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HI All,   I expect to receive my demo pair of the GS2000e by the end of next week. Look for a loaner program to be set up in the next 2 weeks. I plan on breaking them in and spending some time with them before I send them out. Please do not jump the gun and email me wanting to be on the list - wait for the announcement and then email.   I will also have a few in stock so if you want one, order now before my first batch is sold out. I of course will be ordering...
Hi All,   Grado has just announced the Statement Series GS2000e headphone. You can order yours at here!   The GS2000e utilizes Grados new 50mm driver and the use of two premium woods - Maple and Mahogany.
Hi All,   Please remember to post your reviews here! The amp is currently on its way to
Hi All,   The Pass Labs HPA-1 is on its way back to me. Everyone who signed up for the program has had their turn with it. If you are seriously interested in purchasing the Pass Labs HPA-1 you can call or email me (do not PM me as I may not see it!!!) and we can arrange an in home audition. For that you will have to pay shipping costs both ways but if you buy one you will get free shipping and a credit for your shipping costs.   Todd
HI All,   The first pair of loaner HD800S left here last week and was delivered on Friday... and so the loaner program begins. I am breaking in the second pair and hope to send it out on Friday. So I will have kept my commitment to supply 2 pair of the HD800S for audition. Please be sure to write your reviews and impressions in this thread! I hope you all have fun and get to spend some quality time listening to them in your own system. I will let you know when it has...
Hi All,  the programs roll along... I am wondering where all the A8 reviews are??? These are some fine IEMs and loaned them out with the expectation of a report for all to read. Please post those impressions here!   Todd
Hi All,   The first pair of HD800S loaner program headphones is being shipped out today. They have about 100 hours on them and sounded and looked great when they left here. Have fun. And please post your reviews in THIS thread.   Todd
Hi mike200,    Sorry about the mix up on the shipping order. I had more emails before yours so it was my mistake. I am sorry. I will try to get a second pair out asap so the wait will be shorter...   Todd
Hi All,   Here is the list... there are 4 or 5 others who will be added on at the bottom of the list as they did not send their full info. There are 27 on the list so PLEASE do not use more than your allotted week with them! If you emailed me and your name is not on the list, send me another email - I'm human and may have missed someone. My apologies in advance!!! I will insert you where your original email came in line.  
HI All,   The response to this loaner program has been awesome. I currently have 1 loaner headphone to use. I had approximately 20 people email me wanting to be a part of this program. I have contacted Sennheiser and they do not have any HD800S that they can lend to me at this time so I ordered another demo pair to use for this program. I am not sure when it is going to be available to me. I will send the one HD800S I have now out on Tuesday and get the program rolling....
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