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Quote: Originally Posted by sylvainp For the wire I think I can made it myself. I just need to find the iPod line out connector and also the pin out for the wire. has a Do-it-yourself (DIY) section, you can get the connectors there. has pinouts for IPOD connector.
I received my notice on 12 April that my Mini IV has shipped I'm stoked about the improvements that Dr. Xin has made, but now I'm slightly confused. Before the improvements, the stock Mini configuration came with the AD8397. I requested and paid extra for the ST-WV configuration. The new configuration states that a "tube-alike" opamp is now the standard configuration. I wouldn't have ordered the ST-WV if I knew the change was coming. Does anyone know if I will...
Order mine on 26 Dec 06 and noticed my credit card was charged on 11 Apr...should be seeing that shipping notice any day! Now to inform the wife
Noe Venable....she's so awesome. She actually sings on Ani's album 'Knuckle Down'
Although I would not consider her voice haunting or sultry, Alanis Morissette's unplugged CD is very good and on the melodic side. Also contains a great cover of King of Pain Keep them coming.
Here's mine - used velcro to connect the Zen to Amp. Not very portable, but travels well from my bedroom to my living room.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dihnekis Problem still persists, I have the Gateway MX7525 Notebook with a conexant AC Link audio device. Sounds like a power issue. I have an external USB hard drive (2.5") that only gets power through the USB port. Hard drive will not work properly on any laptop (at least the ones I've tried) unless an USB Y connector is installed drawing power from 2 USB ports. This isn't necessary on desktops. Try a powered...
Just received my '06 DT 880 today and they sound great! Doing a burn-in right now. These are my first hi-end fullsize cans...did a lot of research on Head-fi before selecting these and I am not disappointed in the least. These will compliment my ER-4P/S rather nicely......And did I mention these baby's are comfy! Happy to be a part of the club.
He performed an awesome half-time show. I was into Prince back in his 1999 and Purple Rain days, but lost touch when he changed his name to that symbol thing. I did catch him live a few years ago, he did an acoustic version of Little Red Corvette that was mind blowing.
Quote: Originally Posted by socrates63 Sorry for stating the obvious but why don't you just get a P->S converter? That way, you could try any amp you want with it. I bought a 70ohm adapter cable (non-Ety) from someone on Head-Fi for about $20. Do post your impressions once you get the amp. I've heard from people about packages getting stuck in customs, and packages can take a month. Good luck! I actually ordered the Xin Supermini IV with the...
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