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What's about the Grado RS1 or RS2 compared to the SR325 or SR225?
I think I will go with a Beyerdynamic, Denon or Ultrasone.    Does anybody have an explicit recommendation?
Other suggestions?    What's about the Ultrasones?
Hi guys, I'm seeking a new pair of headphones. My old ones were not that good and gone away.   I mainly listen to Metal Music like Death, Thrash, Power, Heavy, Doom, Black, Progressive, Symphonic Metal but Hardrock and Pop Music too.   I need a headphone that is   - fast - (very) detailed - not too bright - no sharp highs - not all too weak bass     Following some possible headphones I choosed:     - AKG K701 - Audio-Technica...
Hi everybody,   I'm looking for new In-Ears, especially for Metal (Black, Death, Thrash, Power, Heavy, Progressive, etc.). I got Graod Cans (SR325) and I love them and their sound. I saw Grado has released In-Ears, so I want to know, whether they sound like the big Grados.   Does anybody have one of the Grado In-Ears? Especially the iGis. And how do they sound with (extreme) Metal?     Thanks men :-)
OK, are there further shops besides Rockabilia or ebay?? Thanks
Nice, Rockabilia.com is very good. But are they further shops. How is ebay for such stuff??
OK, this site is nice. But I need a Shop mainly for Band-Stuff like T-Shirts of Manowar, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Slayer, et.c Thanks
Hi, where can I buy Rock & Metal Stuff (T-Shirts, Flags, Sleeves, etc.)?? I come from Europe and I need Internet-Online-Shops. Thanks
Hello, I'm looking for new In-Ears for my iPod. I listen to every kind of Rock & Metal. Rock: Hard Rock, Classic Rock, etc. as AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses, etc. Metal: Heavy, Thrash, Death, Progressive, Power, etc. as Pantera, Vader, Iron Maiden, Cannibal Corpse, Dream Theater, Immortal, Slayer, etc. I've often heard that the Denon AH-C 551 & 751 are very good for this kind of music. But my price limit is max. 150€ so I think that the AH-C 551 would be...
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