I could be wrong.
Thread title updated to reflect the ongoing discussion.   As for ATH-M50LE vs A900X (Trying to recall from a week ago)   A few notable differences: The M50LE's have more bass The A900X's have much better imaging The M50LE's are a bit more fatiguing The A900X's are more comfortable They're similar in treble, but the A900X's are more fun with the midrange..vocals sound smoother for example.
Prices of all Japanese headphones should be falling--it reflects the weakening purchasing power of the yen. That's why as of 1-2 months ago the prices fell to around $200 (in Canada, at least)
Audio Technica A900X's?
I imagine that the AD900X's have less bass than the A900X's just due to the nature of the open vs closed design.
I'm super excited for Red Data Girl. The voice actress for Love Plus' Takane Manaka (Saori Hayami) will be voicing the protagonist.
I would love to try ear pad mods, just not a $100 mod ;_;  I got my hair cut recently--now the ear pads don't feel as comfortable as they once did.
I find the leakage bad if they're not being worn--otherwise they don't seem to leak much sound at all.     Also, I recently had a chance to compare them directly to the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro's!   They sound very similar--the DT990's however, does feel a bit more punchy in the bass.  The instruments also feel more distinct on the Beyers, where as they blend a bit better on the A900X's.  Hope I can continue to keep readers informed about these cans!
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