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  Quote:   Thanks estreeter,   In a few hours, I too will partake in copious libations of my favorite stout whilst exploring the pages thereof and enjoying my favorite tunes, refraining from posting tides of vitriolic rage!    
     Quote: Mine arrived yesterday.  I fully charged and tested with my Sony NWZ-A818 DAP and ER-4P using both a LOD and headphone out.  I was very disappointed in what I was hearing, pretty much the same experience as most members here using EIMs.  I felt duped and was ready to repackage and return for a refund.   When I got home and had access to my cans, I decided to give the ZO2 another shot and was actually rather pleased.  Using my Archos 5, headphone out, ZO2...
I'm going to seriously consider the Little Dot I+ and it's less than half the price of the IV.  I'll put the savings into tubes and music.    
I'm hoping to hear the big jump and not just feel it in my wallet ;)   Thanks for the info. I'll need to research the various amps and their performance with low impedance phones.    
New Grado Fan here.  I recently purchased a pair of SR60i from a Head-fi member and once I listened, I knew the Grado sound was for me.  I find them very intimate, engaging and musical.  I also like the look and feel of them too, so an all around winner for me.  Well, I like them so much I just pulled the trigger on a pair of RS2i being sold by a member here.  I'm considering picking up either a LD IV or a Maverick D1 to drive them.
I've owned a handful of vintage speakers, but the ones I enjoy the most are my Yamaha NS1000M.  Coupled with tubes, the dynamics and timbre are outstanding.  
I picked up a pair of WS55 in black a few weeks back after reading this thread, thanks Dsnuts for the write-up.  I would have preferred them in red, but black was available and the price was right.     These are very good semi portable HPs and do an awesome job deliverying the bass without mucking up everything else.  I agree with all the comments posted here on performance and comfort.  I also found the clamp too tight, but I carefully bent the headband outward and...
Where's the delete post function?
Quote: Originally Posted by grokit I am using the D1 mainly as a preamp, and I have to say mine is dead quiet and the upgraded tube is cleaning up nicely in the bass department as it breaks in. It may run a little hot in direct mode on the tube pre out, so with some amps you need to take it out of direct mode and go to 2-3 o'clock to attenuate the gain. I think the tube out on the D1 is starting to really add some character to my speaker setup, and am...
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