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Hi Audiobot,   I sent the next address to you yesterday. You should have the next persons info to send them to.   Todd
HI All,   Now available to order from TTVJAudio.com - the new Pass Labs HPA-1 headphone amp and preamp. The HPA-1 is a class A single ended headphone amp with a defeatable preamp out. Ideal for use with any headphone! More info to follow soon. Shipping in a few days!     The HPA-1 from Pass Labs - $3500
Mangler is next up for the Dharma - will update in a day or so as I get caught up from the new years break...   Todd
Hi Sal1950,   Wish I would have been there when you were selling that gear. You had some nice stuff and the MoFi records would have looked nice in my collection. Sorry if I sounded harsh - I have listened to a lot of different cartridges and I really like the Lyra cartridges. And yes, they are expensive and hard to get.   I hope you have a great New Years and hope to be able to talk to you and serve you someday at TTVJAudio.   Todd
Hey Sal1950,   Where you been? Vinyl is back and going very strong. And for pure sonic quality, most people feel it is superior to digital reproduction... and trust me, I thoroughly enjoy my fine quality equipment. Sorry you feel the way you do but you are the one missing out. Even modestly priced vinyl gear sounds great. And why would you come into this thread and say what you said?  What does that say about you???   Todd
Hi Sodesuka,   I have permission from Cardas to sell to you in Indonesia as they have no one there carrying the product. You can order on my website. We prefer that you are PayPal verified for us to ship internationally.   Todd
HI All,   The newest version of the HD800 - the Sennheiser HD800 S is now available for preorder from TTVJAudio. Expected delivery from mid January to the end of January. Get your order in now and insure you get one of the first ones in the USA! The pricing is $1699.95 and we are offering free Fex Ex 2nd Day shipping on all preorders!   The new HD800 S comes with 2 cables - a standard 1/4" plug and a 4 pin XLR!   Todd
HI All,   Both loaner programs are full. Please do not PM me here to sign up. I organize the loaner programs via email and that is how you must request a spot in a loaner program. The rules are pretty specific....   Some good news, I have purchased another demo Edition X (new production model) from HiFiMan and will have 2 of them on the loaner program to help get you guys listening sooner. The 2nd Edition X will ship out after Christmas and the first on Friday 12/18....
Hi,   The order is by who emailed me first with all of the info needed. I have not regionalized the program... The Cardas will ship out on Monday. Thanks to those who are participating. Enjoy! Todd
And here is the list for the Cardas A8 loaners. I can add 1 or 2 more and then this will also be closed...  
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