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No starting this weekend...good heads up though I will let you know how it goes
Well, they generated some interest in me...I am about to do the very same mods myself in the next few weeks, so thanks for posting your guide and your assessment of the impact of the mods.
If you have one to sell...let me know
Sold I just got rid of my HM-801, and found I had a new, never used fresh battery for it with me...just bought in past few weeks direct from Head-Direct. It cost me $80...willing to let it go for $60 including shipping and pp charges in CONUS.
I have gone to hm901...and the battery no longer holds much I would be willing to let this go to a good home for any reasonable offer. Originally bought from this listing, no charger included in this sale
SOLD - Excellent working condition, nice unit, I just have too many DAPs....always going on my spending sprees! I will only ship in CONUS, just recently had a bad experience of two items shipped abroad never arriving
Many thanks, will do
Thanks...there are currently 4 people in line for this, so I have set it to sale pending....
Little used, no box but otherwise complete. Works very well,I just do not used apple products for my sound sources anymore.
Lightly used, silver fronted version, excellent condition. Everyone knows about this amp on this site of course. I like it, compact. Selling because I have far too many amps, and a keeping some that I can do some DIy on....Ian
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