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This means it's currently out of stock, the price will revert to normal when they have some available. They are currently processing a large order for massdrop.com (I bought 5 myself), so I suspect they might be busy with that right now.
fairx - well said!   It reminds us of what great resource headfi can be...I had a slightly similar path myself - tried earbuds years ago, and felt they were just a cheap substitute for the 'real thing' ...tried iems, but could never get comfortable with the fit...tried my share of headphones...but due mainly to this thread ultimately have revisited earbuds and been converted. I have been making do with an E100 and edifier 185...but they have already persuaded me how good,...
In addition to the other suggestion, I think several have mentioned this seller on aliexpress...that's where I have ordered mine. I have not received them yet (only ordered a few days ago), but I they have a good deal of positive feedback on the site, and have been mentioned on headfi. If you only want the tomahawk, you have to pick the option for that (they also offer the Ting and Tomahawk which is what I...
KK, thanks!
Hi, if these are still available, I will buy them... $145 incl shipping and paypal right? Just send me your paypal id and I can send the payment. Thanks. Ian
SOLD - Fischer Audio fa-002w. Closed over ear neutral cans with interchangeable plastic (FA-003) and wood cups, interchangeable leather and velour ear pads, and carry bag. Great detail and separation, scale nicely with an amp but work fine straight from a phone/dap. Bought from this listing...   http://www.head-fi.org/t/792945/fs-t-fischer-audio-fa-002w-003-over-ear-headphones-w-wood-cups   I have too many headphones, so I need to reduce the inventory a...
Price includes shipping (in CONUS) and Paypal charges   It is these....   https://www.staxusa.com/STAX-EP-234-Black-Basic-Earpad.html
SOLD - Price includes shipping (in CONUS) and Paypal charges   Never used this...originally bought to do modding, but moved to other phones and this never left the box.   
SOLD - Price includes shipping (in CONUS) and paypal charges. I am the second owner - bought originally from this listing http://www.head-fi.org/t/720522/heed-canamp-chord-cobra-3-rca-ic-for-akg-k701-k702 I just did not ever really get into the AKG 702's for which I originally bought this...and now I am thinning the herd, so this can go.
SOLD - I am moving to a Fiio X7, and so are letting go my Sony gear...this A17 was bought in September 2015, has always had a case and screen protector on from the very first use (the case is a blue silicone case BTW), and has been excellent throughout its use. It comes with original box, and Sony cable. Will post pics shortly. Price includes shipping (in CONUS) and PayPal charges.
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