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What's about the Grado RS1 or RS2 compared to the SR325 or SR225?
I think I will go with a Beyerdynamic, Denon or Ultrasone.    Does anybody have an explicit recommendation?
Other suggestions?    What's about the Ultrasones?
Hi guys, I'm seeking a new pair of headphones. My old ones were not that good and gone away.   I mainly listen to Metal Music like Death, Thrash, Power, Heavy, Doom, Black, Progressive, Symphonic Metal but Hardrock and Pop Music too.   I need a headphone that is   - fast - (very) detailed - not too bright - no sharp highs - not all too weak bass     Following some possible headphones I choosed:     - AKG K701 - Audio-Technica...
Hi everybody,   I'm looking for new In-Ears, especially for Metal (Black, Death, Thrash, Power, Heavy, Progressive, etc.). I got Graod Cans (SR325) and I love them and their sound. I saw Grado has released In-Ears, so I want to know, whether they sound like the big Grados.   Does anybody have one of the Grado In-Ears? Especially the iGis. And how do they sound with (extreme) Metal?     Thanks men :-)
OK, are there further shops besides Rockabilia or ebay?? Thanks
Nice, is very good. But are they further shops. How is ebay for such stuff??
OK, this site is nice. But I need a Shop mainly for Band-Stuff like T-Shirts of Manowar, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Slayer, et.c Thanks
Hi, where can I buy Rock & Metal Stuff (T-Shirts, Flags, Sleeves, etc.)?? I come from Europe and I need Internet-Online-Shops. Thanks
Hello, I'm looking for new In-Ears for my iPod. I listen to every kind of Rock & Metal. Rock: Hard Rock, Classic Rock, etc. as AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses, etc. Metal: Heavy, Thrash, Death, Progressive, Power, etc. as Pantera, Vader, Iron Maiden, Cannibal Corpse, Dream Theater, Immortal, Slayer, etc. I've often heard that the Denon AH-C 551 & 751 are very good for this kind of music. But my price limit is max. 150€ so I think that the AH-C 551 would be...
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