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Really musical portable headphone amp. In excellent and lightly used condition. I cannot find the small brown bag that comes with it, so its just the amp itself.   Pics coming later today.   Shipping (CONUS only) and PayPal included in price.
Part of my overall clear out of gear - I have been listening to this today, and I am impressed by how well this sounds.  Pics coming soon.   Open to reasonable offers, shipping in CONUS only.
I am downsizing many of my accumulated and excellent gear, primariuly in favor of smaller, mobile/portable ones.   This is a lovely amp.   Bought from this listing   http://www.head-fi.org/t/757549/sold-vincent-khv-111mk-w-telefunken-price-drop-again   Still in same condition.
Subject line says it all...its fully assembled, very lightly used, with tubes (2x6J6A and 2x 6J6W).   Pics at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yo46viw2hb35mgy/AAAmcgH22ebUKWKD77C3qopDa?dl=0   Price includes shipping (CONUS only) and PayPal charges.
I have had this for several years, it has been well kept and lightly used.  Shipping (CONUS only) and PayPal included in price.   WIll upload pics shortly.
These sell new for $415 on eBay, direct from distributor, which is where I got it.   It had never been removed from the original box.   Only shipping to CONUS, price includes paypal and shipping.
I bought this some 3 years ago, never removed anything from the original box, and now am here selling it!  So much for my DIY aspirations. Open to a reasonable offer (to at least cover my shipping and a tiny bit more) rather than just throwing it away. I need the space and will never construct it.   THis kit was sent direct from beezar.com (TooleAudio)   Only shipping to CONUS.
I have two of each - basically unused, stock tubes (for the Embers, Polaris is solid state of course). Open to reasonable offers. Only ship to CONUS. No trades.   I will cover shipping and paypal if the offer is reasonable.   All items were assembled by garage 1217, so the workmanship is of their typical very high standard   I bought these when they first came out, never removed them from the overall garage 1217 package - just listening to an Ember now, sounds great of...
ALL SOLD - Prices include shipping (within CONUS only)   1. Dunu - Alpha 1 - sealed as new - $50 2. Ostry - KC08 - sealed as new - $85 (bought from Penon Audio) 3. MusicMaker Ting - Red - never used, but not sealed - $40 4. Tomahawk MusicMaker - grey/black - never used but not sealed - $35 5. TY Hi-Z Earbuds - Type: HP400 (400ohm) (bought from Penon Audio) - $50 6. Shozy Cygnus (not balanced, I am selling a balanced pair in another listing ) - $75
Very lightly used, but since I am selling my Fiio x7 with the AM3 amp module (balanced output), I will not be needing these.  Bought in last two months...(along with alot of other earbuds, many of which I am also selling), these were among my preferred earbuds, but without a balanced out put dap they do not make sense for me now.   Price includes shipping (in CONUS only) and Paypal charges.
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