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If you have access to a multimeter you could take an Ohm reading of each driver.  My Dt880/250 read 246/247 ohms and sound balanced.  If there is a large discrepancy between the left and right, burn in won't make much of a difference.
vaed, before dropping $20 try bending the headband open a little to relieve the clamp pressure on your ears and do the quarter mod on the pads.  Imo, they're actually more comfortable than the bowls.
More info on this headband please.  How can I obtain one?    
If you haven't pulled the trigger yet you should consider getting a used pair of lower end SR Grado model like the 60i.  This way you can test them out at school, on bus etc.  If all is cool, you can resale or keep them as a backup.   I own a pair of SR60i and RS2i.   I feel the SR60i's performs very well for the price.  Also, check the for-sale forum, I purchased my RS2i's there for a nice discount.
thank you.    
Does anyone have a source for these headbands?    
If you're curious about the Grado sound, you should at a minimum pick up a pair of used Sr60/80 from the FS forum.  I did and found the Grado sound was my cup of tea.   If it's not for you, just resale them.   If you like the K701, you could always get the Q701 or K702, it has replaceable cables.
I received a pair of Magnum v.4 yesterday and installed into a pair of Martin Coco cups.  Hardware came from my Sr60i's.  I'm enjoying the music while they burn-in.  
  Once digiZoid fine tunes it to perform as advertised, it should work great with your 40 ohm Ultrasones.    
I recently received my repaired Zo2 and like other members here, find the results to be inadequate.  I actually enjoyed my ZO2 v1 using HO and my 32 ohm Grados.  It had a slight hiss, but the Smart Vector technology and amplification performed well when using headphone output.   I opted for the fix because I believed it would improve every aspect of the original Zo2 and was looking forward to hearing the technology in a fully functional product.   The V2 does add...
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