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I'm interested in using one of these to replace my current Adcom GTP 500 preamplifier. I've read through the 28 pages and didn't see very much on how this performs as a preamp. I have a pair of Beyer DT880 and the D1 sounds like a good match, but I'll also be looking to replace the Adcom preamp. Anyone use this in place of their preamplifier? What do you think? Thanks!
Guillaume is a great guy to deal with. He purchased my Xin Supermini IV and paid promptly. Great communication. Wouldn't hesitate to sell or buy from him.
Sent you a PM
30GB Creative Zen Vision M with Qables Lineout.
I went from the buds that came with my ZVM to some Sony EX71s to a pair of Senn CX300...then I found this site and purchased my ER4P. Each time I changed I could here an improvement, but it wasn't WOW. Fast forward a week of listening to my ER4P directly from my ZVM (no amp) then returning to my CX300 and WOW what a difference....no comparison. Then I amped them I can never go back to anything less. Hang in there, I'm sure you'll be satisfied.
I'm an owner of a first version Headphonia amp and I'm glad to see this whole issue may be coming to an end. I'm not an EE, lawyer, or an audiophile for that matter and can't even begin to take sides or have an opinion on the Meier vs Headphonia issue. I'm just a hobbyist who enjoys listening to good music on decent equipment. In my short time on this forum and with the help of it's members (thanks ), I've purchased my Ety ER4P, Beyer DT880, Xin Supermini IV, and the...
The Mars Volta is also one of my favorite bands. A few bands you may like The Sound of Animals Fighting - check out there CD 'Tiger & the Duke', I'm almost postive you'll like it. Circa Survive - If you like the above band you may like this band, lead singer of this band also sings in the above band, but I wouldn't consider this group experimental. Coheed and Cambria - This band was my first TMV fix and then became my favorite. Their last CD 'Good Apollo...'...
Be careful though, you could return the amp and spend the money for some nicer cans, but then need an amp to drive them. My Zen Vision M will drive my DT880s (250 Ohm), but I hear a big difference when there amp'd, they really come alive. I say like some of the others said. Use the amp for a period of time, then go back and compare, you may hear more difference then you realize.
Quote: Originally Posted by jinp6301 how would you actually find out the unattenuated volume on a source without taking it apart and directly measuring the DAC output? X2 on this question. I'm looking for a small portable flash player to use with my supermini IV. I was thinking about the creative zen plus, but just can't pull the trigger due to no lineout. I'm currently using a zen vision m, but it's huge compared to the supermini. I need...
Quote: Originally Posted by grndslm Well, if the sound quality really is equal to the supermicro...I'm going to email Xin and tell him I'd rather have the mini. The ability to have it plugged in alone is prolly worth the $30 to me...plus the batteries last longer, and the mini has crossfeed! Hopefully he doesn't move me to the back of the line now that I'm changing my order... Also...does the Supermini come stock with the AD8620 opamp, like the...
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