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Quote: Originally Posted by kramer5150 Just a heads-up.... if the seller sent you a tracking number, the item will sink into a black-hole as it goes through US Customs. When pinkfloyd sent me his DIY amp, he provided a royal airmail tracking number and I tracked it for a week. It was delivered to US customs and disappeared off www radar for 5 more days. Then it showed up in my mail box out of the blue. Yeah overseas shipping sucks... Good Luck...
I ordered the Headphonia amp (non-usb) on Jan 2. Website indicated it was shipped on 8 Jan, but still no amp . I've also emailed Robert using the contact link on his site a few times with absolutely zero response. I understand the amp is shipping from Germany and I'm in California, but should it take this long? Anyone else have to wait this long for their Headphonia amp? This amp has the impedance sw. to convert my ER4P to 4S so I'm very..very eager to check it out.
You may want to consider getting the ER4P if you get the Headphonia. The full feature Headphonia with the impedance switch will convert the ER4P to the ER4S. This will give you the option to use the ER4P without an amp if needed.
You're getting the exact same setup I'm going with. I already have the Vision M, ER-4P, and Qables Silvercab LOD. I order the supermini on 29 Dec with the expectation of a 2-3 month wait. The ST-VW +LMH6643 cost an additional $24.99 which I opted for. Xin's website say's 50 hours bat life with that particular setup.
Hi all, I'm a Head-fi newbie that's been lurking around for a few weeks and finally decided to post. Since I found this awesome site, i've purchased Ety ER-4P, Xin Supermini IV, Qables Zen Lineout IC, and a Headphonia mini amp w/ext switches. The Mrs doesn't know about the last two items . I've received the Etys, but I'm still waiting for the rest. After doing some research on this site, I chose to go with the Xin and I even convinced myself that I could deal with...
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